A man dressed as Sailor Moon failed to defeat Donald Trump at a rally

Bootymath crashes a Donald Trump rally dressed as Sailor Moon

Who loves Donald Trump? Anybody? A Donald Trump rally seems like the last place to find a Sailor Moon Cosplayer, but that’s what just happened this past Sunday in Atlanta. Artist and comedian Zack Fox, known as bootymath, stripped off his street clothes to reveal a Sailor Moon costume! He was chearing “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” and I assume he would have completed it to “U.S.A.G.I.” had he not been escorted out by police. The incident didn’t seem to be all that alarming. There was no ensuing chaos. bootymath seemed almost out of place absent of some sort of intense backlash by the masses that should have been shocked by his display. You can watch a video of the event below.

Sailor Moon stands for love and justice. Donald Trump stands for hate and corruption. What would Sailor Moon have done in this situation? She would probably have healed Trump and his followers with the Silver Crystal, leaving nothing but confused peace loving hippies, dramatically impacting the outcome of the upcoming primaries and presidential election. This didn’t happen of course, because Usagi isn’t even a registered US voter and if she was real she would be Queen of Crytal Tokyo by now, and so the circus that is the Republican Party presidential primary continues.

Bootymath crashes a Donald Trump rally dressed as Sailor Moon

Source: Complex Records, Freakout Nation

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10 thoughts on “A man dressed as Sailor Moon failed to defeat Donald Trump at a rally

    • I’m sorry you support that lying felon.

      If Sailor Moon was real, she would be fighting the evil Clintons (who Trump is helping as he is a Democrat plant that is just running as a Republican to take votes away from the people who want to follow the Constitution). Trump would be the minion who the good guys think it on their side, but turns on them to help he’s evil overlord, Hillary.

  1. While I support this man’s valiant efforts, this didn’t really seem like a very good Sailor Moon cosplay outfit to me. The first time I saw the video, I wasn’t even sure it actually was a Sailor Moon costume as opposed to a more generic Japanese school girl uniform. I think I would have liked this better if he had worn an Usagi wig or said Usagi’s trademark I will punish you speech as opposed to chanting USA.

  2. I really wish Trump was a fictional character and Usagi was a real person. Why couldn’t I have been born in that alternate universe?

  3. Most of the Japanese animes including teenage female characters who are wearing sailor uniform. Actually Japanese people love this type uniform, it is not related only Sailor Moon.

  4. I wish some hero would remove all of the turds running this time. I can’t support any of the corrupt monsters in either party.

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