Sailor Uranus and Neptune Pullip dolls announced

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Pullip dolls

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Pullip dolls have been announced on the official Sailor Moon site. We later saw with another post on the official site stating that the Bandai Premium version of Sailor Uranus would come with a school uniform, allowing collectors to dress her as Haruka.

Sailor Uranus Pullip doll in Haruka civilian clothes

The Sailor Uranus doll will be released in June while the Sailor Neptune doll will be released in July. MSRP in Japan has the regular editions selling for 17,000 yen, about $140 USD, and the Premium Bandai edition selling for 20,000 yen, about $160 USD. We can expect them to sell for about $150 when released in the US.

Sailor Uranus Pullip doll

Pullip dolls are high quality kind of creepy looking dolls with very large eyes and heads, proportional to their bodies. There have been a lot of Sailor Moon themed Pullip Dolls released to date. Buy some using the Amazon links below to support the site.

Sailor Uranus Pullip dolla

Source: Sailor Moon Official site original post and update, Sailor Moon Collectibles

Sailor Uranus Pullip doll

Sailor Uranus Pullip doll

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11 thoughts on “Sailor Uranus and Neptune Pullip dolls announced

  1. I don’t find they are scary, on the contrary I find them cutes. All the dolls of the collection are cute for me, except Chibiusa XD .

  2. Their like those little Elf’s on the shelves that just sit and stare into your soul, contemplating how it should destroy you. ;-;

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