The English dub of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1 is now available on Amazon Prime Video

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 173 - Mamoru meets Seiya

Although the first half of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars will only be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on June 18th those same episodes, with English dialogue for the first time in an official release, can now be purchased from Amazon Prime Video. This includes the first 17 episodes of the 5th and final season of Sailor Moon. Individual episodes cost $2.99 while the entire season costs $39.99. This is less expensive than even the standard edition Blu-Ray which is currently listed for $59.99 on Amazon. If you’re interested in purchasing it you can support the site but buying it using the link below.

It seems that these episodes are only available for purchase and not part of the Amazon Prime streaming service. If you’re more interested in getting a physical copy of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars which will also include the original Japanese audio with optional English subtitles than you can pre-order that from Amazon using the links below.

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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 173 - The Sailor Starlights

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7 thoughts on “The English dub of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1 is now available on Amazon Prime Video

  1. Crazy to think how long ago the ViZ Sailor Moon deal was announced. Heck, I was living in a different state at the time.

  2. I can wait one more week to see the English dub on disc……. its one week right man I can remember when they first announced this getting the redub then crystal, now were finally near the end and yet im still waiting to see if they make us wait til 2020 to get the remaining part

    • Oh they’ll definitely make us wait until 2020 to get the second half. My guess is February. It was like 2013 when they announced a redub, and then it didn’t come out until the end of 2014.

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