John Stocker mentions that FUNimation will dub the new Sailor Moon anime

John Stocker mentioned that FUNimation will dub the new Sailor Moon anime

May 29th Update: In response to this claim FUNimation has mentioned that they do not hold the license for Sailor Moon.

With no official announcement about this information it should be treated as a rumour, but this clip is being provided as the full context for this comment. John Stocker, voice director for the Sailor Moon S and SuperS series of Sailor Moon as well as the movies, mentioned at a “Memories of the 80s” panel at Anime North 2013 that FUNimation has the rights to dub the new Sailor Moon anime. A short clip including this is shown below.

This is not an official announcement but it should be considered that John Stocker works in the voice acting industry and that this is the kind of information he may very well have come by when dealing with his professional contacts. Note also that it is mentioned that this has been in the works for three years now. If this is the case this may be referring what is or once was a redubbing of the original Sailor Moon anime rather than the new show, though it would stand to reason that regardless of what that means that whoever holds the rights to dub the original anime may very well also have the rights to dub the new Sailor Moon anime which we are currently expecting to begin airing later this year or early in 2014.

This information is consistent with what was mentioned by John Stocker in our interview with him at last year’s Fan Expo when he mentioned that he had heard about Houston as the place for this dub to happen but didn’t know if this was true. Since then he certainly seems much more sure of his answer.

Joining John Stocker in this panel is voice actor Susan Roman who provided the voice of Sailor Jupiter. The rest of this “Memories of the 80s” panel as well as the “Sailor Moon Voice Actors Q&A” recorded at Anime North 2013 in Toronto will be posted to the site as soon as possible.

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6 thoughts on “John Stocker mentions that FUNimation will dub the new Sailor Moon anime

  1. Thanks for the updates- i appriciate the effort on keeping us informed with the new production as much as possible and as true as possible.

  2. I am very excited for the new Sailor moon anime. I just hope the american voice actress for Sailor Moon doesn’t hurt my ears like the first did.

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