The first 14 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD Tuesday August 16th

Sailor Moon Crystal set 1 limited edition Blu-Ray

The first English home video release of Sailor Moon Crystal is coming this Tuesday, August 16th, in stores and online. This set will include the first 14 episodes of the series, which covers the Dark Kingdom story arc, in Japanese with English subtitles and with the English dub of the show. Since the Japanese release had only two episodes per release this is quite a bargain. The set will be available for a prerelease sale at Viz’s booth at Otakon this weekend for only $65. You can order the limited edition from sites like Right Stuf, which includes a bonus sun catcher for some pre-orders, and Amazon for an MSRP of $80. The regular Blu-Ray version is a bit cheaper with an MSRP of $60. Order this from Right Stuf or Amazon if you don’t care about the booklet, sun catcher and art cards. If you hate life and want to watch the show in a lower quality than you can with the free streaming version you can also get the DVD version from Right Stuf and Amazon for a bit less. Don’t do this. Even if you are a time traveler who can’t bring a Blu-Ray player with you to the past because old TVs don’t have HDMI you get the DVD with the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack so just get that.

Viz has put together an unboxing video which can be viewed on their site or in the embedded clip below.

The packaging looks good. The art cards included are the cover art for all of the Japanese releases. The included special book looks a lot like the ones that came with the Japanese releases only with interviews with the English cast. The sun catcher catches sun. You really don’t have any reason not to buy this set. With the quality of the show there’s no reason to expect this release to be plagued by the video quality issues the releases of the original Sailor Moon anime were.

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11 thoughts on “The first 14 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD Tuesday August 16th

  1. I get the feeling that the only interviews of the USA cast will be on the DVD

    But the ones in the booklet are going to be the japanese cast which is pretty cool and so glad they translated them.

    Sadly it looks like they are not going to include any of the commentaries of the japanese cast which sucks.

  2. Oops nevermind..i saw the video and kinda disappointed that they did not translate the orig interviews that wer on the japanese versions of the blu-ray.

  3. Love it so want it. Just bad you wouldn’t be able to get it in retail stores such as Best Buy or HMV. CAN you??(. Would some please email me if you do find out.

    • I would think so. Here in Canada I don’t recall ever seeing any of the Sailor Moon releases at Best Buy but I’ve seen them at HMV. Sailor Moon Crystal will almost certainly have the same availability as the original Sailor Moon anime’s recent release. They aren’t always out on release day here but they make it on the shelves eventually.

    • The DVD is region 1 which is North America. It’s also NTSC so that won’t play on your PAL TV or DVD player. The Blu-Ray is region A since Blu-Rays use a different system. UK is region B so again you are out of luck.

      You would be able to watch any European, African or Australian Blu-Ray release. I believe it’s out in France but I don’t believe that release has English subs.

  4. Finally got a chance to watch this. My blu-ray player died and my PS3 stopped reading blu-ray discs, so I had to wait until I could buy a new blu-ray player.

  5. Does anyone know when Vol 2 of the English dub will be coming out in Canada? My daughter (who is 4 and who has just been introduced to Sailor Moon) and I are almost done the first volume. She loves it! So does my son who is 7 (although he wishes there were some boy sailors in there :D ).


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