A new Sailor Moon Eternal poster features Super Sailor Moon and Nehelenia

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 poster - Sailor Moon and Queen Nehelenia

The Sailor Moon Official Site has been updated with the latest Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 poster. This one features Sailor Moon and Queen Nehelenia along with her mirror. Quite a nice looking poster! A Twitter contest is being held where those who follow the movie account and retweet the poster will have a chance of winning one of five actual posters. Though it is not mentioned this contest is likely limited to fans living in Japan.

It was also mentioned that starting today, Monday November 30th, an update will be posted to the official site every night! We are getting close to Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1’s January 8th Japanese theatrical release date which is why updates are going to be more frequent. There’s no guarantee that every day’s news will be all that interesting, but we will be sure to share anything which our fans may want to see. Feel free to check out the official site and this web site frequently for updates!

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15 thoughts on “A new Sailor Moon Eternal poster features Super Sailor Moon and Nehelenia

  1. That updated part ended up being mis interpretation. They are simply changing the poster on the site for day and night and me as well as many people mis interpreted that as updates.

  2. At the very least they did a new poster. They have been so cheap using the same images over and over again. I mean for me if the movie looked like the first poster I would have been more excited for this, but with all the screen shots the movie looks as if it takes on too much stock footage from the 90s anime instead of creating their own interpretation of the attacks and transformations which has been disappointing. Any new screen shots that are from the actual movie itself have been underwhelming, but hopefully the actual movie with be decent. This poster at least shows hopefully they can give us new artwork instead of rehashing the same images over and over. This poster is reminding me of watercolor painting and feels dreamy so they did a good job with this. The poster seems to interpret the villain and the hero being opposite, but the same in ways. So far the posters make the films look much better artwork wise.

  3. It looks beutiful yes, BUT sailor moons pose looks really odd/uncomfterble to me. All the way down to the locket by her hips it looks like she is comming at us in a angle, meanwhile it looks like the legs are from a sideview. Kinda like they shopped her in two and just placed the legs randomly. Nehelenia however looks more consistent in her posing,

  4. It looks a bit stiff, but overall, I like the serious tone of the image and the dreamy color scheme! The more I look the more I like it!

  5. Wow this looks really awesome, the artists and the developers did great in blending in the best of 90s animation with the best of the crystal animation. Queen Nehelenia has always been an unforgettable and favourite character of mine, she was creepy and interesting, it was as if she was a combination of evil queens of Disney movies and old fairy-tales. I could never forget that one episode from the 90s where spider webs were keep appearing out of nowhere until they completely covered the entire city in darkness, it was next level of creepiness and impossible to forget. I hope this movie does Queen Nehelenia justice and makes it as if Sailor guardians are at a point of breaking with eternal darkness just roaming around.

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