Will Sailor Moon Crystal return? What is the meaning behind the cryptic final message “See you soon”?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 26 - "À bientôt" or "See you soon"

The final episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 26, Replay – Neverending, was available this morning on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico. There has been no confirmation of any episodes beyond Act 26 to date as fans continue to hope for some kind of announcement of more episodes. No next episode preview appeared where it usually does and instead of the usual “À suivre” or “To be continued” message we instead saw “À bientôt”, French for “See you soon”.

It’s unclear exactly what this means. The ideal case of course would be that this means we will be seeing more episodes at some time in the future. It could also simply mean that we will be seeing more of Sailor Moon in various ways, through products, the musical and other ways which are already being released all the time. This may also be a reference to something new and unexpected. A new movie, special or something else we simply aren’t expecting.

There’s not much to go along with this. A tweet from this morning on the Sailor Moon official Twitter account simply mentions that the latest information will be announced at the official site. That is generally the main place we expect any big news to come from, as opposed to the smaller international sites and sources which are often referenced as evidence for a second season.

For now we wait and hope for some official announcement. What do you think this message means? Are you remaining optimistic?

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32 thoughts on “Will Sailor Moon Crystal return? What is the meaning behind the cryptic final message “See you soon”?

  1. nobody really knows if the email from Portuguese broadcaster in which was stated that there will be 52 episodes of SMC is really official, but it was the only proof of possible renewal of SMC until today and now we can see this announcement in the final episode… so I am still a bit, but only a bit optimistic

    on the other hand, I think it is really unprofessional from Toei that they do not provide any statements about SMC so far

    • I agree. I don’t see the point of them stringing us along and then leaving us in the dark…unless they are really unsure themselves.

    • After watching the finale of SMC. They not announced anymore airings or season’s of Sailor Moon Crystal but Toei needs to run the other half of the Dark moon Arc where Eugeal and the awakening of Mistress 9 and the witches 5 and I think that in the anime of Sailor Moon I watched where they Dark Moon Arc came in started then I think they should rebooted right from there I mean I don’t think it should from there after that I mean the Japanese guys and the from Toei. I think that they should keep on remaking these shows cause now chibi-usagi or Rini is with them.

  2. I think Toei has been planning to the entire manga adaptation all along. Rebooting, retelling, adapting- whatever they want to call it- just the first two arcs would be like if Peter Jackson stopped filming LOTR after Two towers. Like any TV cultural juggernaut, third seasons are often “the best of the series,” or “when they really hit their stride.” The Infinity Arc/ S Season is many fans’ favorite, and Toei knows that. I bet the kinks will be worked out and vast improvements will be made to the rough spots from Crystal. Fingers crossed!

    PS, Can’t wait for an Inners / Outers Planet power group henshin.

    • I agree with you I think that are planning retelling and rebooting of Sailor Moon Crystal just like the Manga series they were remaking it. But they need to have the Dead Moon Circus or the Dark Ark one as well. Toei might bring back all of the scouts including Pluto. But well just have to see.

  3. I’ve just watched the episode and I was puzzled too. Finally this cliffhanger is more frustrating than everything…

    I hope this “À bientôt” doesn’t mean more merchandising for sale… In this case it would mean that SMC was maybe a plan to push the fans to buy some goodies (and I am convinced that Toei cannot be so greedy), though – it’s true – a lot of merchandising has been produced since SMC has been released.

    No, I really think SMC will continue. I only hope we won’t have to wait more than 2 years to get something new, if you see what I mean…

    Ouais, à bientôt Toei…

  4. I’m hoping this is a positive sign we will get more of Crystal made eventually. These days it’s not uncommon for an anime show to take a break for a few months before the next season is made. That’s what happened with Aldnoah Zero and Tokyo Ghoul which were both recently made anime shows that took breaks for a few months before more new episodes were made. I am optimistic that they will do the same for Crystal, not just because of the cryptic message but also the fact that they included Usagi’s Spiral Heart Moon Rod, her new transformation brooch, and had Chibi-usa return. They could have changed the ending if they weren’t planning to continue it. We also have the new live action musical coming out based on the Infinity arc and the new Spiral Heart Moon Rod toy coming out. So all this leaves me with hope for more but I hope they will make an announcement about this sooner and they won’t delay the next season too long this time.

