Watch English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 16, Abduction – Sailor Mercury, Friday February 26th at 9pm EST

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 16 - Berthier of the Ayakashi Sisters

The next English dubbed episode of Sailor moon Crystal will be available on Hulu and Neon Alley this Friday. Act 16, Abduction – Sailor Mercury, has Ami facing off against Berthier of the Ayakashi Sisters or the Spectre Sisters as we’re referring to them in the dub. The conflict this week is over a game of chess! There are some interesting references to the original anime this week. On its surface this episode closely resembles Sailor Moon R episode 71, For Friendship: Ami vs. Berthier. Another similarity is Naru’s swimsuit which looks a lot like the one seen in the first season of the original Sailor Moon anime.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 16 - Ami and Naru swimming

This episode includes young Ami, who is seen in one scene interacting with her dead beat father. He’s an artist who likes chess and doesn’t seem to care much about his daughter. Ami gets her love of chess from him but she wants to be a doctor like her mother, so it sounds like she chose the right role model when it counts!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 16 - Young Ami with a chess board

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 16, Abduction - Sailor Mercury

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12 thoughts on “Watch English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 16, Abduction – Sailor Mercury, Friday February 26th at 9pm EST

  1. I can tell from these screenshots although I haven’t watched the series there will be little character development. Crystal is disappointing because the characters all feel like the same person. Their friendship also feels forced. Well not that the original anime didn’t feel forced with their friendship. I wish crystal did 26 to 30 something episodes to develop the story and characters. I haven’t read the manga but if it is anything like crystal I can see I will be disappointed with both character and story development.

    One thing watching the original series from the beginning is I realize how boring the episodes are that are purely filter so it is great when they don’t have filler episodes but they need episodes to develop the character and story as well because as it stands the characters feel bland. Mars might not be mean but she is like a boring as a person in crystal. Frankly they all lack personality.

    • The manga does a considerably better job with characterization than Crystal does. It bothers me whenever people use the “it’s just like the manga!” defense when it’s not an accurate statement. Mars in the manga actually has a personality, for one thing. ;) You really ought to give the manga a shot. Crystal really doesn’t do it justice.

      That being said, this episode of Crystal was actually good. Looking forward to the dub.

  2. Did you guys know that march 6th ,the day that toei is going to preview the first episode is Sailor Neptune’s birthday. Quiet interesting. Slick move, ToeI

    • One thing I’ve always appreciated about Toei’s marketing is that in all the versions of Sailor Moon they’ve appeared in, Toei was always careful to have Uranus and Neptune be together in all the promotional material they’re in.

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