Terri Hawkes, the English voice of Sailor Moon, to appear at Ai-kon in Winnipeg July 17th to the 19th

Terri Hawkes: Sailor Moon - Panel at G-Anime 2013

This coming weekend Winnipeg Sailor Moon fans will get a chance to meet the voice of Sailor Moon herself, Terri Hawkes! She will be appearing as a guest at Ai-kon from July 17th to the 19th in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Terri Hawkes was the second voice of Sailor Moon, but likely the most recognisable to many fans of the original English dub having provided the voice of Sailor Moon for most of the first two seasons.

Interview with Terri Hawkes, the voice of Sailor Moon, at G-Anime 2013

Terri Hawkes recently co-authored Performing Motherhood: Artistic, Activist, and Everyday Enactments. Her contribution is the chapter “The Triple Threat” which deals with gender issues in theatre.

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14 thoughts on “Terri Hawkes, the English voice of Sailor Moon, to appear at Ai-kon in Winnipeg July 17th to the 19th

  1. Terri Hawkes was my favorite of the Sailor Moon voice actresses in the original dub. Linda Ballantine’s voice was always too deep for me, and the other one, what’s-her-name, just sounded too childish. Hawkes could play goofy but you’d totally believe her as a serious warrior for love and justice when the chips were down. If I didn’t like Stephanie Sheh’s take on Usagi, I’d want Terri Hawkes back in the role!

  2. How come Viz didn’t bring back Terri Hawkes back to the new dub? Everyone also loves Stephanie’s portrayal of Usagi as well as Terri’s

    • Judging by her Wikipedia page, it doesn’t seem like Terri Hawkes does much voice acting work in animation much anymore these days. Her most recent work was in that CGI Care Bears cartoon in 2007. I imagine if Viz had decided to bring back the original voice cast, they probably would have used Linda Ballantyne for Usagi instead as she’s still actively involved in voice acting work.

      • What’s Linda up to these days? The latest entry on her Behind the Voice Actors page is a character from Yin Yang Yo in 2006.

      • From what she’s said at conventions I’ve seen her at she seems to have pretty much completely moved on to other types of work at this point. More writing, directing and such.

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