The first episode of the Infinity Arc of Sailor Moon Crystal will be previewed at a March 6th event

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 27 Sneak Peak

An image was posted on the Facebook Page which announced a special March 6th event which would screen the first new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, likely to be named Act 27, Infinity 1 – Premonition, if the naming convention used for the first 26 episodes continues. This was confirmed on the Evil Line web site and Sailor Moon Official Site. This does not mean that the first episode will be available to fans on March 6th. We have only heard that the series will be released in “April” with no more specifics. This event, which takes place in Japan, will have very limited space, so I don’t expect many readers will be lucky enough to attend.

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity arc character art

The event will take place on March 6th and include two screenings, one at 5pm and the other at 7pm, both in Japan Standard Time. This corresponds to 3am and 5am Eastern Time, if anyone cares to know the exact time something is happening on the other side of the planet they aren’t able to take part in. The event is meant to coincide with Sailor Neptune’s birthday, as Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Saturn will be seen in the upcoming episodes.

Sailor Neptune

If you would like to try your luck at attending, and are in the area, you can fill out the form on the Evil Line site for information on how to attend. I put my name, age and e-mail address in the form but did not receive an immediate response. If I get anything worthwhile I will share it on the site.

Source: Facebook Page, Evil Line web site and Sailor Moon Official Site.

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22 thoughts on “The first episode of the Infinity Arc of Sailor Moon Crystal will be previewed at a March 6th event

  1. Here’s hoping the visuals are up to snuff. Sloppy art was a big critique of SMC’s first season, and one of the reasons we all feared cancellation.
    Hey, by the time the new episodes come out, we’ll be through the Black Moon arc with Crystal’s English dub. That’s pretty awesome, wouldn’t you say?

  2. great but still have to wait for english dub hopefully it wont take too long also i never really liked Neptune and Uranus they all ways acted kind of wired when they were on like holding hands or getting sexual in episodes

  3. I love Uranus and Neptune. This is the reason why I was drawn to SM’s world because of the acceptance and celebration of all genders.

  4. I am disappointed with the new art style but this is also my favorite season of the original. Hopefully the story is written better in this season than the first two. I haven’t finished most of crystal while I like the pacing the overall story development and character development is not that great. I wish they gave crystal each story arc/season at least 26 to 30 something episodes. This way they could really develop the characters and story. As it feels so far after the first story arc their relationship feels forced, not that the original 90’s version made it that much more realistic, but at least it felt more organic.

    • I dont think we need 30 episodes… I even think that maybe 3-5 more episodes is really enough to make the plot more consistent and developed without any drastic changes from original manga

  5. Did you guys know that march 6th ,the day that toei is going to preview the first episode is Sailor Neptune’s birthday. Quiet interesting. Slick move, Toe

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