Check out these Sailor Moon socks from Everything Legwear

Luna, Artemis and Diana socks from Everything Legwear

There’s certainly been no shortage of Sailor Moon products in or out of Japan lately and this even includes socks! I was recently contacted by the folks at Everything Legwear to let us know about some of their Sailor Moon products. There are a ton of Sailor Moon socks that you can find on their Sailor Moon store on Amazon. The prices seem reasonable for sets of 2 to 5 socks for $13 to $20 with designs featuring many characters and symbols from the series. The ads below show a few of what I’m told are the more popular items. Though Sailor Moon News does not have a business relationship with Everything Legwear we do use Amazon ads so if you buy products through links in this post this site will get a commission.

We had previously heard that Everything Legwear had the Sailor Moon sock license in 2017 when License Global made an announcement about a large number of companies who had made merchandising deals with TOEI to distribute Sailor Moon product. These, and many other products, have shown up in stores online and in the real world.

Sailor Moon socks from Everything Legwear

I once bought some Sailor Moon socks at EB Games and I’ll be honest, none of them fit! Keep an eye on the sizes as a lot of these are women’s socks which seems to indicate that this adult size 12 shoe wearing man isn’t exactly the target demographic! Hopefully you have better luck!

Have any of you bought socks from Everything Legwear? What do you think of them? Do you plan on picking any of these up?

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18 thoughts on “Check out these Sailor Moon socks from Everything Legwear

  1. To be honest, even most of the brands geared towards males at those stores (I work at one) are not great for men’s feet. Often inferior material, the designs stretch to a nightmare and they are more for petite feet. I’m a size 9 1/2 and they are usually quite tight. When I can buy a dozen pairs of comfy socks for the price of one pair of these kinds I just stick with comfort.

    I won’t deny they look great hanging on those racks in store, though.

    • I wonder how our ancestors would feel about us in the 21st century?
      Ancestor 1: “Back in my day we had to knit our own socks from sheep we sheered and if we wore them out, tough!”
      Ancestor 2: “And in my day we had to save up to be able to afford nice socks, sometimes we couldn’t afford them at all…much less afford shoes and went barefoot.”
      Me: “I collect socks that won’t fit and have anime and Disney characters on them…”

      • Thank you very much for serving as an activist for big-footed dudes like myself. The mere thought of cramming my foot into one of these things, as pretty as they are, makes my metatarsal bones scream in agony.

        • I just realized the irony of someone using Cinderella as an avatar complaining about footwear not fitting.

          • Oh no! Cinderella! I believe you lost one of your your glass socks manufactured in Crystal Tokyo’s royal shoes factory!

            Yet, if the socks do not *feet* you, are you sure you are not, in fact, one of Cinderella’s cruel sisters hidden behind a picture of Cinderella, thus deceiving us from the start?

          • “Neo Crystal Tokyo’s Crystal Footwear Factory! Want new designs past its third season? Tough!”

  2. Nice socks! Don’t understand, though, why on the “Venus” socks, Venus’ main color is navy blue instead of orange… I mean, the association between orange and yellow wouldn’t have been too bright for these socks, and it would have respected Venus’ theme color, minus the navy blue of her front bow tie.
    But maybe that no one cares?

    • How to amuse Joseph, guaranteed:
      Step 1. Use a recorder as an instrument for anything, serious or not.

      (Yes, the inappropriate coloring for Venus bothers me, too.)

      • Haha and you know what? That’s me playing the recorder in this video! You can’t deny I truly master my art :) . Needless to say this is the melody I played to seduce Prince Phillip.
        *I’m kidding of course*
        *No ones cares XD *

        • You claim that you were just kidding, but I don’t believe you. I know it was truly you! YOU played the recorder! And you played it so seductively. I should’ve suspected it from the moment I heard that first note–my romantic heart beated ever-so-chirpily when I heard that sweet, sweet recorder music.

          Alas, you are taken, and I am married to my own ego, so I’ll cut the recorder-induced romance right there.
          *Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R(ecorder)*

    • Yeah, for me it’s mostly because it breaks the pattern.
      The others all follow a pattern: background is the color of their chest ribbon and the ends of the socks are the color of their scarves/skirts.
      Venus breaks this since her background is the color of her butt-bow and hair while the ends of the socks are the color of her chest ribbon.

      Leave it to Minako to break the pattern. This is the girl who had a belly shirt on her first sailor suit!

      • Yes, this is it!

        That’s why I don’t understand why they didn’t use Venus’ main color (orange) for the end of the socks. I mean, they could have used yellow and orange, instead of using yellow and navy blue. Using navy blue as the background color would have been too dark and not appealing, that’s why the yellow is perfect for the background. But navy blue for the end of the socks, as if it was Venus’ main color, it’s just a no. Besides, navy blue and yellow are Uranus’ theme colors.

      • *OCD mode on* Noooooo! I won’t let Minako break the pattern! She must follow the chromatic rules just like the other ones! *OCD mode off*

  3. Sorry for changing the subject, but do you know if the 2019 birthday willbe streamed on niconico like last year.

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