Check out the poster and cast for the upcoming Princess Kaguya’s Lover musical with our first look at human Luna

Musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Princess Kaguya's Lover Poster

The poster and cast information for the upcoming Princess Kaguya’s Lover musical have been released. The post was up on the Sailor Moon official site briefly last night after which it was removed. It has now been reposted and the musical site has been updated with information from this musical. I didn’t catch the post when it was first online however I quickly saw the poster shared from a number of Sailor Moon fans. The poster gives us some interesting information. Luna is featured twice! It looks like the Luna in black is meant to be cat Luna while the one in the Human Luna yellow dress would be her when she transforms into a human late in the story. Also featured are Kakeru, Himiko and Princess Snow Kaguya. All ten Sailor Guardians appear which is noteable for the inclusion of Sailor Saturn. Canonically this story takes place between the Infinity Arc and the Dream arc when Hotaru is still a baby. Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna appear in the manga and I guess they got a babysitter for Hotaru during that time. The official site does mention that this is her first appearance in this story. Artemis is not on the poster and is not in the cast list. Perhaps he’ll be a plush toy or something.

Musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Princess Kaguya's Lover Banner

I was happy to see that the Facebook page “We Are The Pretty Guardians- Sera Myu” shared the names of the entire cast as well as social media links for many of them. When this sort of cast information is posted to the official site I usually spend some time searching names and plugging them into online translators to try to do the same so I’m glad to see that someone has already done the hard work here. Please give their page a follow if you’re on Facebook.

Below I’ve included a cast listing with links to Twitter and Instagram accounts when they exist. I’ve opted for the western given name first, family name second order as I usually do on this site although the source I’m using follows the Japanese practice of family name first and given name second. This is an all new cast. There is no one returning from Le Mouvement Final, which was many years ago, though this musical is continuing with the tradition of an all female cast. There are two Chibiusas which is not uncommon for young actresses given Japanese child labour laws.

Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino – Riko Tanaka (Twitter, Instagram)
Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno – Kanon Maekawa (Twitter, Instagram)
Sailor Mars/Rei Hino – Rei Kobayashi (Twitter, Instagram)
Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino – Kisara Matsumura
Sailor Venus/Minako Aino – Marin Makino (Twitter, Instagram)
Sailor Chibi Moon/Chibiusa – Yurika Kobayashi
Sailor Chibi Moon/Chibiusa – Erena Kamata (Instagram)
Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenoh – Shinju Terada (Twitter, Instagram)
Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh – Ayana Kinoshita (Twitter, Instagram)
Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meioh – Minami Chisato (Twitter)
Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe – Yuka Ide (Personal site)
Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba – Riku Sorahane (Instagram)
Cat Luna – Sakurai Yune
Human Luna – MARISA (Twitter)
Kakeru – Natsume Oki (Twitter)
Himeko Nayotake – Nanami Tamai (Twitter, Instagram)
Princess Snow Kaguya – Sayaka Okamura (Twitter, Instagram)
Snow Dancers – Moeko Koizumi, Ayumi Ozaka, Ayano Nagasawa, Yuri Hirano, Sakura Morimoto and Eri Yanagida

A lot of the actresses have done some stage work in the past. Riku Sorahane, who is playing Tuxedo Mask, seems to have the most extensive experience. Some of the Snow Dancers worked on previous musicals. Moeko Koizumi was previously in the Super Live musical as a backup dancer. I still haven’t seen that musical! Ayano Nagasawa was in the Amour Eternal musical as one of the Dead Moon Circus.

With the musical coming up in September there are still some travel restrictions in place in Japan for foreign visitors. Are any of you expecting to be able to see this musical or are we all holding out for a home video release of some kind?

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22 thoughts on “Check out the poster and cast for the upcoming Princess Kaguya’s Lover musical with our first look at human Luna

  1. FYI: access to the general public for this show doesn’t start until Saturday, August 7, 2021.

    You should mention that ticket pre-sale is based on a lottery system with different reservation windows for different priority groups, e.g. prism & crystal members of the official Pretty Guardians fan club are the first to be eligible for advance reservations on June 11, 2021 (Friday) 12:00 JST, followed by eplus, famipay, and gingeki theater members. General public is the very last group to get access. Each lottery winner can buy up to 4 tickets to a single performance.

