Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14, Conclusion and Commencement – Petite Étrangère, Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Human Luna

The latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Conclusion and Commencement – Petite Étrangère, was released on January 17th on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico. This season finale of sorts wraps up the Dark Kingdom story arc and teases us about the upcoming second story arc with the appearance of the mysterious Chibiusa! Like many episodes this one was very faithful to the source material, with one major exception which I hope isn’t too much of a spoiler at this point as I’ve included it in the banner image.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Artemis

Some funny stuff to start out the episode. Sailor Moon is all about praying and remembering her allies! She goes through the whole lot! Luna, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako. Yep. That’s everyone, right? What is Artemis doing exactly? No respect. Meanwhile he’s doing a very good job of keeping Luna company on the Moon!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Luna praying

This episode is all about Luna. Sailor Moon saves the day? Luna saves the day! They both pray. They are both responsible for restoring the Moon to it’s original splendour and as a special surprise we get a brief glimpse at human Luna! As Metalia is defeated and Luna is praying on the Moon, Artemis gets a short look at her as a full on human. Luna somehow doesn’t notice her wearing clothes, not having fur, having hair, being taller, being in a totally different position, but whatever, it’s still very cool. Anime fans would recognize human Luna from the Sailor Moon S movie. This corresponds fairly faithfully to a manga side story Princess Kaguya’s Lover which centres on Luna and has her turning human. She and the rest of the cats, Artemis and Diana, spend time in their human forms later in the Dream arc of the manga which we may see if Sailor Moon Crystal gets renewed for a second season.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Human Luna

Following the fight with Metalia there is a bit of a goof as Sailor Moon picks the Moon Stick off of the ground. We see the Silver Crystal clearly in the Moon stick on the ground, then it’s gone when she picks it up, then in the next shot it’s visible again. I’m sure they’ll fix that up for the Blu-Ray release!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - The Silver Crystal is missing

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - The Silver Crystal reappeared

Great news! The palace on the Moon is restored! Everyone on Earth is dead, but hey Sailor Moon is the new Serenity so she can rule over her Kingdom! Of course that Kingdom isn’t much at this point. She would rule over what, two cats and a computer simulation of who I guess is now the Queen Mother of Silver Millennium? Not a great deal. Usagi decides she wants to live on Earth, which has roughly 7 billion people on it who are all dead but that is easily resolved thanks to the power of the Silver Crystal. I wonder if Usagi would have been able to instead resurrect the long dead inhabitants of the Moon instead of or in addition to fixing the Earth.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Queen Serenity, Usagi and Tuxedo Mask

Sailor Moon’s brooch was damaged in the fight with Queen Metalia. Too bad. But it’s okay! There are more toys to sell and so the Crystal Star Brooch makes an appearance! And on it is a small hole just big enough for the Silver Crystal. But the Silver Crystal is all big with that sort of lily flower thing around it. This big version of the Silver Crystal is not meant to fit in the Crystal Star! But lazy animation makes it work! We see Usagi take this huge Silver Crystal and with a simple finger she shrinks it and stuffs it in that hole. Pretty cheap and terrible looking!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - That won't fit

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Perfect fit

We have a new brooch. What does it do? Pretty much exactly what the old locket did. Sailor Moon transforms yet again however her transformation sequence is essentially identical to her original one. This is a bit of a disappointment. The only real change is that the new brooch replaces her old one in the clip. With her powers back she heals the people of Earth including her friends and all is good. Minako and Artemis has a nice tender moment as they’re reunited. I’m so shipping these two. The moment of peace is heartwarming.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Minako and Artemis

Rei has a glimpse of the new villain Rubeus. She prays that peace will remain. Sorry Rei! Your Shinto prayers are useless! If this episode has taught us anything it’s that the only way to get your prayers answered is to make them to the Moon! We’ll soon see that Rei’s prayers were indeed not answered as she’s first on the chopping block.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Rubeus

This peaceful normal live is rudely interrupted as Chibiusa show up! We had seen a lot of these clips in the trailer for the second story arc of Sailor Moon Crystal. Chibiusa kisses her future father and threatens Usagi asking for the Silver Crystal. Good call, as she actually has it.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Chibiusa kissing her future Dad

I really enjoyed this episode. A nice end to the first story arc and it was just really good to see some of these things animated. With this behind us, we now move on to the second story arc and what some are calling the second season of the show. As it’s still part of the first year of Sailor Moon Crystal I’ve decided to refer to it as the second phase or second story arc until such a time when a term gets officially adopted.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 15 - Chibiusa and Luna-P

The next episode, Act 15, Infiltration – Sailor Mars, will be released in three weeks on February 7th. A lot of stuff will be happening here. Chibiusa infiltrates the Tsukino family, we see the Black Moon Clan, new transformation items for the Sailor Guardians, the Cutie Moon Rod and much more!


