Sailor Moon cosplay for Halloween

Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask

It’s Halloween weekend and this year I put together a Tuxedo Mask costume modelled after his new costume from Sailor Moon Crystal while my girlfriend dressed up as Sailor Mars. The Tuxedo Mask costume is mostly made from scratch and with modified second hand clothing though a normal suit is used as the base. The Sailor Mars costume is pre made though some modifications were done to make it reflect Sailor Moon Crystal designs. If you made a costume of a Sailor Moon character for this year’s Halloween let us know about it in the comments on the blog, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Adam as Tuxedo Mask

While I realize the coupling of Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask is not canon in Sailor Moon Crystal this relationship is legit in the first season of the original Sailor Moon anime prior to Sailor Moon stealing Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Mars due to pesky destiny. I’ll never stop shipping these two.

Véronique as Sailor Mars and Luna as Batgirl

And my cat Luna dressed as Batgirl.

Véronique as Sailor Mars and Luna as Batgirl

Véronique as Sailor Mars and Luna as Batgirl

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5 thoughts on “Sailor Moon cosplay for Halloween

  1. She didn’t steal him, and they really weren’t much of a couple to begin with. Rei was the one with feelings, but Mamoru saw her as a friend. A pushy friend, but a friend nonetheless.

  2. Nice costumes!
    Sailor Moon really needed some more male characters. We might just get it this time though if the generals come around to their old selves. I hope they get some awesome armor/costumes if they do.
    I still prefer Usagi with Mamoru, they balance each other well. But I was never into Rei and Yuuichro, I just couldn’t see that ever working out and it never did apparently.

  3. It’s Halloween meaning you need to be scary! Next time you should dress up as Beryl or Demande or any other villains :D that would really make awesome halloween costumes :D

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