The Infinity Arc of Sailor Moon Crystal will not be released in English starting this week

Usagi watching TV

After Act 26 was released in English on Hulu last Friday some users were hoping that the new episodes of the Infinity arc would already be dubbed and released starting last night. This didn’t seem likely as these episodes were only released in Japanese recently and the process to dub episodes is quite involved. Now that Friday night has come and gone with nothing new we have confirmation that the English episodes of the Infinity arc of Sailor Moon Crystal will not be released right away.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 27 Part 2 - Sailor Chibi Moon breaks the 4th wall

We continue to wait for some news about Sailor Moon S being dubbed. The cast was announced last summer at Anime Expo. Sailor Moon R has been completed released on video since December. The gap between episodes being released has been significantly longer than any other, but we still have no specifics about when the first episodes of Sailor Moon S will be released on Hulu or on home video. This is by far the most common question I get asked on this site and I never have a good answer. We will likely have another Moonlight Party with some sample episodes released when the DVD and Blu-Ray are first announced but there’s no telling when that might be. As always when I hear any news about this I’ll post something to the site.

Sailor Moon S episode 90 - Sailor Neptune and Uranus

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13 thoughts on “The Infinity Arc of Sailor Moon Crystal will not be released in English starting this week

  1. Quite disappointed there’s been no information regarding Sailor Moon S or when it will at least have a trailer. Maybe soon we will get a trailer and a couple episodes on Hulu. But right now we have nothing :( I NEED MY URANUS AND NEPTUNE ;-;

  2. It’s taking so long cause there’s been lots of earthquakes in Japan. Viz can’t work on dubbing anime if the company in Japan is too busy dealing with earthquakes to send them episodes.

  3. For a moment I thought you mean they will stop airing sailor moon crystal the 3rd season because of hulu’s issues or something.

    I wish they would release the English dub of crystal already, but I think I know why they aren’t dubbing it yet. Viz is probably waiting for the home video release that has the corrected animation/designs before dubbing to see if there are any changes. That is the only thing I can see stopping them from dubbing right away. Also I believe they need to keep a delay so that the Japanese Home video release can sell more or sell for a while before they release anything of their own in terms of Blu-ray. I think that’s why the English dub of crystal took this long to be released on Blu-ray. They took a whole year to release just the first season of crystal. I’m shocked Toei isn’t making a 2 episode per Blu-ray release again. I thought they would be trying to get as much money as possible and I was just interested in seeing extra box art.

    The Sailor Moon S release I thought would be at the end of April but it could look like it will be at the end of May or even not until June or July. I hope not, but it’s getting more and more likely. I heard somewhere I think that they are done with dubbing the S season so it could be just a matter of mixing the audio and video or whatever else needs to be done in terms of technical issues. Hopefully, it will be released sooner rather than later. Viz is definitely aiming to do 1 season every year. In 3 or 4 years, we should have the whole original series with all the movies and specials.

  4. didn’t think that smc would be dubbed already as its only been what a month?? as for the dubbing of sailormoon s im wondering like everyone else what is taking so long to do, also if there doing the movies will they be streaming those soon as well as the mini episodes that we never got, ami’s first love and the tie in for Uranus and Neptune to the dreams arc. wonder when the smc season 1 and 2 on blu ray here

  5. After the next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, I will look forward to a Sailor Moon/Pokemon anime crossover special with the return of the original Japanese voice actors for the Sailor Guardians from the original anime. So, Matt, do not reply to me again. :D :D :D :D :D :D

  6. It seems like all the merch has slowed way way down, not just the dvd’s which were already slow to being with. What the damn hell is going on.

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