Keep reading to see more screenshots from this episode and the next episode preview.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Sailor Moon and the Silver Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Sailor Moon fighting Metalia

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Usagi is dead

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Tuxedo Mask kissing Usagi

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Endymion and Serenity

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Queen Serenity, Usagi and Tuxedo Mask

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Same transformation, new brooch

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Sailor Moon looking at the Earth

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Sailor Moon reunited with her friends

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Shingo, Kenji Papa and Ikuko Mama

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Mamoru and Usagi kissing

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Chibiusa breaking up a romantic moment

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Chibiusa points a gun at Usagi

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 15 - Chibiusa and the future Silver Crystal

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33 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14, Conclusion and Commencement – Petite Étrangère, Review

  1. I was so disappointed by Usagi’s lack of a new henshin sequence. That shatters any hope I had for the others getting new henshins…but maybe they just don’t have Usagi’s new henshin ready yet and it will debut in the next episode? Please let that be the case. I mean, there is precedence for this, Chibi Moon and the Sailor Starlights had cheap henshin sequences in the first series that later got upgraded as the series moved on. This is 2015 animators…we expect more! ;)

    I can’t wait to see the Black Moon Clan. Any word on who is doing the voices?

  2. I was actually pretty happy with this episode. There were still plenty of animation issues, but they weren’t as distracting as the last two acts. I’m looking forward to the black moon arc, but REALLY hope they at least go for the Infinity arc – the manga is so much different!

    Thanks for your reviews – I’ve been lurking for awhile, and they’ve been great!

    • Thanks! If they renew I expect they’d do it for a year and do all of Infinity and Dream. We shall see! If that happens, I wonder how they will deal with the side stories.

  3. I have faith and hope that the animation issues will be resolved for the DVD releases. They’ve already been cleaning up a lot of that, from what I understand and from what I’ve seen of side-by-side comparisons.

    The episode in general was great though. The pacing seemed a bit off, but I don’t think it was the worst offender of any of the episodes so far.

    I think the biggest disappointment for me was the lack of a new transformation sequence. I’m hoping that they’ll make a new one for her in upcoming episodes, but even if they don’t, I suppose it’s not a huge deal.

    • If they don’t give her a new henshin then I hope they just cut the sequence out or shorten it. I was disappointed, but not really surprised taht they didn’t give her a new one.

  4. So Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite and Jadeite are dead or gems, but that’s okay because ‘the mirakulu romansu’ is between Usako and Mamochan still on going. Who cares the love life of other people, who cares the hearts of the girls? Usagi have never asked girls that are they okay, didn’t they hurt, aren’t they missing their thousand years lovers, can they love another one after that happened? No, Usagi cares only her precious Mamochan, who the hell are those girls?

    • I agree with what you’re saying in theory, but I’d give it a bit before it becomes something to comment on. To be fair to the show, we haven’t really had much screen time since the final battle ended, we don’t even know what happened to the gems or even the ultimate fate of the shittenou.

      Now, if the subject is never touched again… yeah, that would absolutely suck.

    • I can only but agree.

      At least it’s cool to see I’m not the only one to find that Usagi is very self-centered, as well as Mamo-chan centered. Looks like the other Senshis are just pawns, who naively believe they are themselves interests to Usagi… I may seem bitter, but though I love Sailor Moon in general for all the great stuff (good values, concept, story…) it displays, sometimes I cannot put aside the fact that Usagi acts like a spoiled girl that no one dares to stop, just because she is the ruler of our solar system.

      I wish we could have seen a hint to the Shitennou, both by Mamo-chan and the girls, in this last act. It would have been more realistic, and would have given more “humanity” and personality to the girls, and even to Mamo-chan. Because, well, after all life is back on Earth again, the girls are very happy to see Usagi again, but who now cares for the four dead guys ? They are always the missing ones. Hey loosers !

