Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 is now available on Amazon Prime Video

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 on Amazon Prime Video

Yesterday we reported that a number of online retailers were offering Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 as a digital download but that it was not available on Amazon Prime Video. Though it was not listed along with the rest of the series, the final 17 episodes of the season are in fact listed on the site. Fans looking to buy these digitally from Amazon Prime Video can support the site by using the link below.

I don’t believe this is a new addition, but simply something I didn’t notice previously. When one looks at the Amazon Prime Video page for Sailor Moon it only lists up to season 501, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1. This is what I originally looked at to try to find if the new episodes were available. Part 2 is listed on a totally different page which is likely why I hadn’t seen it.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2

For those who’ve gotten the digital version, what do you think? If you’re still looking to buy the physical release on November 12th you can support the site by pre-ordering it using the links below.

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18 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 is now available on Amazon Prime Video

  1. The way this show has been handled digitally is not great. Though, I guess if you only want one dub or the other it could save some money.

    Also, does anyone know if this is Movies Anywhere compatible? I know that most series are not.

    • I read your comment, start to finish, with Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West’s voice (in my head). And it was glorious!
      Yeah, I agree. As for your Movies Anywhere question, I don’t know for certain.

        • I have the English dub of the Sailor Moon R Movie (which never included the original Japanese track, for some reason) in my iTunes library, so I just checked my Movies Anywhere account to see if it moseyed off over there. Nope! My Movies Anywhere catalog is thoroughly uncontaminated by Sailor Moon.

  2. I was watching episode 193 a few times and I think I might know who is really voicing Sailor Lead Crow. She sounds a lot more like Tsunade from Naruto. And accordingly Anime News Network said that Andi Rich’s birth name is Debi Mae West. Could it be?

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