Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5, Makoto – Sailor Jupiter, Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Sailor Jupiter pose

Saturday September 6th the 5th episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 5, Makoto – Sailor Jupiter, became available on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico. This episode marks the introduction of Makoto Kino, Sailor Jupiter. Once again it follows the manga fairly closely but there are a some differences to note this time around.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Makoto saves Usagi

This episode is all about Usagi getting herself into trouble and Makoto saving her! First it’s from a car which almost hits her, which may very well have killed her. The second time Makoto stops a baseball from almost hitting Usagi in the face. We know from the original Sailor Moon anime that Sailor Moon can take a high speed tennis ball to the face so that’s no big deal. Usagi and Makoto become instant friends, despite the fact that many of the student are scared of Makoto having heard she got kicked out of her last school for fighting. Once again we see Usagi’s greatest quality, her easy ability to make friends. Even without knowing her new classmate has super powers, she’s immediately nice to her, offering to show her around the arcade and such.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Makoto and Motoki

While at the arcade Makoto runs into Motoki and she is instantly smitten by him. Motoki is later used by the enemy to lure in Makoto which is a very effective ploy, as he reminds her of her old “sempai” or rather another student at her school from a higher grade. This idea of Makoto’s sempai recurs in many series. She did not leave her old school for fighting but rather because her heart was broken by this boy. Here we get to see Makoto’s sempai in a flashback scene and we learn that he broke Makoto’s heart because he had a girlfriend. During this scene I kept waiting for her Rainy Day Man to show up, but alas there was no such person to console her.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Makoto and her sempai

There is no cross dressing in this episode. For shame! In the manga when Usagi visits the Bridal Boutique she disguises herself as a well dressed groom before transforming into Sailor Moon. Here we have Usagi getting lured from her bedroom by Tuxedo Mask and remaining in her pyjamas when she gets to the action! Luna calls Rei and Ami and while Rei is wearing her standard Miko Robe Ami is wearing some sort of comfortable night clothes that may very well be pyjamas. Girls! Don’t leave home like this. Take a hint from Optimus Prime. Transform and Roll Out. These girls are always waiting until they’re in front of the monster to transform. This is a terrible way to keep a secret identity. Oh and yes the implication with Mamoru at Usagi’s window is that Mamoru knows that she is Sailor Moon. I think the handkerchief from the last episode gave her away.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Pyjama party

Sailor Jupiter does two attacks in this episode. The first is Flower Hurricane, which cuts clothes and paralyses opponents. The second is Jupiter Thunderbolt which in the manga kills Nephrite but here it does not finish the job. This follows Jadeite not being killed by Rei in act 3, a change from the manga. Clearly something is being planned by keeping them all alive. All four Shitennou are shown to be alive and well in the next episode preview for act 6. Nephrite also makes the comment “I’ve seen this look before” as Sailor Jupiter charges up her Thunderbolt. In an image in the manga it’s insinuated that Sailor Jupiter and Nephrite had a romantic relationship during Silver Millennium. Similarly in act 3 Jadeite made a comment about how beautiful and familiar Sailor Mars’s face looked, and they are also paired together in the manga. Surely there has not been much deviation from the source material to date but this small change may be indicative of something substantial to come in the future.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Nephrite not dying

Finally we see the first appearance of the new Moon Stick in this episode! At this point we’ve seen it in other places, such as the cover art for the first Blu-Ray (which does not include episodes where Sailor Moon actually has the Moon Stick…) but it’s nice to see it in the show. It’s a bit different from the original anime Moon Stick or even the one seen in the manga. The silver crescent moon is a bit similar to the live action series Moon Stick but there are differences from that one too. Surely we will be getting a toy of this Moon Stick in time!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Luna gives Usagi the Moon Stick

The next episode, airing September 20th 2014, will be Act 6, Tuxedo Mask. As the title suggests it’s all about Tuxedo Mask. Will we see Mamoru with his shirt off like we do in the manga? Find out in two weeks!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 6 - Tuxedo Mask

Until then here are more screenshots from the episode.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Makoto Kino

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Naru in a wedding dress

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Yumiko and Usagi in wedding dresses

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Usagi stealing Makoto's food

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Makoto

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Tuxedo Mask luring Usagi out of her bed

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Motoki assaulting Makoto

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Makoto and the Youma

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Makoto's sempai leaves with his girlfriend

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Sailor Jupiter transforming

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Sailor Jupiter transforming

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Flower Hurricane

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5 - Nephrite not dying

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 6 - Tuxedo Mask

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 6 - Nephrite lives

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10 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5, Makoto – Sailor Jupiter, Review

  1. The quality of this episode was much better. My hopes are rising!! Maybe that extra week in August gave them time to catch up?

    • I think this show is going to continue improving as it goes on. It needs time to set its tone and work some bugs out… not what we’d want for such a hot property, but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

      The 1992 anime was still looking quite rough in spots by the time it was 5 episodes in. Granted, we were hoping not to deal with that in a remake, but it does give me hope, anyway.

  2. This anime has been following the manga closely. I agree with the post before me on the quality of the show. I was thrilled it has been improving because I was not impressed with the first episode. This anime has a twist, Jadeite shows up alive at the dance so this made me wonder are there going to be senshi x shittenou parings after the last episode of this season. That certainly would be interesting because it will change the path from the manga.

  3. I liked this episode much more than I did the last one, and it was pretty good. I definitely think the deviations involving the Shitennou will figure greatly in coming episodes, though I hesitate to guess why in case I’m wrong. Still, I have a feeling we’ll also see our first shot of Sailor V/Sailor Venus/Minako Aino in the next episode towards the end.

    I also think that maybe it’ll follow the live action series in that we’ll find out Usagi and Mamoru used to be royalty and lovers in the past but t’ll be a few episodes before Mamoru is taken to the Dark Kingdom and brainwashed.

    Like I said, I could be very wrong.

    • There is another act after next week before Sailor V. If it keeps following the manga title Act 7 Tuxedo Mask – Mamoru Chiba.

  4. In the near future episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal, I still wonder if Amy and Mina will wear a two-piece bathing suit, besides Serena, Lita, Rini, and Raye, if there’s ever a pool scene or beach episode?

  5. 1. Stop using those names when talking about Crystal.
    2. Don’t worry if this goes for 2 arcs, then in the Black Moon arc you’ll get to see Ami in a one-piece bathing suit. I don’t really remember why she was swimming, though.

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