Amazon Trio Petit Chara figures have been revealed

Fish Eye Petit Chara figure

Images have surfaced online showing the next wave of Sailor Moon Petit Chara figures. Next we will be getting the Amazon Trio from the Dream arc of the Sailor Moon Manga and Sailor Moon SuperS season of the original Sailor Moon anime. This includes Hawk’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye and Fish Eye. Not a lot of details are known at this time but we may learn more at the Mega Hobby Expo which will take place on May 28th.

Tiger's Eye Petit Chara figure

The figures were revealed because enough people retweeted a message by Mega Girlshobby on Twitter. After every 333 retweets a new characters was revealed, and well over 1000 retweets means we’ve gotten them all.

Hawk's Eye Petit Chara figure

Source: Mega Girls Hobby via Sailor Moon Screen Caps

Amazon Trio Sailor Moon Petit Chara figures

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7 thoughts on “Amazon Trio Petit Chara figures have been revealed

  1. Oh, the bastards -_- ! Still no Shitennou Petit Chara figures -_- , even if the four guys were third ranked in a public poll proposed by Mega Girls Hobby a few months ago on Twitter (I had created an account on Twitter for that special occasion and voted for the Shitennou, of course).

    Anyway, I like the Amazon Trio, I already have the complete Black Moon Clan set, and I think I will buy the Trio, but I’m afraid the set will be as expensive as a set of four or five figures.

  2. I know some people will disagree, but to me this definitely gives me that reassurance that we’ll be getting the Dream arc in Crystal.

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