The Sailor Moon SuperS Japanese Blu-Ray sets are coming starting in May

Sailor Moon SuperS Vol. 1 Blu-Ray

The next season of Sailor Moon will be released on Blu-Ray in Japan as Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1 and 2 are scheduled to be released. Part 1 will cost 19,800 yen, about $180 US, and be released on May 8th while Part 2 will cost 14,800 yen, about $135 US, and will be out on July 10th. These prices are probably a bit higher than what it will ultimately cost. Both sets are up for pre-order from Amazon for a bit less. There are two versions listed there, as is the case with other retailers, where the one with the vendor exclusive incentives cost significantly more. Note that these are Japanese releases with no English audio or subtitles. If the other seasons are any indicators they are of decent quality compared to the North American releases but still a software upscaled version of standard definition sources. Japan, like North America, is region A so these will play in a North American off the shelf Blu-Ray player or PlayStation system.

Sailor Moon SuperS Vol. 2 Blu-Ray

According to the TOEI web site each of the sets includes 22 episodes which is almost certainly incorrect. Sailor Moon SuperS is episode 128 to 166, a total of 39 episodes. The price discrepancy between the sets likely indicates that there are more episodes on volume 1 than volume 2, which has been the case with past sets. It’s likely that volume 1 includes 22 episodes, plus the Sailor Moon SuperS Special, while volume 2 includes the remaining 17 episodes. This would actually split the sets up quite well into the 22 episodes featuring the Amazon Trio and the 17 episodes featuring the Amazoness Quartet. The Amazon Japan listing states the length of volume 1 to be 573 minutes, which accounts for 22 episodes plus the hour long special, while volume 2 is stated to be 405 minutes, which would account for 17 episodes. This assumes roughly 24 minutes per episode without commercials.

Other special features are sparse as always. We have the 15 second commercials for each episode as well as the lower quality (non super) creditless opening and ending credits. Since Sailor Moon SuperS has two ending themes one would assume that each set will have one of the end credits.

Sailor Moon SuperS Blu-Ray - Bonuses

As always there are a bunch of vendor exclusive incentives. These include posters, stickers and other little knick knacks. In some cases these will come with each volume but with others you have to buy each. This is an annoyance for me as I do not live in Japan and the exclusives needing both volumes aren’t shipped with either order but need to be ordered separately. There are individual images of all of the exclusives below.

Sailor Moon SuperS Blu-Ray - Exclusive - Fan Club

Sailor Moon SuperS Blu-Ray - Exclusive - Fan Club

The Official Fan Club exclusive is an A4 sized (8.27″×11.7″) sticker sheet for the individual volumes as well as the laser disc box sized poster for those buying both versions. Note that this is for the Japanese Sailor Moon fan club and not the International fan club.

Sailor Moon SuperS Blu-Ray - Exclusive - Seven Net

The Seven Net exclusive for volume 1 is an acrylic plate, something which we used to refer to as pencil boards, a small hard sort of poster. The volume 2 exclusive is a B2 sized (19.7″×27.8″) tapestry.

Sailor Moon SuperS Blu-Ray - Exclusive - Amazon Japan

The Amazon Japan exclusive requires buying both volumes and includes a lunch tote (a small bag) and an A4 sized (8.27″x11.7″) tapestry.

Sailor Moon SuperS Blu-Ray - Exclusive - Animate

The Animate exclusive, coming with the purchase of both volumes, is an “acrylic key holder” which is a sort of laminated card which I guess you could put your keys on if you didn’t actually want to put them in your pocket.

Sailor Moon SuperS Blu-Ray - Exclusive - Neowing

Finally the Neowing exclusive are large A2 sized (16.5″×23.4″) cloth posters. There’s one that’s included with each volume.