      Anyway, act 14 was a good one, though the battle against Metalia looked a little exagerated. Hey guys, let’s pray ! *Praying* It’s okay now we have enough energy to destroy that f*cking evilish avatar of Chaos itself.
      All this for that ? But now let’s go to Nemesis :D !

      To Ashley : in act 13 the gems broke into pieces and Mamo-chan says a final farewell to the Kings. But I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that they don’t break in the manga ans stay whole, allowing the Shitennou to come back as spirits in the Dream Arc, watching over Mamoru’s ill and decaying body. And if my memory serves me well, don’t they appear in Black Moon Arc too as spirits advisors to Mamoru ?

      So the gems breaking in the anime is a riddle… Is it just a “style effect” made by the producers or does it have a real meaning ? They only know… Maybe it was just a way to properly get rid of the 4 Kings because they had become annoying characters, without possibility for them to come back later as simple spirits.

      There is still one thing I don’t understand : why can Sailor Moon cannot resurrect the Kings as she can resurrect every Earthlings after Metalia killed them all ? From what I know, the Kings don’t have any Star Seed but the normal Earthlings don’t have any SS too… That’s so strange…

      Okay, my wishes for the new season : less bleeh blah and more action. If only the “bleeh blah” and abusive henshin stuff could have been replaced by actions in the first Arc, maybe we would have had some better characters developments, i.e. for the Senshi, but also for the Kings.

      • Aurelia go on girl! I am really happy to find another one who thinks about Sailor Moon like me too… Actually I don’t want to watch only Usagi’s ridiculous love life because it’s so stupid. Yes, they have a love life has been for a thousand years, but to be honest they don’t know each other too much.

        By the way I don’t know do you know about there is a fanfiction comic about our Shitennou is drawn by fourkinghell. I think you are going to love it if you are really curious about what happenned about Shitennou. But there are bad news, it hasn’t been updated for one and half years. I think fourkinghell gave up to draw new adventures or he is really busy to do that (I hope he isn’t dead.).

        I just want to see inner Senshi’s love lives, especially between Ami and Zoisite. Jadeite, Nephrite and Kunzite reacted to their thousand years lovers when they saw the girls, but Zoisite didn’t do it. Maybe at the really tiny moment in act 6 which Zoisite’s first meet Ami, but it is really short I don’t think it can be count for that :) I keep to hope to see character developments of our girls and maybe Shitennou. I hope producers will return them end of Stars arc or they will draw an epilogue for inner Senshi and Shitennou.

        (By the way I am Turkish, English isn’t my primer language and I hope I didn’t make gramatic mistakes too much.)

        • Hey Cenan and Aurelia, you two are coming off as haters! Why are you made at Usagi because she has her lover back? We all know that Usagi and Mamoru love transcends time and space. They have a miracle and eternal romance. I don’t know why you guys are being so hard on Usagi because its ONLY the first arc. We know she will grow and mature, just like the rest of the girls. Rei, Ami, Makoto, Minako are not pawns to Usagi they are her friends and she loves and respects them. Usagi’s love for Mamoru is not stupid and ridiculous and if that’s how you feel maybe you should stop watching SMC because they are going to become even closer. The reason why Usagi and Mamoru were so happy is because finally they can be together. They waited a very long time for that. Usagi is my favorite character and I felt I had to defend her.

          I admit I love the Shitennou and Inner Senshi romance. I wanted the Inner Senshi to have their lovers back too. Oh, by the way Zoisite did acknowledge Ami it was in act 6 and act 10. I have a theory about the Shitennou, maybe we will see them in Crystal Tokyo. Hopefully, they will bring the Shitennou back.

          I thought act 14 was amazing. I like the Dark Kingdom Arc and I thought this was a beautiful ending and a great start to the Black Moon Arc.

          • I am not mad at Usagi or Mamoru, I am just angry about Usagi-centered story. Do you know that there are other characters in the show except Usagi and Mamoru? I found that love story stupid because it’s just stupid, everything is about only that love but to be honest their love isn’t so much sense. Episode by episode I only hear “Mamo-chan, Serenity, Endymion…” There are just two people who shout at each other and cry. That isn’t love, sorry. That is hysterical and not reliable reacts and I can’t believe that is actually miracle love.

