Watch the cast of Sailor Moon Crystal read the “The Melancholy of Makoto”

The cast of Sailor Moon Crystal read the manga short story "The Melancholy of Makoto"

Earlier this week we posted about the live Sailor Moon Crystal event to celebrate Usagi’s birthday. While there wasn’t much to get excited about in this event one cool thing was the cast of Sailor Moon Crystal reading a story from the Sailor Moon Manga. With the manga being in Japanese and the images not being shown this isn’t of much use to English speaking fans but fans SailorGigi and Philip Walker edited together a version where you can read the manga along with the audio! Here is the Sailor Moon Manga short story “The Melancholy of Makoto” read by the cast of Sailor Moon Crystal.

This isn’t much different than an average episode of Sailor Moon Crystal with it’s accurate retelling of the manga storyline. This short story takes place while the girls are preparing for their high school entrance exams, a time period not covered by any main story arc of the anime or manga.

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3 thoughts on “Watch the cast of Sailor Moon Crystal read the “The Melancholy of Makoto”

  1. I don’t know if it was the narration or that I haven’t read that story in a while, but I could not stop laughing! You just have to love Makoto, she’s a fun character to have around.

  2. Now we have an official “Jupiter Planet Power” and “Jupiter Coconut Cyclone” even if Crystal doesn’t continue!

    (Am I selfish for wishing they’d do more of these?)

  3. I am listening while reading. They are very talentuous comedians, and Makoto is my favorite Senshi with Mercury and Pluto.

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