    Most of your readers will not know how to book tickets, let alone how to get into Japan to see the show, and with the Olympics and Paralympics eclipsing everything else in Japan this summer I’d be surprised if anyone here actually remembered to buy tickets in two months.

      • You’re right. The biggest limiting factor will be the language barrier, as it has always been. Some of your readers are already discussing it below.

        Travel is its own weird logistical dilemma in many parts of the world right now. But even for people who are already in Japan, ticket availability is still a limiting factor due to most public venues in Tokyo operating at partial capacity to allow for social distancing, meaning fewer tickets available per performance. Using a phased lottery system to ration tickets restricts supply even further.

        And with demand for Sailor Moon-related anything being elevated in Japan following Eternal’s theatrical release, good luck scoring a ticket to a show on the day of your choosing.

  2. I find it really strange that they chose to include Saturn, but not Artemis. If they have an actual actress to play Luna as a cat, then they should have one for Artemis too; it will be just too weird if they use a plush or puppet for only him.

    • I think if Artemis were included he would have to be played by either a puppet or (another) little girl, which is awkward enough since all the other male characters are played by adult women.

      Saturn being in this story is obviously not canon, but neither are some of her other appearances in earlier musicals. I can’t imagine what she would even do in this show other than be just another body singing and dancing on stage.

  3. I wish the original story had Sailor Saturn to the be honest. She is one of the favorite characters in the show and she always got no screen time. It would have been nice to have a new version of this story that has Sailor Saturn. Hopefully they can do another version of this story with Sailor Saturn in animation. The musicals seem to be very good in terms of story from what I have read. I personally have never seen any of the musicals as I prefer watching the characters in animated form.

    • That wouldn’t make any sense, since the Kaguya story takes place before Hotaru has even awakened. Her picture appears in the manga story but she has no part to play. Shoehorning her into the musical was just one of the many creative liberties that this adaptation is sure to have taken.

    • Madd – The original musicals (the ones from 1993 – 2005) always did things like this. After the third musical (when Sailor Saturn appeared), all 10 of them always appeared together, even when they did a musical based on the Dead Moon story. They also mixed and modified the stories in interesting ways – that was what was so interesting about those musicals. They did brilliant things with adding Queen Beryl to the Sailor Galaxia story, for example (and, for anyone who hasn’t seen any of the old musicals, I highly recommend Eien Densetsu and Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin). They also did something interesting with the Sailor Quartet. ;)

  4. I don’t care about this unless it’s dubbed into English by my fave English speaking voice actors for viz media

      • Adam, it’s an impersonator mocking Stephanie (who has a Pikachu avatar) and you fell into their trap. As far as I remember, it’s their second comment under this “Entitled Zoomer Pikachu” name. I don’t think it’s fair to let impersonators publicly make fun of fellow commenters here.

        Also, Linh, Custom is a usual commenter and they are not Stephanie (she hasn’t shown up recently and so wherever she is, I hope she is fine), unless they prove the contrary. I assume that if you could just gently and patiently reply to those people that are genuinely and innocently asking why the musicals are not meant to get an English dub instead of getting angry at them for their supposed ignorance, that would be great of you, for them and for this website. Nobody’s perfect after all and we all have fields of complete ignorance, and in general, students reject and refuse to listen to condescending teachers, who end up being hated for their judgmental behavior. It is totally possible to explain and to teach all while staying neutral, even though it is hard and requires a lot of patience.

      • So in other words, what is the point of ANYTHING if it isn’t dubbed into English?

        The point is that the live musicals and stage adaptations are never produced or performed for foreigners like you, Stephanie. If you can’t read or understand Japanese, then you are not even a secondary audience let alone the target audience. Dubbing songs into a different language is also incredibly expensive and time-consuming to localize, record, and edit.

        The entitlement from overseas fans who have been spoiled silly by dubs and who are incapable of consuming anything except dub never ceases to amaze me.

  5. :/ It would be a shame if they left Artemis out of this musical, since the relationship between Luna and Artemis is a huge part of the story. Not having him there to react to what’s going on would pretty much defeat the purpose.

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