  5. Ha! I knew it wasn’t ending. People on this site called me a fool for believing it was continuing even though I saw artwork for Uranus and Neptune. I think this site owes me an apology for calling me a liar.

    • I believe it will continue and even if we skip a few months (hopefully not many) it will be worth it if they get everything worked out so we can enjoy it weekly and with a better budget.

      • I have no idea why it made my above comment a reply to yours. But, oh well.
        But now that I’ve read yours, I do not remember anyone calling you a liar, but I remember quite a few of us pointing out that the artwork you mentioned was not official, which it wasn’t.
        No official artwork of Uranus and Neptune in SMC has been released as of yet, but there are plenty of convincing fakes by artists on deviantart and on Youtube.

  6. I don’t believe it’s a sign of new merchandising. Animes that don’t intend to produce any new episodes in the foreseeable future usually have something in the last episode to indicate this is the last episode. Maybe it’s the hero running to get the girl while everyone encourages him, or what everyone is doing now that the bad guy’s been slain. No, the new brooch, the Heart Moon Rod, and Chibi-Usa coming back, plus the “See you soon” thing is hinting at more to come. Toei’s been deliberately withholding information on any future episodes just to get us riled up. The hints in this new episode are to get fans buzzing. I think we can expect some good news within the next week or so.

      • Now that Crystal has network syndication in Japan, and soon the English dub will begin to air, perhaps this gives Toei more motivation to create a high budget series, since it could start directly on network syndication.

        Did anyone notice the art of episode 26 was not nearly as good as some of the shots in 25? Seriously, Pluto’s death is was very beautiful, the art, the flow (we don’t need to bring up Chibi-moon’s boneless leg here).

        If they could do Infinity arc with a consistent art quality that was Pluto’s death scene, I will be drooling all over it.

  7. Crystal is currently airing on TV in Japan. My guess is they’re waiting until the TV airing is over before they do anything more. Also, I bet the rest of the manga will be animated not as “Crystal” but as another title, possibly beginning with the letter “S”.

    • why s? it was only used for the anime/ never ending, and infinity have a similar meaning so i think calling it neverending (episode name) is a foreshadowing to infinity arc.

  8. I think ToI wants us all rile up and expecting a lot of fans buying merchandise, the way better quality anime.
    I like the ending but I didn’t like how they vanish nemesis. It was to rush, I guess I like the 90’s ending better, so dramatic and SM always transforming into her pretty princess dress lol.

  9. I think of “à bientôt” as “until next time”. In this case, it most likely means “See you the next time we decide to do an adaptation of Sailor Moon that stops before it gets to end”, since this seems to be a recurring theme.

  10. Original anime was also intended to be one season and they even adapted the ending for one season. But now we have 5 original anime seasons and will probably same with Crystal

  11. I think the à bientôt really means see you soon. With Crystal being broadcast in Japan, Portugal soon France and many other countries I just don’t think we will get this through NicoNico, it was probably a test to see if the audience was there to syndicate the whole series. We probably will only see more episodes in 2016.

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  13. I’m very optimistic about new episodes of SMC. It was a little disappointing but I loved it. I will absolutely be getting the Blu Ray. Keep in mind none of us ever knew that we were even going to see Chibi-Usa or the Black Moon Clan so that alone was a surprise. I’m sure that Infinity will start soon within 2015 at least; but I can wait.

  14. This is very exciting! I also do not mind if they take longer to bring out new episodes. Maybe we will even be able to see Sailor Cosmos and learn more of Chibi-Chibi’s back story! That is if they are willing to do Stars. I appreciate the art of the animation as it closely resembles the manga images as well. While it does have it’s quirks look at episode 25, it really has the potential to become something quite elegant and moving. I wonder if these episodes feel “rushed” because maybe the artists were rushed to get it finished as quickly while sticking to the budget. If they are able to continue this reboot I will be very pleased, and continue to enjoy it along with so many others!

  15. I’m really hoping that we’ll get more episodes. If it was truly over then what’s with the message, À bientôt instead of Fin.
    It wasn’t the greatest adaptation quality wise but I enjoyed it.
    They might just be teasing and waiting for the current episodes to finish airing in Japan and maybe they’ll have new episodes out either at the end of 2015 or then in sometime in 2016.

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