The first book of Sailor Moon manga short stories is out now

Sailor Moon manga short stories book 1 - Chibiusa, Chibi Chibi, Diana and Princess Sailor Moon

With the main story of the Sailor Moon manga already released fans may be wanting more, and that’s where these Sailor Moon manga short stories come in. Originally the manga was released with various side stories inserted throughout the main story. In the rerelease of the manga these stories were all removed in order to keep the main story intact without any interruption, but it would hardly be right to leave these stories on the cutting room floor. With that in mind the Sailor Moon short stories have been compiled into two book with the first book being released today. You can pick it up at your local store or though the Amazon link below. You can also preorder the second book which will be available November 26th.

This first book collects Chibiusa’s short stories as well as some other side stories related to entrance exam preparation. The second book’s main story is the story of Princess Kaguya, which was later adapted as the Sailor Moon S movie. It also includes a story about Rei’s past and Parallel Sailor Moon, a look at a possible future which includes the daughters of all of the main characters.

I wish I had some photos of the book to share but there don’t seem to be any copies stocked at any Chapters, Coles or Indigo locations in Ottawa. Included is an image from Kodansha’s tumblr page. The cover art features Chibiusa, Chibi Chibi and Diana. The back of the book features Princess Sailor Moon, a character from the live action series who has never made an appearance in the manga.

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2 thoughts on “The first book of Sailor Moon manga short stories is out now

  1. Hi!

    This is Debitto from Japan.

    If you need any picture from this SailorMoon short stories, i have all books (in Japanese).

    Good post btw ^^

    Best regards.


    • Thanks for the offer. I have the books in Japanese as well I was just hoping to take a few photos of the English version. Also I was kind of guessing at what they would call the chapters. Oh well, I’ll have it soon enough.

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