Sailor Moon SuperS episodes 164 and 165 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 164 - Nehelenia takes the Golden Crystal

Sailor Moon SuperS is nearly over with the two latest episodes which were just added to Hulu and Neon Alley. This week we get episodes 164 and 165, after which there will be only one episode left. This focuses a lot on the Amazoness Quartet, who redeem themselves yet again, as the final confrontation between Nehelenia, Helios and the Sailor Guardians takes place.

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 164 - The Amazoness Quartet meet Nehelenia

Episode 164, The Golden Crystal Appears: Nehelenia’s Magic, finally gives us some background on the Amazoness Quartet. We see them playing innocently in the forest of Elysion. They don’t seem the least bit mischievous, but instead seem to be getting along. They fall upon a mirror in which Nehelenia is trapped. She gives them magical powers which are houses in magic spheres and uses them to escape. All said the Amazoness Quartet are innocent pawns in this whole game. Ultimately they destroy those orbs to sacrifice their own power to save themselves and turn on Nehelenia. The manga actually has them becoming Sailor Guardians to protect Chibiusa as she is to follow her mother once her reign of terror is over some 900 years later. None of this is really dealt with in the anime. Stuff goes bad at this point. Nehelenia retrieves the Golden Mirror from Sailor Chibi Moon, which we kind of already did, and she finally gets her hands on the Golden Crystal. She exits this mirror world she inhabits and by doing so destroys Ziriconia. It’s never clearly indicated but Ziriconia seems to be some sort of copy or puppet of Nehelenia. Nehelenia is kept forever young in the mirror but we will later see how old she actually is and Ziriconia appear to look as she would if she continued to age outside of this mirror.

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 165 - Sailor Chibi Moon is dead

Episode 165, When the Crystal Shines: The Beautiful Power of Dreams, is sort of the epic ending of the battle, though there will be one more episode of Sailor Moon SuperS to follow it. All hope seem lost as Sailor Planet Attack doesn’t cut it and Sailor Chibi Moon appears to be dead. Luckily the Amazoness Quartet have turned on Nehelenia and swap out the Golden Crystal for a pineapple. Hilarity ensures when this is discovered and the Golden Crystal is given to Sailor Moon, who is unable to use it to defeat Nehelenia. Sailor Chibi Moon has a plan! She uses the Golden Crystal to talk to all of the innocent children and ask them to save the Earth from this evil. She pleads to them to say “Moon Crisis Power” and they do, like a bunch of zombies, which removes the shadow from the Earth and saves the day. Hooray!

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 165 - The Golden Crystal is a pineapple

Only one episode of Sailor Moon SuperS remains. We will get that next week along with the first episode of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, seen for the first time in the United States!

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 165 - Sailor Chibi Moon and The Golden Crystal

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Sailor Moon SuperS episode 165 - Moon Crisis Make Up!

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4 thoughts on “Sailor Moon SuperS episodes 164 and 165 are now available on Hulu

  1. The Golde Crystal it’s supposed to be Mamoru’s crystal. The anime never tells, not even Helios knows the true user of the crystal. But in the manga Helios knows since the begining. We even see it in Sailor Stars arc when Galaxia stole Mamoru’s star seed. Mamoru’s star seed it’s the Golden Crystal. But he never uses it. I really wanted to see the Amazones Quartet as sailor scouts :'(

  2. The Quartet are probably the best part of this whole season but I was also disappointed they didn’t become Sailor Guardians in the 90s anime especially since the ending seemed to strongly imply the Quartet would return one day. Hopefully we’ll get to see this happen if Crystal adapts the Dream arc. The ending to SuperS is the most anti-climatic ending of the 90s anime. Nehelenia is like the weakest of the main villains. I mean, she gets easily tricked by these kids who don’t even have powers anymore and I don’t know why she doesn’t just zap Chibi-usa while she’s calling on everyone to use their powers or something. I’m also not sure what relevance the Golden Crystal has in the anime. It doesn’t really seem to be any different than the Silver Crystal but Chibi-usa already has one of those so I don’t know why she had to have a Golden Crystal. I’m surprised the blog didn’t mention Helios kissing Chibi-usa while she was asleep. For some reason, this seems to happen a lot to the girls of the Moon Kingdom.

    • Ha. Well their first kiss was consensual so I didn’t even think of mentioning it. There were a lot of similarities to Serenity and Endymion though. I’m thinking of when they were being torn apart and touching hands being similar to the final day of Silver Millennium.

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