Art from a Japanese magazine seems to show Sailor Moon Crystal’s versions of Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Saturn

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc Art

A black and white photo has been circulating online showing art which some claim to be official art of the upcoming new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. This image shows the full group of Sailor Guardians including the never before seen Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. Sailor Moon is also in her Super Sailor Moon form. The image a photo from what appears to be an authentic Japanese magazine. Since it was not posted by an official source I can not guarantee the authenticity of this image though the style appear to be consistent with the art style of Sailor Moon Crystal. That said many fans have been able to produce art in this style. There is always the possibility that an image like this is a clever hoax.

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc Art

These two photos can be tracked back to Twitter user @karaage_hata who first posted the magazine photo and later the close up version.

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21 thoughts on “Art from a Japanese magazine seems to show Sailor Moon Crystal’s versions of Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Saturn

    • Good point! I saw that on ANN but chose not to mention it on my post the other day because it wasn’t mentioned in the Japanese article on he subject. This certainly seems legit.

  1. The Space Sword Uranus is holding is consistent with how it is pictured in the manga, so I would be lead to believe it was official and not just fan art.

  2. Hmm, it looks official but Saturn looks too young and why do they all look so different? I know there was a new character designer but you wouldn’t think they would change all of them so drastically. I figured maybe just better body proportions and things like that. They all look like they are in a different style. Not sure how I feel about it. I think it’s their eyes that look so different and their slits for mouths.

  3. This does look legit. However im looking forward to seeing more art of Neptune, Uranus and Saturn as its important that the animators get their looks right to make them work. Haruka really needs to both look like a handsome guy and a girl, Michiru has to be very beautiful and sophisticated and for Hotaru they need to nail her dark and pained look. I think that these three are some of the characters that are given the most artistic love in the manga and that really has to come across in Crystal.

  4. Wow. The “old” characters look completely different from what they look like in the first two “seasons”, and Neptune and Saturn look nothing like what they’re supposed to look like at all…

  5. I’m going to agree with a few of the other posters and say that I don’t like the new art at all. Their eyes have lost the distinctive manga-inspired style SMC previously established. They just look like generic anime eyes now. Plus, Chibiusa now looks like a character from another anime directed by Chiaki Kon, Higurashi no Naku koro ni (the characters have very large heads and stick-thin limbs). I hope that future art will look better than this. :/

  6. If these are official, I like the new designs, but wow, that long hair on Neptune is both very pretty and unexpected. Somehow I thought they’d use her shoulder length hair from the original anime, I’m glad they are going with this instead.
    And that sword! It’s not a cheap looking toy anymore!

    • I don’t know why Toei didn’t just reveal this image on their official site instead of this obscure Japanese magazine.

      • Toei always fails to properly market Sailor Moon. As old as the company is you would think they’d have learned some professionalism by now.

  7. Google translate shows it is pretty light on details, it just says it’s the story of Tsukino Usagi who transforms into the Sailor Soldier, Sailor Moon who defends the Earth together with her friends in Sailor Moon Crystal”
    This spring they fight the mysterious organization “Death Busters” from the outside the Solar System. New Sailor Soldier character designs by Chiaki noe known for such as Nodame Cantabile.
    Feud with new Sailor Soldiers, popular to the original fans, reborn as a new video.

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