Sailor Moon/Adventure Time shirt will be sold at Tee Turtle April 22nd to the 29th

Adventure Moon shirt at Tee Turtle

Update: This shirt sale has been delayed to April 22nd, not the 8th as originally reported. You have plenty of time to save up $12 in two weeks!

Starting Monday April 22nd this very cool “Adventure Moon” shirt which has Sailor Moon and Luna drawn in the style of Adventure Time will be sold at Tee Turtle. Tee Turtle works a bit differently from other t-shirt sites. The shirt will be on sale for $12 on Monday and then for $15 until April 28th, so pick it up on Monday if you can but if you miss it you’ll still have a chance to get it until the end of the week.

This shirt was on sale last summer at Shirt Punch. I bought the one I’m wearing in the photo below then and have been quite happy with it.

Adam wearing an Adventure Moon T-Shirt

The shirt’s artist is Eriphile who has done a ton of Sailor Moon shirts that we talk about on this site. Her web site is currently under construction but you can always like her on Facebook to see what new designs she has in store. She is also holding a contest to win a watercolour painting if you share this Facebook post promoting the shirt before the end of the sale.

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5 thoughts on “Sailor Moon/Adventure Time shirt will be sold at Tee Turtle April 22nd to the 29th

  1. Thank you for the great write-up, Adam! They didn’t let me know beforehand, but apparently this got rescheduled to the week starting 22 April :( I am really sorry for the confusion!

    • No problem. I’ll just change the time on the post when the 22nd rolls around so people see it again. Based on the comments I’ve seen I know a lot of people like this design and are looking forward to this sale.

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