Tracey Moore, the first English voice of Sailor Moon, to appear at Tsukino-con in Victoria February 13th to the 15th

Tracey Moore - The Voice of Sailor Moon

Tracey Moore, the original English voice of Sailor Moon, will be appearing at Tsukino-Con this weekend, February 13th to the 15th, at the University of Victoria in Victoria British Columbia. Though she was not the voice of Sailor Moon for very long, she was the first to have the role. Tracey Moore provided the voice of Sailor Moon for the first 11 dubbed episode as well as two others, Dangerous Dollies and Jupiter Comes Thundering In. During this short time she not only provided the voice of Sailor Moon but also acted as the voice director for the series. Roland Parliament, the voice of Melvin and author of Sailor Moon Reflections, filled in as voice director once she left. Tracey Moore also voiced one of the Doom and Gloom Girls, the monsters who killed the Sailor Scouts at the end of the first season.

The DD Girls aka The Doom and Gloom Girls

Also appearing at the convention is Kyle Hebert who recently voiced the Priest and Rainbow Crystal carrier who turned into the monster Boxy in Viz’s English dub of Sailor Moon.

Kyle Hebert as the Priest and the voice of Boxy in Sailor Moon

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6 thoughts on “Tracey Moore, the first English voice of Sailor Moon, to appear at Tsukino-con in Victoria February 13th to the 15th

  1. Okay, ocd rant eminent: it doesn’t matter what the new anglicised title of the series is, they’re “senshi”, which means warrior or soldier. So let’s call a spade a spade, for goodness’ sake.

    • Haha. “Sailor Guardians” is the official term so it tends to be the one I use.

      Though when I talk about the dub, as I am here, I tend to use “Sailor Scouts”. Which I forgot to do! So I will correct the post.

      • Sailor Scouts used to make me cringe, but now I accept it and the dub…since without the dub I’d have never gotten into Sailor Moon anyway.

    • It does make the OCD in me twitch, and I definitely prefer senshi/soldier/warrior…but I also know that for whatever reason, Naloko Takeuchi decided to change it to “Guardian” (blech!) and the original English dub had scout…and I can accept them all and love them all.
      When speaking of the original series I will always use Soldier though.
      By the way, when exactly did it switch from soldier to Guardian? Was it with PGSM or before?

      • At a time I did that. I used soldier for the old anime and guardian for the live action. But at this point guardian has so completely replaced soldier I tend to go with that. I think there’s a good case for using soldier for older stuff.

        Warrior is old school. I remember some old Arctic Animation fan subs which used that.

        • Yeah, even the new dub uses Guardian. It does make some fans angry. It doesn’t make me angry, I just always thought senshi/soldier sounded much more awesome. I remember back when I first discovered that sailor scouts were sailor soldier in Japan and thought that was amazing. ;)
          What’s funny is how many people hate “Scout” when it really is a pretty decent translation of the word, especially for a 90’s dub and especially considering “Guardian” now, since a Scout can be a sentinel or one who watches over an area.

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