The cast of the next Sailor Moon musical, which starts October 15th, has been announced

We Are The New Pretty Guardians - The cast of the next Sailor Moon musical

A new Sailor Moon musical is coming in October and the cast for the core five girls has been announced on the official Sailor Moon site. The image of the new cast, included above, was accompanied by a brief introduction by each of the cast members. The musical will run from October 15th to November 6th in three different venues across Japan. The performances in Tokyo will be from October 15th to the 23rd. Next is Fukuoka on October 29th and 30th. Finally performances in Osaka will take place from November 4th to the 6th. We don’t have much in the way of details about this musical at this time. The last musical covered the Infinity arc of the manga but we don’t actually know if this one will cover the Dream arc which follows it or do something different.

Check out the cast listing below

Hotaru Nomoto – Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon
Hikari Kuroki – Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury
Karen Kobayashi – Rei Hino, Sailor Mars
Kaede – Makoto Kino, Sailor Jupiter
Rimo Hasegawa – Minako Aino, Sailor Venus.

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17 thoughts on “The cast of the next Sailor Moon musical, which starts October 15th, has been announced

  1. They are even more beautiful than the last cast! I think they should tone down the wigs and makeup and let their natural beauty shine through more. Some of the wigs last time were bad. I know they go over the top with them to make characters stand out.
    Also, doesn’t Venus’ actress look similar to the actress who played Venus in PGSM?

  2. I hope this means the Dream Arc will happen in crystal. It’s sad that the old cast got replaced, but I just hope this means there will be more of crystal.

    • I’m sure we’ll see Crystal finish the series!
      But I also have hopes we may see a sequel series or even a spin off afterwards.

    • The fact that Crystal started airing on Japanese TV and not just streaming is a huge indicator that the show is doing well and they’ll see it through to the end. Merch sales are off the chain, toei isn’t letting this cash cow go anytime soon.

  3. OMG they are so much prettier and more beautiful (i think i have a crush on the actress who plays Sailor Mercury, shes just so pretty )then then the last musical.

    • As you like it. But “grow up” first and learn about human nature ;) . I have no problem to say I find that some people are prettier than some others (there is no idea of ugliness inside the fact of being “prettier”…), it’s just a subjective (and therefore, natural, inherent in human nature) and aesthetic appreciation, not a discriminating judgement. I think we are all aware here that there is a big difference between both, and I don’t think anyone here has crossed the limits.

    • I don’t think the old actresses were ugly, I just find these more attractive, they look fresher faced, more like the original senshi…well, that could change once they put on the costumes, since my perception may be based more on the way they look out of the silly wigs and makeup.

      And while you’re on the subject of growing up, can we please grow up past the stage of fake outrage for everything people say? It’s really silly and makes it hard to take one seriously.

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