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      • Well, if you saw the article on the home page, it clearly states that Toonami was looking into airing it. For those of you out there who have a place of hate in their hearts for Dic Entertainment’s English dub of Sailor Moon, in a way I feel your pain. I pray everyday that that the new anime will be dubbed by Viz or Funimation. At first when I saw that Toonami was going to put it on television, I feared that they were going to make a little kid show all over again. But I was relieved to know that they air during Adult Swim now so it won’t be aimed at 7-year olds thank God. Anyways I’m still waiting for someone here to tell me weather or not Nephrite and Naru will live happily ever after like they should have in the first place. Best of wishes, God bless.

  2. Sorry to be bothersome but is there any new pictures of the upcoming Sailor Moon series. Ive been curious along with others on how the series will look like.

      • That’s good to know. Since you obviously work for this site, then I’m sure you’ve read my past three comments and know exactly what they’re about. Anyway here is my theory on how Nephrite should live and become a Sailor Scout: In episode 24 when Nephrite traps Sailor Moon so he can attack her anytime he wants but then senses that Naru is in danger, he says he will have her killed unless she helps him rescue Naru from Zoisite. Sailor Moon agrees to do so and they go to rescue Naru. Together Nephrite and Sailor Moon battle Zoisite’s youmas and defeat them completely. Nephrite saves Naru and Sailor Moon is later told by her that Nephrite said he was thinking about joining her to fight against the evil organization. Sailor Moon then takes what she is informed with to heart and agrees to have Nephrite healed of his darkness and evil powers to become a Sailor Scout. If you like my idea please convince the writers of the new Sailor Moon anime to use it and respond immediately after reading my theory. Best of luck. God Bless.

  3. Since the new Sailor Moon anime is said to follow the manga rather than be its own piece of entertainment, I think that the only exception to that should be the romance between Naru and Nephrite. I know it didn’t happen in the manga, but this time, Nephrite should live and have that chocolate parfait with Naru, and joing Sailor Moon to fight the Dark Kingdom like he thought of doing.

  4. Since the new Sailor Moon anime is said to follow the manga rather than be its own piece of entertainment, I think that the only exception to that should be the romance between Naru and Nephrite. I know it didn’t happen in the manga, but this time, Nephrite should live and have that chocolate parfait with Naru, and join Sailor Moon to fight the Dark Kingdom like he thought of doing.

  5. Does anyone know where I can get the Irwin 6″ Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and/or Mini Moon Dolls?! They are impossible to find! Especially Mini Moon! I have NEVER seen her for sale!

    • Are you asking if the new Sailor Moon anime will have a Portuguese language dub? Yes, I totally think that will be the case, because Sailor Moon has fans all around the world, even in Portugal.

      P.S. If you think Nephrite should still have romance with Naru Osaka but not die, please contact the writers of the new Sailor Moon anime and talk them into letting Nephrite become good and not dying so he can become a Sailor Scout.

  6. What is going to happen in the new anime season or series of Sailor Moon? I hope that Serena/Usagi and Darian/Mamoru is still together and that they intend on getting married soon. Is Sailor Moon going to be finishing High school or what?

  7. id really wish youd guys make a tumblr for sailormoon news! i can garentee it would be greatly appreciated there, maybe even more than facebook and twitter.

    • Not officially but it seems likely some fans could put it there. We’ll post information about where the show is available once it finally airs.

  8. hola pagina de sailor moon news…se aviso que se estranria la nueva temporada este año y en el mes de Junio(próximamente)…pero e leído información de 1° mano a cargo del dibujante de manga de Korikansha y otro vocero oficial…y dijeron que se va a retrazar la trasmisión hasta casi a finales del próximo año…¿es eso cierto,sigue esa información vigente o hay nueva?….

    • Hi I speak Spanish so I translated LUCIANA’s message!!!

      hello sailor moon page news … estrania are warning that the new season this year and in the month of June (coming soon) … but have read 1st hand information by the manga artist of Korikansha and other official spokesman … and said that is to delay the transmission to almost the end of next year … is that true, such information is current or is there new? ….


  9. Just wanted to let you guys know that I absolutely love this blog. You guys have done an amazing job! Thank you for going out of your way to provide us Sailor Moon fanatics with the latest news and updates. Keep up the great work!

  10. I have been a big fan of Sailor Moon because I’m a romantic and the story line has always gripped me from day one. I really enjoy the Live Action Series as well and was disappointed that they only did 50 episodes. I hope this new Sailor Moon will live up to the reputation of the first anime series. Hopefully they will not make to many changes.

  11. Is there going to be any love triangle between Darien and Serena / Sailor Moon? I really do hope so that in the new series Naru will have romantic scenes with Nephrite! I’ve been hoping for new episodes of Sailor Moon.

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  13. Wanted to tip you off: Carrie on the new season (13) of Project Runway was wearing a Sailor Moon necklace in episode 1!

  14. Loooovvveeee your site! I’m SUCH a fucking moonie fag I mean fan and I love that this site is run by a male (or males? I don’t know). Anyways, I visit all the time for the latest moonie info. Hit me up, because I love you. Amen.

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  16. Hey Adam Sorry if you already mentioned this but as a 90s Sailor Moon lover and now a mom and with the new Cartoons I found this while watching cartoons with my daughter. Is a reference to Sailor Moon you will notice He says by the Power of cheese lol well in the Spanish version Sailor moon phrase is by the Power of the moon prism transform!

    • Yes Viz has said they will do Stars along with the rest of the series. They are releasing S next so it will still be a while at this point. No firm timelines.

      • Please reply back did you have a chance to put the inflatable energy sword inside your own pants fully inflated before you got rid of it did you Adam if so please tell me how to do it step by step

  17. I just wanted to say that your episode reviews are hilarious! Seriously I just finished marathoning the whole 3 season and then felt the need to go back and read all of your reviews, they just cracked me up! Keep up the good work!

  18. Hey! Don’t know if you guys saw, but the original soundtrack for Crystal Season 3 came out on the 27th. I know you had mentioned it prior, but hadn’t seen anything recently. :)

    • Hi Vanessa. There’s been no news about when these would be released. Season 2 is already dubbed, as we’ve already seen these episodes released on Hulu, but we don’t have any release date announced from Viz. When something is announced it will be posted to the site.

  19. Hi, we’re a Sailor Moon Fangroup with original fansubs and are the only group to have the entire Sailor Moon Musicals works subtitled 1993-2005 and 2013-2015:

    We also have PGSM completed:

    As well as the MTV Live Event:

    and a couple other goodies like detailed character name origin guides.

    Would it be completely cheeky to ask for some advertising? Thanks!

    • Hi Miki. Great site. I’ll keep it in mind for fan subs. I’ve added a link to the links in our widget on the left side of the main page.

      Best of luck with the site.

  20. thank you for me episode with out me,
    they only i have to do. i told you they were here,
    you know what, i have a really only you could SMC S3 dub.

    Thank you usagi. i will be joy you.

    Love Sara.
    P.S i have only be episode dubbed.

  21. Hi usagi it’s me Gregory I’m a fan of your show im a HUGE fan! I really want to call you someday I love you usagi♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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