The Sailor Moon manga is now available digitally through a number of retailers in many languages

Sailor Moon Eternal Edition - Colour page - English

Great news for Sailor Moon fans who hate paper, or don’t have a lot of paper in the form of money, the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition manga is now available digitally through a large number of ebook retailers in English and in nine other languages. This was announced as part of Usagi’s Birthday event on June 30th and the digital versions have been available since July 1st. Details can be found on the Japanese site, which includes 30 page previews in all languages, or the Kodansha site which includes links to all US distributors. Options for English fans in the US include Amazon Kindle (which includes comiXology) for $7.67 per book (all prices in US dollars), comiXology for $13.77 per book, Book Walker for $12.47 per book, Google Play for $9.99 per book, Apple Books for $9.99 per book and Kobo for $11.19 per book.

Using the links above you can order the Amazon Kindle version. The adds show the price as $13.99 but after clicking on them it shows up as $7.67 for now. The page mentions that this also includes a comiXology version, though I’m not familiar with how that service works. This does seems to be the best price of all of the versions. Since both Kindle and comiXology have apps which run on modern phones and tablets, this should be a good option for many fans, though those who have libraries on other services may find it’s worth an extra few dollars to purchase it from another retailer. Whatever option one might chose, this digital version is a fraction of the price of the fairly expensive print versions of the large size Eternal Edition of the manga.

Sailor Moon Eternal Edition - Act 1 - Usagi: Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Eternal Edition - Act 1 - Usagi: Sailor Moon

One advantage of the digital version is that without the crease of a physical book you’ll be able to see all details of two page spreads! What are the differences and advantages of one platform over another? I can’t say I’m familiar enough with either to have a preference. While I have a functional and recent iPhone I only have a very old hand me down iPad which doesn’t run newer versions of apps so I don’t think this is something I will be getting, what with the countless paper versions of the manga I own. I’d be curious to see what this site’s users are deciding to use, if any. Let us know in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon manga is now available digitally through a number of retailers in many languages

  1. while I already have 5 of the 7 books already in physical form, I prolly will get this edition on my phone at a later time as so far it keeps telling me that I will be paying $14 per book and that’s a turn off as I already dumped $18 on the physical versions and I still have the last full set which I have to say damn this edition is thick and im impressed they took 12 books and squished them into only 7 and that’s not to say how condenced the last set was from the older versions of this manga

  2. I think the last time I used Kindle was to read Robert Englund’s autobiography. He was Freddy Krueger in “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, kiddies. THE Freddy. Not that chump would-be replacement in that chump remake. Kindle is really handy and convenient, but, honestly, I just prefer the tangible feeling of books so much more!

    I’ve been getting the newest edition of the manga, and it’s looking like I’m going to loan my previous set to a… newcomer!

  3. I will definitely be getting this! I’ve been waiting forever for a digital release of the manga! I have the Kodansha 2011 releases. It’s one of the only paper print books I own these days. I’m torn on some of the updated translations, but most are an improvement (especially the inclusion of fully translated sound effects). I’ll be nice to read on the go or whenever I want to enjoy it without fear of my toddler ripping it apart. However, I’m still seeing a Kindle price of $13.99. Were you seeing a discount due to Amazon Prime Day?

    • Yes I believe so. When I tried to find the book in the Canadian iTunes store they did not show up. I am able to find the Kindle version on though, so it may vary by retailer. Depending on where you live, you may have luck with one or another.

  4. Sadly they have shown up to me as $13.99 since they launched. I’d probably have double-dipped (quadruple dipped, more like) if they were selling for $8 for me.
    I’ve heard of Amazon showing different prices to different consumers even within the same country, so perhaps that’s the case.

    • Seriously! I’m still seeing $13.99 (I live in the US, if that makes a difference). I just purchased the first volume for now, but definitely would have bought more if it was less than $8.00!

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