            I expect differrent things from the new series. For example not being Usagi-centered stories, the love lives of other girls, the background stories of other girls (their characters, their families, their school lives), more actions and adventures than crying babies, more powerful inner senshi. But, no. There are only Mamo-chan and Usagi, just them.

            “The reason why Usagi and Mamoru were so happy is because finally they can be together. They waited a very long time for that.” you say that. Then let me tell you something, why the other girls are so happy? I got the answer, they are so happy because of reuniting of their precious Usagi who doesn’t care them, their lovers and has never asked them “Are you okay girls, you know you have thousand years lovers like me, but yours are dead not like mine. I think you may be upset for this, you know after a thousand years you couldn’t even talk each other…”. Yeah that is a really happy story and really strong friendship. :)

        • You say you are not mad at Usagi and Mamoru, but you are judging my your comments. Yes, I know they are other characters in SMC, but the main character is Sailor Moon. You can’t be mad about Sailor Moon being the main character when it’s in the title of the show and its always been that way and it’s NOT changing either. Usagi is always the first to have character development then the rest of the girls get their character development. I hope they do the entire manga because in each arc you learn more about everyone. If you feel that Usagi and Mamoru’s love is stupid, then you should feel the same way about the Shitennou and Inner Senshi romance because at least Mamoru and Usagi got to interact with each other and you can tell they were falling in love with each other unlike the Shitennou and Inner Senshi. I think it’s wrong to say someone’s love is stupid!! To me Usagi and Mamoru’s love is not stupid and the miracle romance is they can rekindle their love and that they can finally be together. You act like they are going to get married act 15! You are going to see Usagi and Mamoru get to know each other more and see their love for each other more too.

          Now, I do hope they bring the Shitennou back so the girls can have their lovers back and Mamoru can have his friends back too. If they don’t bring them back, I hope they give the Inner Senshi someone else to love. We don’t know if the Usagi asked her friends about their lovers or not. I don’t think it’s fair to blame Usagi, maybe you should blame the writers for that. Who knows maybe they will talk about it in the next episode. Usagi does care about her friends and I don’t know why you keep saying she doesn’t. The way you talk about Usagi I do not know how you can be a fan of Sailor Moon and not like the main character.

          The first arc ended and the second arc is starting and we will learn more about the girls. You just have to be patient and I hope they do the all of the arcs in the manga too.

          • Usagi cares her friends, really do you believe that? I watch it since beginning but I haven’t seen much clue about that. Usagi only cares about her precious Mamo-chan, girls always try to save her ass (and usually they failed then lay on the ground actually.), but she always says “Thanks Tuxedo-Kamen, Where is Tuxedo-Kamen, Where did you take Endymion away, I missed so much Mamo-chan (What? You know him about less than a month and you missed him???) blah blah blah Mamo-chan”

            I know Usagi is main character and I am okay with that. But I watched another animes too and let me tell you something, story isn’t always about the main character. I don’t like Usagi so much, but it doesn’t mean ‘I hate her.’. I like other characters, especially Kaioh Michiru/Sailor Neptune. Naoko has got good and differrent characters, classic anime ruined them mostly, but Sailor Moon Crystal killed them. I am not blaming Usagi or Mamoru for that, because I know they aren’t real people. My comments about Usagi or Mamoru for creators and producers.

            The love between Shitennou and Senshi is stupid, I agree with that. Because the creators didn’t care it. They just showed them for really short moment. But still the love between Usagi and Mamoru is stupid too, because the creators don’t know anything about real love. Talking and crying about past love life episode by episode doesn’t mean there is a real love.

            I don’t like Usagi, but it doesn’t make me a Sailor Moon hater. I don’t like Harry Potter (character) too, but I am a fan of Harry Potter series. I hope I could explain myself clear.

      • You are correct on the things you addressed to me, absolutely! And yes,the shittenou do show up as spirits to advise Mamoru.

        We never see the gems again after the final battle, so there’s a possibility they were a) restored, b) destroyed forever or c) restored as the shittenou were restored to life. We simply don’t know yet, because the story hasn’t shown that to us. I’m waiting until a few more episodes pass before worrying too much about it.

