Check out the cover art for the upcoming Sailor Stars DVD and Blu-Ray release

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Blu-Ray set box art

We’ve got our first look at Viz’s upcoming home video release of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars which is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray later this year. It was previously announced that this set would be out in the Spring, but we have not received any specifics about a release date beyond this. The box art features Eternal Sailor Moon with her Eternal Tiare. This was shared in an article on the Kodansha Comics web site discussing Sailor Moon. It is mentioned that the first 17 episodes of the season will be included in this first set which will also contain behind the scenes interviews. This is the English release by Viz which will include the first ever English dub of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars as well as Japanese audio with English subtitles.


The article includes a humourous interview with Sailor Moon editor Fumio Osano, commonly referred to as Osabu, in which he seems to suggest that North American readers may be interested in the Eternal Editions of the manga because of their large hands. Perhaps he has been baffled by the size of American comics since seeing an Xbox controller years ago! He also discusses his involvement with the manga over the years and more specifically his work as it relates to the North American audience.

Source: @fredjfrancis on Twitter

The Eternal Editions of the manga which are mentioned really do look great. They feature new translations, larger glossier pages and all colour pages which originally appeared in Nakayoshi. Order the first two volumes and pre-order others using the links below:

Though Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is not yet available to pre-order you can support the site by buying previous releases using the links below:

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36 thoughts on “Check out the cover art for the upcoming Sailor Stars DVD and Blu-Ray release

  1. To be fair, you could bludgeon someone with that original Xbox controller. That thing was massive. Not bigger than my ego, true, but big nonetheless!

    I gotta be honest, y’all, it’s… very surreal for me to see an official “Sailor Stars” box set in North America. A PHYSICAL, official (not bootleg) Sailor Stars set, standing in my collection. It feels odd.

    • “I gotta be honest, y’all, it’s… very surreal for me to see an official “Sailor Stars” box set in North America. A PHYSICAL, official (not bootleg) Sailor Stars set, standing in my collection. It feels odd.”

      I thought the same! And it’s a very pretty box set :) .

        • What, “now me uh”? Living in Europe I don’t care about the dubs in America and things like that. I just think the box in the picture shown by Adam is pretty.

        • My bad! I re-read all our comments and realized I misunderstood Joseph’s comment. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Joe was talking about the whole box set, while I was thinking of the aesthetics of the box only (the one shown on the picture posted by Adam), not of what was inside. But reading and answering Joe’s comment, I, indeed, confused the simple box with the whole. Sorry to both of you for the mistake, Joe and Stephanie! As I said in my previous comment, I’m not concerned by the North American dubbings of Sailor Moon.

          • Indeed! I was referring to a boxed set of Sailor Stars, officially released in America But it IS a fine design! :)

    • For me it lacks any huge excitement. 15-20 years ago, I’d have been jumping up and down for joy and probably crying, too.
      This isn’t because I’m not happy, I am! But after watching it subbed (bootlegged and online) for years now, it doesn’t feel that incredible to me now.

      Still, I am happy that soon we can add this to our collections and stop watching those bootlegs now! (and also not have to wait for 10minutes of ads on Hulu!!)

      • Well, my interest in this release is entirely self-imposed: I try to avoid bootlegs when I can, and I–for some reason–made the decision NOT to watch Stars on Hulu, waiting for Blu-Ray. So, I totally get you, but I also walk my own, strange path. :D

  2. Wonder what the back looks like. Not the back of the collector’s box but the main case inside the box.

      • Some people play correspondence chess, by mail, over a long, slow period of time. This makes me imagine playing, with someone, a correspondent game of Sailor Moon-themed chess… and your opponent isn’t timely or consistent at all, so you’re left waiting for a long and slow period of time!

        *Taps head to start making sense again* In other words, yep. We’re all in this waiting game together!

  3. cant wait to get this and the 2nd part as well so I can finally say I have a complete official set of sailor moon, surprised they haven’t announced any of the final cast yet especially with spring officially here in about 10 days give or take since I have over 8 feet of snow on the ground here by me lol, hoping this comes in the next month or 2 before summer hits and that they give us both sets this year and lets all hope they don’t butcher the songs in this arc as they actually pertain to the actual arc and plot somewhat even tho they messed up royally with the last 4 arcs with the translation of the opening title song and never bothered to correct there obvious piss poor dubbing on that but any who were finally going to get a official English dub of the final season people lets scream it from the roof tops and make sure we all get our copies as to show them we all really still love sailor moon and to get off there asses and give us the last 2 arcs for SMC

  4. I wonder if they’re still using three discs each, of course something tells me there’ll be nine on one disc and eight on the other on the count there’ll be 17 episodes on Part 1.

  5. Finally something! Although a release date would have been nice. They sure like dragging out the suspense. I wonder if they’re going to wait until the last minute to tell us who the new cast members are. Oh well, it’ll happen when it happens I guess; regardless, I’m excited for this set, it’s sure to be much better than my bootleg copy of the season!
    I wonder if they’ll release a purple box set with the movies in it to complete the rainbow.

  6. I am happy if only to see it dubbed in English, but I have watched it while I was younger dubbed in a language I understand so it is not new to me. It is also not as interesting as I thought it would be. The first few episodes are good, but when the Star lights and Galaxia show up it is not as great. We barely see the Outer Soldiers even though they return this season and this season had the least amount of episodes. They never even got to all the villains in the manga. I am so sad I barely get to see Saturn or Pluto. The inners and outers all still use the older attacks. Outers do not even get a new attack they just keep using their old attack animation with their new costumes. It is not my least favorite season, but for the final season it was underwhelming.

  7. One thing we do know is this set will come with a info booklet. And the limited RightStufAnime set will come with a collector’s coin.

  8. Hey Moonies,

    1. I just made the move from Manhattan into Brooklyn and have been forced to come face to face with my secrest SM collectibles hoard. The time hath come to bid it farewell so I’ll be selling things off on ebay, but I have a bunch of loose treats that it doesn’t make sense to try and sell (movie posters/coins, figurines, charms) so if anyone wants a little blind box of sm goodies, shoot me a dm –

    2. I saw they’ve officially announced the next Japanese universal 4d experience with Super SM and the outer soldiers. Anyone seen an official trailer floating around out there for this yet?

  9. Hey does anyone know if songs from the starlights will be dubbed?
    In earlier releases I noticed they used japanese opening and closings .
    The songs are a major plot mover *Spioilers*
    since thats the way they hope to find their princess who is missing.


    • Well, in one of the earlier seasons (I think it’s season 2), Rei sings a song, and they did have Christina Vee sing it in English, so I’m guessing they will, but we have no confirmation of that. They’ve given us no information on the season except the ambiguous “spring” release date.

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