The first Sailor Moon Eternal film will be released in Japan on September 11th 2020

Sailor Moon Eternal poster with release date 2020.9.11

An update on the Sailor Moon Official Site gives us the release date of the first Sailor Moon Eternal film which will be hitting theatres in Japan on September 11th 2020. This includes a poster which shows us the image we’ve already seen and the release date.

The note on the official site as well as a longer text on the film’s news section mentions that a poster will be available at the Tamashii Nations event on October 25th and that the back of the poster will include an image of Usagi and Chibiusa meeting Helios. I wonder if this will actually be Helios the human, who appears later in the story, of Pegasus the winged horse, the incarnation of Helios which appears in the earlier parts of the Dream arc. The details on the site also mention that this is the release date of the first Sailor Moon Eternal movie, confirming that this is still indeed meant to be two films.

Sailor Moon Eternal 2020.9.11

The word “Roadshow” appears alongside this date on the poster and official site. This is a term used in Japan to refer to a limited release of a film prior to a wider release. Roadshow releases were common in the US until the 1970s when the practice was mostly stopped but this continues in Japan. This makes me wonder when a wide release of the film is planned in Japan, though ultimately this doesn’t make much of a difference as my real concern is when the film will be released in North America. We have not yet received any details about the film’s release outside of Japan.

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19 thoughts on “The first Sailor Moon Eternal film will be released in Japan on September 11th 2020

  1. They are mocking us… they had 3 years to do this, they announced it way back in 2017, and they have just started animating…. We, outside Japan won’t see it till 2021. And they couldn’t even reveal some more artwork for the announcement. I am so done with this franchise.

  2. Welp, at least I got release date now. Time to go back to being a hermit!
    *Returns to his surprisingly floral-scented cave.*

  3. Well I can say this: at least English speaking can finally get the second part of Sailor Stars next month and they can also look forward to copies of rest of the Eternal edition of the manga coming out. I really hope the English dub of the movie comes in 2021.

  4. This is great news! And it will still be 2 movies! I’m pretty excited. It’s true that it may take a while for a US release but you can always get a fan sub. I wonder if it will be direct-to-video or a theatrical release? Do we have confirmation on this?

    • Theatrocal release. Road sjow is how they call it in Japan, because the way they release anime films is one city at the time, which is the reason why most anime films get blu ray releases way long after the initial release.

    • Well, if the anime is even released outiside of Japan theatrically. If it doesn’t we, the people outside Japan and America might see it sooner as the release won’t take as long. If a movie gets screenings oversees, Japan is notoriously slow with the licensing, and they don’t release the film till the screening abroads are over.
      Even if the movie is released only in Japan, it still takes between 5-6 months till theroadshow is over and the blu ray is out. In many cases films released overseas don’t get blu ray release for almost a year… In Japan.
      The only bright side of USA theatrical release would be that some nice people might do some cam rec. I do not advocate pirecy, but I will salute them as I wanna see this movie before being in my 30s. And Crystal started when I was 23…

      • if your worried about being in your 30s by the time this reaches up other then piracy I will be pushing if not past my 40s at the time this gets released in my area which is if were lucky to getting these by 2021 at the earliest, they have had literally 3 years now to get this down and finished so one has to wonder what they were doing all this time?? 2 movies still plus we don’t know if this is going to be the full dreams arc or are they going to compress both dreams and stars into these movies and say here you go we finished the crystal adaptation of sailor moon and really piss the fan base off even more

        • We know, they repeated it to dead it covers the Dead Moon Arc, every statment is clear about it. The two films are covering the Dream/Dead Moon arc. The name Eternal is accurate as Usagi is getting her Eternal form in this arc in the manga.

  5. I would rather wait 3 years for a superior release and better production quality. Waiting isn’t new for us Sailor Moon fans. At least we have a date!

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