Shoko Nakagawa to voice Diana in Sailor Moon Crystal

Shoko Nakagawa, the voice of Diana in Sailor Moon Crystal

The new voice of Diana for Sailor Moon Crystal will be Shoko Nakagawa. This announcement was made on the Sailor Moon Official Site which included an image of Diana which is included above. Shoko Nakagawa is a media personality best known as the presenter of Pokémon Sunday, a variety show about all things Pokémon. She is also an actress and singer, having performed a great number of anime series opening and ending themes including many for the Pokémon anime and movies.

Diana is the future daughter of Luna and Artemis who lives in Crystal Tokyo. She is Chibiusa’s good friend, much in the same way that Luna and Artemis are Usagi and Minako’s companions. While Diana did not appear until Sailor Moon SuperS, the 4th season of the original anime, she appears much earlier in the manga. Diana’s first manga appearance is at the end of Act 19, Time Warp – Sailor Pluto, which is this coming Saturday’s episode which will be available on April 4th. Diana appears only briefly at the end of this chapter of the manga, vocalising little more than a simple meow. We will likely not have Shoko Nakagawa saying much until Act 20, Crystal Tokyo – King Endymion, which will be available April 18th.

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4 thoughts on “Shoko Nakagawa to voice Diana in Sailor Moon Crystal

  1. What the eff? Why are her eyes _BLUE_? That makes her look nothing like Diana at all! >_<

    Did they just decide to give Luna's blue eyes to Diana since they made Luna's eyes red? Did they think it was just a coincidence that Luna and Usagi both have the same exact color of blue eyes and Diana and Chibiusa both have the same exact color of red eyes? (It wasn't a coincidence.)

    Things like this make me wonder if Takeuchi Naoko is actually even paying any attention to what these people are doing…

  2. They gave Luna red eyes in the old anime too. Is she supposed to actually have blue eyes? I can’t really remember from the manga but it seems odd they would give Artemis his green eyes in Crystal but not Luna her blue ones…

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