        Crystal suffers from a short run time and an insistence on sticking to the manga acts, allowing them to dictate the amount of episodes. As such, this bit of extra plot – the shittenou x senshi bit – doesn’t have the time to be properly played out. The original anime had problems with too many filler episodes, but Crystal suffers from not enough. We’re not getting the deeper character growth and insights that may be gleaned from extra episodes.

        So for now, I’m going to wait before I decided that Crystal has screwed up on this. If the shittenou are never mentioned/dealt with again, that will be a major mistake, but we shall see, eh? :)

        • Exactly you are right! When I was watching classic anime I was always complaining about the fillers. “Yeah, Usagi saves the day again, Sailor Moon killed/healed monster again.” There were a lot of filler episodes, but to be honest they are also funny and had more character developments than Crystal. For example Rei had Yuuichirou, Minako was trying to be superstar, Makoto was trying forget her ex-crush, Ami was a lyric writer.

          And that wasn’t about just mirakulu romansu, to be honest the kisses between Usagi and Mamoru for 200 episodes in classsic anime are less than the kisses for 14 episodes in Crystal!!! But the romance in classic anime is more reliable and sincerer than Crystal romance too.

          I don’t understand why they can’t make extra episodes for character development. I think that 26 episodes must be about only Dark Kingdom arc, because 13-14 episodes aren’t enough for that. Maybe not 26 episodes but it must be more than 15 episodes actually.

          I think we can’t see Shitennou anymore in Crystal, because the only important thing is mirakulu romansu between Usa-ko and Mamo-chan…

          • I understand what you are saying, but I still don’t think the romance between Usagi and Mamoru and the Shitennou and Inner Senshi romance are stupid. I agree they could have shown more, but I would blame Toei for that because they gave SMC a small budget. I know they will show more of Usagi and Mamoru’s romance in SMC. I hope they do an OVA about how the Shitennou fell in love with the Inner Senshi and I hope they bring the Shitennou back too. I understand now that your comments about Usagi and Mamoru are geared more towards the writers and producers than the characters themselves. I get that everyone is not going to like every character, but I find it hard to watch a show if I don’t like the main character, but that’s just me and your different.

            I still think that Usagi cares for her friends and in each of the girls acts you see that Usagi was the only one who befriended them and didn’t judge them. Rei, Ami, Makoto and Minako were lonely until Usagi showed them kindness and they became friends. Usagi does mention them in act 13 and 14 especially when she tells her mother she wants to stay on Earth to be with her friends and Mamoru. I thought the scene when the girls were hugging and crying was very heartwarming. As SMC continues I’m sure we will see more of their friendship. Of course, Usagi missed Mamoru because he’s the love of her life and the past and present memories of him and he saved her life and was murdered in front of her twice. I would miss him too.

            Yeah, I know it just an anime and the character aren’t real but I don’t want to judge SMC too much because it just started. It’s only been 14 episodes and I will wait to completely judge it until I see all of the episodes. Which is why I hope they do all the arcs in the manga and the short stories. I also hope they will do some movies and then OVAs. That we will learn more about all of the characters and see them grow and mature.

            We are going to have to agree to disagree. I like all of the characters in Sailor Moon, but Usagi is my favorite. I don’t want to go comment anymore. I feel like I understand what you were saying now and I don’t think your a Sailor Moon hater either :)

          • Totally agree on the filler. A lot of it was annoying but there were so many good episodes, and each of the Inner Senshi always had an episode about them every season, one that expanded a little on what kind of people they were. Minako’s Pure Heart episode in S comes to mind.

            Anyway, I have no idea why they’re set on this manga pacing, as I don’t think it works, but maybe this run is a dip in the waters, so to speak, to figure out if the studio wants to financially invest in Crystal more heavily. Their budget must be simply awful at the moment, what with all the janky animation, plus we’re getting zero vocal songs aside from the opening/ending. Toei is most likely watching sales of the DVDs and merchandise, and if those do well we may get longer arcs before the end.

            I’m personally not too worried about it, and withholding my fuss til all is said and done. We may wind up getting movies and OVAs and any number of extras that will fill in where Crystal is lacking. I, for one, am a HUGE Venus x Kunzite fan, and I’m happy for the what I’ve got from Crystal. More would be nice, but my imagination will fill in the rest :D

            As for the Usagi/Mamoru focus, I would prefer less but it is being pretty faithful to the manga. The original anime focused way more on the girls as a circle of friends, and again it had more time and to do that. I’d like to see more of that, but I can always fall back on my original anime DVDs.

