A fully colourized Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition manga is coming in a digital only format starting June 29th

Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition manga - Sample pages

Can you ever have enough copies of the Sailor Moon manga? Of course not! The latest iteration is a fully colourized version which will be available only as a digital download. After being spotted in a magazine it has now been officially announced on the official Sailor Moon web site. The good news is that the first two volumes will be released in a couple of days, on June 29th! The bad news is there is no current plan for a physical release of this version of the manga. It remains to be seen if we will be getting a printed version eventually.

Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition manga

The price of this version if fairly low at only 990 yen per volume. This works out to about $9.25 US. It isn’t clear if or when it might be released internationally. The big advantage of the digital versions which were released last year was that they were released in a number of languages and stores worldwide. While I certainly hope that’s eventually the case with this version, I’m not seeing them for sale in any particular stores outside of Japan at this time.

Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition manga - Vol. 1 cover

So what’s going on with this version? Sailor Moon was originally a black and white manga and this version has colour added. The original release of the Sailor Moon manga in the magazine Nakayoshi had a few colour pages at the start of each chapter. These were not included in all manga releases though all colour pages were in the latest release, the Eternal Edition of the manga. Oddly these colour pages are actually recoloured differently for this new version of the manga and while it isn’t clear why this is I suspect the aim was to have a consistent look throughout the new version which may not have worked seamlessly if the original colour pages were used.

Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition manga - Vol. 2 cover

It’s also worth noting that this colour version is not the same as the ones seen in the 20th Anniversary art exhibit a few years back. Check out this comparison on Twitter which shows slight differences.

Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition manga compared to the exhibit pages

Will you be checking out this release? Will you buy the Japanese version or hold out for an English release or perhaps a physical printed edition?

Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition manga compared to the exhibit pages

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28 thoughts on “A fully colourized Sailor Moon All Color Complete Edition manga is coming in a digital only format starting June 29th

  1. I love that Naoko colored her manga! And I love how gorgeous the new covers are! I would rather see them using their powers on these covers, but they sure are prettily drawn and colored anyway. I will be holding out for a physical release, I bet it will happen some day. I would love to see Naoko write and draw new Sailor Moon stories, but in my opinion the stories she already wrote are so perfect they don’t need anymore and I love revisiting them again and again in different ways. I have a question – did Naoko get rid of Mars’s crotch jewel, Jupiter’s potpourri ball and chain, and Venus’s chain being on her waist in her latest version of the manga? The version I own is the one that came before that where almost every Guardian is in their Eternal outfits on the covers,and all those things I asked about are in that version.

  2. Whoo, at this point I’m really feeling like we’re just being laughed at by Toei.
    I’m not even caught up on the Eternal volumes and here they have a new series already!
    I bet a physical release of these will be expensive!

    I really wish they’d put the effort into getting a continuation or new series out of Naoko Takeuchi. Or at least her blessing on a new series.

    • I have wanted a sequel/post-series storyline for literally beyond a dog’s age. Well, many of us have! Yeah. I definitely agree.

  3. I don’t like buying manga digitally, it’s just not the same in my opinion. I’ll be holding out for a physical release, and hopefully one in English. Like someone else said, I really wish Takeuchi would use all this effort she’s been putting into new art into creating an actual new series, particularly one that connects with Sailor Moon (maybe a Chibi Usa and her guardians spin off?).

  4. Maybe this is the reason Kodansha just stopped releasing the English manga digitally? The last digital volume was 6, and physical releases are now on 8.

  5. I bouth volumes 1 and 2. They are great. Really beautuful. It givesxa whole new experience. Sadly no t without issues… Some of the Dark Kingdom panels are black and white… But overall it worths the money.

  6. Colorized digital manga are somewhat common in Japan, but they rarely if ever get physical releases. English translated colorized manga is another rarity; Dragon Ball Z is the only one I know of, and it’s not even complete.

  7. They got the colors wrong for the guardians hair too. Those are the colors for their hair in the anime. Guess they decided to go with anime hair colors.

    • It’s especially noticeable with Jupiter. I always liked her strawberry hair in the manga. But I do think brown is good on her. I guess this is expected since Crystal went with anime colors over the manga.

    • If there’s no news there’s no news. Toei is stingy-stingy-stingy, but that’s not this blog’s fault.

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