Check out Helios kissing Chibiusa from a Sailor Moon Eternal calendar

Sailor Moon Eternal calendar - Helios kissing Chibiusa

An update posted to the official Sailor Moon site and Nakayoshi web site includes images of a Sailor Moon Eternal calendar which shows us previously unseen images from the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films including an image of Helios kissing Chibiusa. The calendar will be included with the February 2021 issue of Nakayoshi which will be released on December 28th because magazines lie to us as much as car manufacturers.

Sailor Moon Eternal calendar in February's issue of Nakayoshi

There are other images in the calendar, which you can see above, though some are repeats and others are alternate poses of characters we’ve seen before. The calendar appears to be a triangle shaped out of double sided cardboard with two months visible on each surface, as you can see from the photo in the bottom left corner of the image. There are 11 images in total as January and February share the Sailor Moon Eternal poster as an image.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Nakayoshi bonuses - Calendar and bookmarks

The March bonus, pictured above, is a set of eight Sailor Moon Eternal bookmarks. That issue will be released on February 3rd 2021 again because of the lies.

The Nakayoshi magazine is an important part of Sailor Moon history as it is where the Sailor Moon manga was first published! The first Sailor Moon Eternal film will be released in theatres in Japan on January 8th while part 2 will be released on February 11th. There has been no official confirmation of when the films will be released outside of Japan.

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11 thoughts on “Check out Helios kissing Chibiusa from a Sailor Moon Eternal calendar

    • Well calm down. He us not here 24/7, plus new stuff comes out everyday. He cannot possibly cover it all the second it is out.

    • It looks as though they have listened and made the henshin sequences updated instead of just tracing.
      Mercury’s is gorgeous!

    • They are all pretty, i guess. But they hold no weight into them what so ever, and the animation quality is pretty low for a movie tbh (not to mention the reuse of animation from season 3 which still aggravates me, what the hell toei, you couldnt have shida animate 5 seconds of new animation?) . If it was anything else i would honestly be fine but the transformations? Really? One of the most iconic things about sailor moon? Sad. (Also i find it so odd that they decided to release this instead of a full on trailer)

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