            All said, I think Crystal will eventually work all these kinks out and I think we’ll see more new story and material as time goes on. I strongly suspect that Crystal may be leading up to a whole new story arc, and if that’s the case, I’m glad they’re cutting their teeth on old material rather than jumping right into a new story and screwing it up. That would be harder to stomach.

  5. Oh good, I’m not the only one who felt incredibly ripped off by the lack of a new transformation sequence. I do not expect any improvement in the animation (shrug) it’s actually kinda funny at this point. I feel like I’m more excited to watch the episodes for that reason LOL

  6. Wow guys hat’s such a happy mess out there !

    My comment here is for Cenan, Diamond and Ashley.

    To Cenan : you’re Turkish and I’m French so I make English mistakes too, just don’t pay attention to your English not being perfect (it’s the same for me), because you are understandable and I think this is the most important. The more we’ll practice, the more we’ll improve and learn from our mistakes.
    Thanks also for answering my comment :) .

    To Diamond : I don’t like the fact of being called an hater (of even being called “mad at something”). I think this word is just too easy to use. I mean : when X doesn’t agree with Y, so Y will just call X an hater. It’s a fallacy, especially when I read that Usagi is your favorite. So you were just angry because I criticized her. And you dared to call me an hater for that ;p ? Just think of that : it’s childish and it may discredite you more than it may discredit me. If you love Usagi I respect that and to be honest I don’t feel concerned. That’s your way and I have nothing to answer about that, because you owe me nothing on that point of course ;) . I just “live and let die” : that is my personal philosophy and way of being and living.

    I love SMC, and I won’t stop watching it just because my views and feelings towards this show don’t fit yours ;) . I owe you no explanation and I think I was quite clear about my bad feelings towards an egocentric and spoiled Usagi. And it’s not because the show is called “Sailor Moon” that it shall only be Sailor Moon centered, BTW. Must the titles (book, movies or TV show titles, for example) always stick to their contents, and the contents to their titles ? I don’t think so.

    Also, I’m not a SenshixShitennou shipper (on the contrary ;) ), but simply I’m disappointed by the fact that the Shitennou were not mentioned by anyone on the last act – not even once by their master, Mamoru, and not even once, too, by their former lovers. That’s all. I find it’s weird since it could have been easily done, by taking of some useless bleeh blah. And yes, I see the other Senshi like fool puppets in general. But the truth is, I keep enjoying the SM universe so far. And nobody will take me that ;) .

    SMC is not a perfect show ; there are greats things about it and also things that are not really good. And my judgment and feelings are full of nuances and of course I’m not the only one on this planet to be like that ;) .
    Then I perfectly know that SMC is just a show, a fiction work, and that SMC characters are not real. So what ? Then it appears that I’m not a “hater” because SMC in my life is just a stuff among many others, most of them being so serious that I don’t have time to waste to be an hater towards cool shows like SMC. So for me it’s just fun or play, an entertaining light and fresh moment, on which I like to give my views. I completely understand and admit that some people may not be agree with me (and I don’t care because it’s totally natural), but simply the fact of being fallacioulsy called an hater is just too strong. It’s not the first time I see this word among the Sailor Moon fandom, and it just completely silly. Hey huys, it’s just a fiction work, so relax :D !
    Because if we follow this fallacious logic, then we can easily say that the ones who call other people “haters” are in fact haters themselves, simply hating the fact that the “other people” don’t share the same views and thus trying to project their own hate on them in order to discredit them, no ;p ?

    I hope I wasn’t too much agressive, and if I like to discuss with people having different opinions, then I sincerely think that using fallacies just to discredit an opponent leads to nothing than useless bad passions exhausting everyone. For the rest, I see you were taken in a long and good discussion with Cenan in order to clarify your respective views and I think that this will be all for me. I don’t know you and therefore have nothing against you personally of course, simply I just wanted to clarify why the word “hater” annoys me and why I find it’s childish to use it, not only towards me but also towards some other fiction works fans in general ;) .

    To Ashley : thanks for your comment on January 25, 2015 at 5:37 pm, I really like what you wrote and we share the exact same thoughts and way of seeing and considering some things about the show in general and about the Shitennou.

    Sorry for this long comment ^^” .

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