Here are more stills from the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films including human Artemis, Phobos and Deimos

Sailor Moon Eternal - Artemis, Phobos, Deimos and Rei

A few more images from the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 film have made their way online. I stumbled upon a lot of these on social media and don’t have a source on all of them. A few are from and some are scans from the Sailor Moon Eternal magazine which was released today.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Adult Chibiusa and Young Usagi

The significant things here are age swapped Usagi and Chibiusa, a major plot point of the first film, as well as the human version of Artemis, who is usually a cat, as well as Phobos and Deimos, who until now have been crows. There is conflicting evidence in coloured manga images on which one of Phobos and Deimos is red and which is purple, so it’s not clear which is which in these images. I hope we are able to settle this in the film!

Sailor Moon Eternal - Young Usagi kissing Mamoru

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 will hit Japanese theatres soon, on January 8th! Part 2 will be out on February 11th. We still don’t have any official confirmation of a release outside of Japan but it seems likely the films will be streamed on Netflix in the future.

Sources: @news_saturn on Twitter, MoonSticks on Facebook,, @chibi_rabbit_ on Twitter, @shinpyh on Twitter and Sailor Moon Forums

Keep reading for more images!

Sailor Moon Eternal - Adult Chibiusa and Young Usagi

Sailor Moon Eternal - Young Usagi and Mamoru

Sailor Moon Eternal - Pegasus and Adult Chibiusa

Sailor Moon Eternal - Ami and Rei

Sailor Moon Eternal - Mamoru and Usagi

Sailor Moon Eternal - Mamoru, Chibiusa and Usagi

Sailor Moon Eternal - Three images

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa and Pegasus

Sailor Moon Eternal - Pegasus

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa

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31 thoughts on “Here are more stills from the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films including human Artemis, Phobos and Deimos

      • Looks like Rei is holding Michiru’s mirror, isn’t she?

        I don’t know this part of the manga…

        As for the rest, finally seeing Artemis in his human form in an animated version is great! The same for Phobos and Deimos.

        • I actually named my two goldfish Phobos and Deimos, and that’s not a joke!

          I really am liking what I’m seeing so far, for the most part! Come on, January!

          • Maybe in your time of need, they will transform into human form and give you your heart crystal so you can become Super Sailor Joseph!
            That or they will transform into two attractive humanoids and try to trap you in your nightmares.
            Good luck!

          • Let’s go with them turning attractive and trapping me in a nightmare. That should spice things up!

          • Don’t worry, they’ll get bored quickly and forget about it. The attention spans of goldfish are legendary for being bad.

      • I don’t remember that scene either! Though it has been a long time since I’ve read the Dream Arc. I have the new Eternal version, so a good time to!

        I also thought it was a damaged image.

        The most likely story is that Rei was trying to infiltrate the Dead Moon and form the Amazon Quintet! ;)

  1. I can’t wait to watch this whenever that will be. Some stills look like they could have used more time. I am just disappointed that they did not try to fix up some of the animation. Hopefully, we can get a worldwide release soon, but at least we can see what the fans in Japan think in a 2 weeks or so.

  2. Looks like the split really is going to be Venus’ powerup. It’s a shame they didn’t keep the power guardians/crows/Artemis under wraps. The plot isn’t a secret but try a little subtlety.

    This should give us a good idea of how Toei is going to handle the violent scenes in the fifth arc. Kakyuu’s demise is not child friendly and the fourth arc has a similar scene. If the Eternal movies make heavy edits, the fifth arc is going to suffer.

    • Yeah, the fifth arc is very violent. I’m worried since they really edited other deaths, like Beryl’s in season 1, and how gruesome the deaths for some of the other villains were so far.
      I can see the Kakyu scene being played similar to Mamoru getting wounded by Fiore in the R movie, with lots of use of silhouettes and such.

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