Here’s the latest news on the Sailor Moon Eternal films from the Sailor Moon Fan Club newsletter

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 15 - Usagi conspicuously talking to Luna in front of her family

The Sailor Moon Eternal films are coming to theatres in Japan on September 11th 2020. We don’t have a ton of information about these films but a recent mock interview shared with Japanese members of the Official Sailor Moon Fan Club gives us some morsels of information about the films. We could have inferred most of this information already, but it’s nice to get some confirmation about some of these things.

I am not currently a member of the Sailor Moon Fan Club so I did not receive this newsletter however I read about it on the Tuxedo Unmasked web site. If you don’t already follow that site I suggest you do as there’s a ton of research that goes into those articles which I always enjoy reading. If you can read Japanese you can check out this scanned version of the Sailor Moon Official Fan Club Members Only Special Issue volume 13. I do not, so I will be referencing Tuxedo Unmasked’s translation.

Sailor Moon Fan Club Newsletter volume 11 - Page 3

The interview isn’t with an actual person who exists in the real world. Instead it’s a fake conversation between Luna and Usagi in which they destroy the fourth wall and talk somewhat in character about the upcoming films. This reminds me a bit of the Sailor Moon Memorial laserdiscs which are season recaps hosted by Usagi and Luna. So what does the interview tell us?

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Paralympic games

First there’s a reminder that the movies will come out “After the Olympics” which is a bit vague. The 2020 Summer Olympics, which will take place in Tokyo, will run from July 24th to August 9th. The film has already been announced to be released on September 11th so this bit of dialogue is less precise than what we already know. The actual release date appears on the page and later in the interview.

Then Usagi asks Luna what actually happened in Act 4 of the manga. We already knew that these two films will cover the Dream arc of the Sailor Moon manga which is the story which was adapted as the Sailor Moon SuperS season of the original Sailor Moon anime. This means it will include the Dark Moon Circus, Pegasus, the Amazon Trio, the Amazoness Quartet, Zirconia and Queen Nehelenia. Despite the similar characters the actual stories of the manga and anime differ quite a bit though, so Sailor Moon Eternal will be new to fans of the original Sailor Moon anime!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 38 - Viewing the eclipse

We learn that the new movie will be about the Dead Moon Circus who break free of a mirror during an eclipse. That eclipse was is seen at the end of the final episode of Sailor Moon Crystal’s third season many, many eclipses ago. We will see Usagi and Chibiusa switch bodies, which is something that also happened in the original Sailor Moon anime though this was a minor story contained to one episode. It is also mentioned that this is a very Chibiusa intensive story! This arc is basically a romance between Chibiusa and Pegasus/Helios so there’s no ignoring that she will feature heavily.

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 158 - Old Sailor Chibi Moon and Young Sailor Moon

More importantly they ask where the visuals for Sailor Uranus, Neptune and the other Sailor Guardians representing the outer planets are. Luna muses that this must mean that Hotaru’s awakening will be in the second film. This fits with what I had been assuming about the films. These characters only appear in the second half of the manga’s arc and it seems like a good split of the films would be to include them only in Sailor Moon Eternal Part 2, or whatever it is we will be calling it. This would start with us seeing what Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru have been up to for the past while and having them join the rest of the team. In the original Sailor Moon anime this never happens during Sailor Moon SuperS and the short six episode arc which starts off Sailor Moon Sailor Stars does its own quick version of these events. If this information is to be trusted it seems unlikely we’ll be seeing any designs for these characters for the first film, though I still think it may be possible they will appear briefly as an end of movie teaser.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 168 - Sailor Saturn gives Hotaru her memories

Following this exchange we get some quotes from Chiaki Kon, the film’s director, Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, the film’s writer, Kazuko Tadano, the animation director, Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Sailor Moon and Misato Fukuen, the voice of Chibiusa. These are some nice little comments but they don’t really tell us anything new about the films. Misato Fukuen comments that she will finally get to see “an important character” who we can only assume is Pegasus. It seems they’re all being very careful not to tell us anything!

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 158 - Chibiusa kissing Pegasus

This all makes me wonder if the person that wrote this fictional exchange actually knows anything we don’t or if they instead are just inferring all of this from what we already know? I can’t say for sure. For now we are all anxiously waiting until September and wondering just when we’ll be getting the movies outside of Japan! I’m hopeful for some sort of limited North American theatrical run around the same time as the film will be released in Japan but that may be too optimistic of me! We may instead only get the film some while later, possibly not until 2021, and it’s not really guaranteed that it will be out theatrically here at all. I’ll be sure to share anything conclusive as that information becomes available!

