A clip of Zirconia from Sailor Moon Eternal is released as part of a contest to have fans guess her voice actor

Sailor Moon Eternal - Zirconia

We’ve finally gotten our first look at Zirconia from the upcoming film Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 and it comes with a challenge for fans to identify her voice actor. I’ll admit that my ear for distinguishing Japanese voices isn’t good enough to be able to make a decent guess at who this is. Have a listen to the clip on Twitter or embedded below to hear for yourself.

Do you recognize the voice? If so, give us your guess as to what that might be in the comments below or on social media. Fans are asked to post their guess to Twitter using the hashtags #劇場版セーラームーン and #ジルコニアの声優は誰だ which translate roughly to “Sailor Moon The Movie” and “Who is the Zirconia voice actor?”. You’ll probably want to Tweet in Japanese to have a chance of having it be seen! Three correct guesses will be given a Sailor Moon Eternal movie poster.

Naomi Watanabe

A quick look at those hashtags suggests that many Japanese fans are guessing that this is the voice of Naomi Watanabe, a popular Japanese comedian and actress. Her distinctive laugh seems to be what’s making people guess this. We will learn if this is correct on Friday!

The Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 will be released on January 8th 2021 with Part 2 coming out a month later on February 11th. With the reveal of Zirconia it looks like the main characters from the first film have all been seen.

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27 thoughts on “A clip of Zirconia from Sailor Moon Eternal is released as part of a contest to have fans guess her voice actor

  1. Will there be any Eternal posters I can buy? It just doesn’t seem right for people who win this contest to be the only ones who can have a poster.

  2. Also it is good mentioning the part 1 is just 80 minutes. While people are trying to guess the voice, I am thinking of all the things they have cut.

    • It will definitely be a faster pace than previous arcs, but they don’t necessarily have to cut content.

      Past arcs were one chapter equals one 20 minute episode, but there were also a lot of scenes spent panning over the scenery, an intro, and an ending, and not to mention transformation sequences that filled a decent few minutes each episode.

      Since I am pretty sure we will see each senshi transform only once per movie, maybe not at all in the second part, that frees up a lot of time to go over some plot points.

      • The problem is part. It has to have each senshi chapter adapted well to develop them, while also introduce the Chibi Usa and Helios plot in the background as well as Mamoru’s illness. It also gonna be the one having all the transformations and introductions in it. The second galf of the manga is suitable for a film and can be done in such short amount of time, but the part 1 is jammed

    • Well, if Viz wants to dub it first, we’ll probably have to wait a year for a theatrical release (if we get one). Maybe we’ll see it on some streaming services, but probably not until it’s done in Japanese theaters.

  3. This is a good clip. The atmosphere is nice but the shading can still use some work. Maybe one more color for shading or a highlight. We cannot judge too much about the animation because let’s face it there is not much movement going on. But from the shots we have seen before I am not expecting any boost in quality just because it is a movie. If anything it seems that it will be tv show quality so I will keep expectations low.

  4. nice look for old zirc, the voice sounds very familir and i honestly cant put my finger on it, kinda sounds like the original voice actor from the 90’s, this will be strange to see how there going to fit what 13 or 14 chapters into 2 movies thats gonna be super tight to do, the best thing to hear is that once part 1 is in the theatres that were getting the final arc just in time for sailor moons 35th updated annivasary lol

    • Shut up and wait for her. Once that’s out then you can be satisfied with the whole cast. Why are you always complaining over who is going to be in the Eternal movies and anywhere else?

    • Don’t recall exactly when she shows up but she will likely be primarily in Part 2. They could reuse the same voice actor as Zirconia even though they don’t sound alike simply because they’re sort of like mirror versions of each other.

    • The author of the blog doesn’t have that information, he’s not holding any info back from us.
      I’m sure as soon as it’s announced he will make a post for us.

      While I think Custom is taking his comment too far, it really is pointless to ask questions none of us have the answers to yet and can come off as rude itself, to other readers.

      Don’t think of it as a bad thing to not have all the information, think of it as something to look forward to until the release of the films.
      If we had all the info now there wouldn’t be any updates to keep us talking. :)

  5. I don’t know about you guys but I can hear a distinguishable tone in Zirconia voice which says that the voice actor isn’t that much old as character she’s portraying; 90s Zirconia was voiced by Hisako Kyōda who’s 85 years old (60 at the moment of SuperS). Not a problem itself – just an observation.

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