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44 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon SuperS Japanese Blu-Ray sets are coming starting in May

  1. so just reading and honestly I was watching stars once again, if you do the math you could technically count the few episodes of stars in this set only cause its finishing off the nehelina arc before galaxia starts up but then you have an even shorter stars arc….. the math does add up there if you will but then it would be really strange all in all to have those episodes in this set and not in the final arc….. but the run times do say it more and im guessing that was a big typo on there part, any ways talk about beautiful artwork for there set, really wish we would get some of those box arts on our sets but then again im sure im not the only one that is wishing they would give us better HD remasters aside from our SuperS arc in quality, on the plus side got SuperS the movie ordered and cant wait for it on Tuesday even with the threat of a major winter snow storm here

      • I haven’t, I preordered it and like I said pending the major snow storm that’s expected to hit me tomorrow in my area I should get it in the mail, up in Wisconsin here and were expecting yet another foot of snow on top of the 3 feet we got in the last 2 weeks

  2. Poor Sailor Jupiter… That Coconut Cyclone caused serious damage, again… Someone to help her put her head and body back in position? :D

    • I’d love to, my friend, but the last time I tried to help Sailor Jupiter, she INSISTED I reminded her of some guy she knew. It creeped me out.

      • Well, I guess this means she is fine despite her weird and dangerous (for the brain…) position :D. Finally, you did right to go your way!

          • Hahaha! Also, I hope you haven’t lost yout hat in the process XD .
            (A rumor says that Jupiter, in fact, tried to imitiate Spiderpig by taking this pose.)

          • You needn’t fear about my hat slipping off! Rumor has it that my hat is actually organically fused to my body. Or, my hat is a part of my body, and it happens to resemble a hat. Other rumors persist that I’m not wearing a hat at all, but everyone hallucinates when they see me, and they think I’m wearing a hat.

            Speculation is fun, but the truth is, I’ll be careful with my hat, as I do this painfully awkward pose done by Sailor Jupiter.
            (Can he swing from a web? No, he can’t. He’s a pig!)

          • “You needn’t fear about my hat slipping off! Rumor has it that my hat is actually organically fused to my body.”

            Oh, I see! You used glue to fuse your hat to your body, just like Mr. Wormwood from Road Dahl’s “Matilda”, until it became “organically” fused for real: https:// www. youtube. com/ watch?v=WoN5cCs0l2M. You never cease to amaze me, dear Joe :D !

          • YES! If I had to either had a hat glued onto my head OR borderline force-fed chocolate cake in front of an audience, I’d definitely go with the former. Besides, I always wanted to be Danny DeVito.

          • Oh, I see you are a man of taste! For one must be really masochistic to choose the chocolate cake option.

            (And Danny DeVito has class, I think ;) .)

        • We, in my neck of the woods, also lost power, but it was just for a day. Huge branches broke off and fell, one of them hitting a power line. I’m fine, though.

          • Thank you!
            The most important is that you are fine :) .

            Are you sure, though, that the storm that hit a power line was not Sailor Jupiter’s Coconut Cyclone? I’m thinking that Jupiter may have found your place after you tried to save her from her Spiderpig pose… And, since she insisted that you reminded her of some guy she knew, I’m afraid she may be searching for you right now… Hum, I guess she likes you!

      • I love this website so much. ;_;
        The scenario of Sailor Jupiter stalking me for one reason or another is both amusing and saddening. Mostly amusing! I do like her a lot. But, darn it, give the “He reminds me of my senpai” a rest, girl!

    • I saw an article once of a “leak” where one of the workers on toei named some of the series that toei is curently working on and one of them was SMC. I don’t think it was scrapped, but that shit is taking forever to finish, I hope that when the movies come out, it won’t be for the 50th anniverceary of the franchaise lmao

      • I fantasize so hard about winning the lottery, buying the rights from Toei, and doing it right. That’s my promise to everyone here, we should make that pact….

        @joesph- rotfl!

          • Mattoei! Love it! I also agree with Matt, we should make a pact: “I swear to play lotto every week from now on, and, once I won, to use the amount earned to help Matt buying the rights from Toei. I swear to contribute to making Toei–under the new brand name of Mattoei–, as well as the Sailor Moon franchise, great again.” (Oops, pardon my French for the two last words!)

          • Hmmm how rather than every week, how about every time the jackpot exceeds 100mill? That should be enough for rights?
            And how about we call new production co. Toee? I really want to stick it to them hard- if we can exact a fraction of our rage/headache I’d find so much fulfillment, a la exact opposite of silver-crystal-power-of-love-friendship-forgiveness. Y’all, I think this is how villains are born…

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