Source: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Official Fan Club Mailer Vol. 13 translated by Tuxedo Unmasked

Keep reading for the full interview translation.

The Usagi and Luna interview:

Usagi: The release date for the Sailor Moon Eternal movie has finally been announced. It’ll hit theaters right after the Olympics finish up.

Luna: Hopefully everyone won’t get too wrapped up in the games and fall behind on their work!

Usagi: So what happens in Act 4 of the manga, anyway?

Luna: You’ve already forgot? You’ve got the memory of a goldfish, Usagi. It’s the story of a group calling itself the Dead Moon Circus that had been locked away inside a mirror breaking free during a solar eclipse.

Usagi: Oh, yeah, that! ChibiUsa and I switch bodies and a lot of other weird stuff happens. And when I couldn’t go back home, I got to stay over at Mamo-chan’s place…

Luna: Well I guess you remember that part, at least. Anyway, ChibiUsa plays a big part in the story, about as big as her part in the Black Moon arc. Since the movie will be following along the manga’s storyline, there connection between ChibiUsa and Helios will be a big part of it.

Usagi: I saw the imagery released with the earlier announcement and it looks like Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako are also going to be in it. But what about Haruka, Michiru, and the other Outer Senshi?

Luna: Well, this is just the first half of the story, so… I guess which half Hotaru’s reawakening appears in will be a bit part of the overall story.

Usagi: Hmm, I’m really curious. I guess we could just ask the director and screenwriter about it?

Luna: You need to wait until the movie comes out, Usagi! But I think everyone has a lot to look forward to when it comes to which stories [from the manga] will be featured.

Usagi: Aww, now I’m too excited thinking about the movie to sleep!

Luna: I wouldn’t worry too much about that, Usagi. You’ll just make it up through one of your afternoon naps. Anyway, the movie will be opening up to audiences across Japan on September 11, 2020. I hope to see you there!

Usagi: In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you!

Quotes from the film’s staff:

Chiaki Kon: I think we all, including myself, have been long time fans of Sailor Moon and I’m incredibly honored to continue my work from [Sailor Moon Crystal] season 3 on into season 4 (the Sailor Moon Eternal movie). I really hope to bring all the fine detail in the manga to the big screen.

Kazuyuki Fudeyasu: A long time ago, a young girl once taught me that a star burns brightly in the hearts of us all. It is with great joy that I’ve been offered the chance to write Usagi’s story and I can’t wait to see it come to life on the big screen. My only hope is that the happiness I’ve been granted in this role is somehow conveyed to all of you who see it. I hope a star burns in the hearts of all you as well!

Kazuko Tadano: The first visual I worked on for this, and which was ultimately used for the movie’s announcement, as done in reference to a beautiful pose done by Ms. Takeuchi. It’s incredibly difficult work to bring the adorable features presented in both the 90s anime and the manga together into one work and I went through several mis-starts. I felt worried every time a new character was announced, but I’m always comforted to see all the lovely messages posted online [about the designs]. This is my second time working on the Sailor Moon series, but there are so many characters that are new to me that I feel like I’m starting fresh. I’ll do my best, and thanks for cheering me on!

Kotono Mitsuishi: I’m really glad to have the opportunity to get all the cast together and see each other once again. You can really tell the love that the anime team has put into this movie. I’m looking forward to seeing the Sailor Soldiers running around up on the big screen once again!

Misato Fukuen: It continues! And as a movie! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I first heard about it. Plus, since this will be the Dead Moon arc, that means that an character important to ChibiUsa will make an appearance. I’m really looking forward to playing out her character as she deals with her first flitterings of love and starting to mature into an adult. I hope you’re also excited to see the beautiful, adorable, and strong Sailor Soldiers [as they come to the big screen]!

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      • That’s why i found many dates like when did the cup noodles japan event was ended last june so i can make my late trip to get autograph from the series creator this june. and june 30 is a tuesday so maybe i can ask my parents anyday.

  1. Well, it’s about time we got something about the movies. I’ll have to update my calendar so I can keep an eye out for this movie (though at this point, we won’t know for a while if it’ll be released at the same time in the US).

  2. This film will not only celebrate the 25th Anniversary of DIC dub of Sailor Moon, but it will also celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Sailor Moon Super S in Japan, and the 20th Anniversary of the Cloverway dubs of Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon Super S.

  3. Great!!! Now we only have to stay alive and fit until September 2020, and hope the movie will reach each of us, since we all live (or I guess) outside Japan. I’m afraid though that we Europeans might get the movie later than people living in USA or Canada. Then I might heavily rely on streaming websites… I know it’s not good and that it will mean that the movie will have been ripped (which will happen for sure), but let’s be honest, this might be the only way to get to see it for a lot of us. Here in France, though I live in Paris, I dont think the movie will reach the lesser theater at all.

    • That’s fair. Even if we get it in North America (hopefully including Canada) Europe is a whole other issue. If we get it streaming here there should be ways to watch it.

      • For sure! I’m sure the movie will be ripped soon after its release and put on streaming websites. As long as subtitles are available (in French, English or Spanish for me), I will be satisfied. I know it not “PC” at all to write this in general, but this might be the only option left for all people living in places where the movie won’t be officially shown. I do complain, certainly, though I have the chance to live in Western Europe where the movie is more likely to hit the theatres than in Eastern Europe for instance, but I don’t live in this part of the continent, so my statement may be wrong.

    • Omg Aurelia I went to Paris for the 2nd time this year in November, I hate how cliché I sound when I say it, but it is truly one of my favorite cities, you’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

      • Hahaha, dear Matt! You came to Paris right before the massive strikes that began on December 5, and that are still ruining our public transport currently… But public transport strikes are a “national sport” as we say here, so I’m not gonna talk about this, though this strike is the biggest the country (especially Paris and it’s surroundings, the Parisian suburb) has ever known for decades.

        Now, to be honest with you, I, like a lot of French people, hate Paris, and find it to be a rathole. I came from the countryside to study and work there 11 of years ago, almost 12. There are, of course, wonderful and beautiful places full of history in the city, but there are also a lot of dirt (Paris has the reputation to be really dirty–and it is true. Paris has even been labelled “the dirty man of Europe” by a Bristish journalist), some ugly, narrow and souless places, as well as a weird and unhealthy atmosphere of its own that I cannot really explain… Not to talk about rats and coakroaches invasions, the pervading smell of urine in the subway, the countless homeless people invading the streets or the subway and revealing how grinding the life in a great city is, the constant spits, trash and dejections on the sidewalks… Parisian life is brutal to many people living in it, or having to commute to work there. Well, I am conscious, though, that saying bad words about Paris is as cliché as saying, as we often do in France, that it is “the most beautiful city in the world”, because it is true that a lot of people including me like to spit unconditionally on this city.
        Of course, I respect and understand the way you see Paris, and I’m not trying to change your POV at all. It’s yours and it’s legit, since we have two different approach of the city. Paris is also a wonder city to a lot of people, and this vision matters, too ;) .

        If you ever plan to travel to Paris again, give me a sign here on SMN, so that we might meet in the city and go for a drink ;) .

        • Haha oh dear, I suppose we all interpret beauty in different ways. I’m in NYC where I’m so used to the pee and rats and roaches and garbage, I didn’t notice is at all! Also I think my sister curated my trip so I really only saw the best of Paris. But the architecture is what really blows me away when I’m there- it’s so beautiful and so much character at such a large scale! I’m definitely going there again, my BF hasn’t been yet so need to show him around, yes we’ll definitely connect over a drink in the city when I’m back!!

          • Hahaha yes, as you live in NYC, I understand that you didn’t pay attention at all to the dirt and ugliness that invade the streets of Paris. I guess such disconveniences are common in big global cities. I remember my enchantment when I discovered London, almost 6 years ago. A long-time dream had become true. To me, it had nothing to see with Paris—which I find to be very ordinary and boring—; it was beautiful, utterly clean, it had a life, a spirit Paris would never have… But one day, a close friend whose brother and sister have been living in London for years, and who himself knows London quite well (they are French, we all come from the same part of the French countryside), told me that in fact, the center of London was being kept clean to attract tourist, while the dirt was pushed away in the “circles” of the Londonian suburb. Then I understood that the grass was always greener on the other side, and that those sort of things were finally always very subjective.

            Whatever I think of Paris (it has great restaurants and places to hang out, a lot of physicians, there everything you want is at hand, so yes, I also like Paris quite a lot actually!), I would be very glad to meet you there and your BF someday :) . Who knows, it might be the very first Sailor Moon News meeting in real life! Who’s in :D ?

  4. I heard through the grapevine on facebook someone at rightstuf saying they will try to get a dvd version when/if possible so even if we don’t see it on the big screen will there be a chance to at least get a subbed version on dvd?

    Crunchyroll also uploaded some recent sm films lately so I’m counting on them too.

    Don’t worry guys we’ll find a way!
    SS is my favorite season

  5. Might as well add in that due to COVID-19 the release date has been pushed back to January 08, 2021 (Part I) and February 08, 2021 (Part II)

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