Sailor Moon Sailor Stars will be released on home video in Spring 2019

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Now that Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 has finally been released on home video we also have news that Sailor Moon Sailor Stars will be out in the Spring. Viz Media posted a message to their official Twitter account stating that Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is coming in Spring 2019. Though no specifics were mentioned we can assume this to be a reference to the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the series as dubbed versions of the anime have not been released to stream for free lately, as was done early in the series. This post was accompanied by a Sailor Stars logo featuring many characters seen throughout the series as well as Sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 173 - Usagi is sad that Chibiusa and Mamoru are leaving

The logo itself is not terribly new. Nearly three years ago Sailor Stars began being released in Japanese with English subtitles on Hulu which used a nearly identical banner. This reminds us of course that Sailor Stars is hardly new to North America. When the fifth season was not released in English after Sailor Moon SuperS was originally dubbed we went nearly two decades without seeing the episodes in any official capacity but fans can now watch the series in Japanese with English subtitles on Yahoo! View, Tubi or Hulu. That said we still haven’t seen an official English dubbed version of the series which we will be seeing for the first time in the Spring.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars banner

We still don’t have a specific date for the release of the first half of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, as I assume it will be split into part 1 and part 2 as the other seasons have done. For now we can still get the first 4 seasons.

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31 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars will be released on home video in Spring 2019

  1. I’m so excited! As soon as they have a release date finalized, I’ll request my library order some copies. They’ve ordered every other season so far, plus the movies. Part 2 of Season 4 should be arriving any day now. I can’t wait! :)
    Now if only we could get some hard news on the next installment in Crystal.

      • I disagree. Buying all the blu-rays costs aprox. $650. The only way that this has been affordable for me and my yearly salary is how far each blu ray has been stretched out with each release making it be like payments for an investment. If I had kids and wanted to introduce them to sailor moon that would be a lot of money all at once and would have to hope they like it and actually watch it. The library really helps out with this!

  2. I’m so excited! I’ll be interested to see how they do the casting; if they’ll have male voice actors for the Three Lights, and then female voice actors for the starlights, or if they’ll have the same actors for both forms.

    • There would be no reason to cast males as the Three Lights. This won’t be edited or anything and we’ve moved on.
      I don’t begrudge the changes made by Dic and Cloverway, silly as some of those changes were even then, and I understand they were necessary to get stuff on TV.

      But now, there won’t be any secret about them being female disguised as male.
      I’d say it’s 100% sure they will all three have female voices in both forms. Probably the pitch changed (how young males are often dubbed in English with females doing the acting).

      • It wouldn’t be censoring, they literally disguise themselves as males; having male voices would just add to the disguise (this is then anime, not the manga). Not to mention they sing a LOT, and while some female voice actors can talk in a lower tone, there aren’t too many that can sing that low (and sing well that low).

      • If they got a male actor to play Shingo (who’s like 10), then it would just be weird to have females playing high school aged guys.

      • Actually, they are guys that transform into girls. On the classic series anyway. You can tell because when they first start transforming you see they have no breasts. And I think I once recall one of them being shirtless and he had a male chest. But believe what you want.

        • They had female voice actors doing their voices in the original japanese version so why would it be any more silly to do the same for the eng dub?

        • They are females disguised as males. That’s how it’s always been. Yes, they have male forms, but they do not have male voices and they are still female even while male. They do have man chests and speak in deeper voices while in disguise, but they are still always voiced as women except in countries where they were censored.
          Yaten always sounds like a girl and Seiya and Taiki will probably be voiced similarly to Haruka while in male form.

          Also, Shingo is male so it’s not weird having him being voiced by a male.

          • I’d say in the anime at least there is a physical transformation going on with their bodies when going from civilian to Sailor Guardian form. In all continuities though it seems like “female” is their true self with the other being a disguise. The anime just goes that much further to make the disguise modify their body shape. Whether they truly are “male” in their civilian form is more about how they would self identify which isn’t really something they get into on the show but they are certainly projecting a male image in their personal and professional lives.

          • But they’re still males even if their spirit is female. They’re only female when morphed because when they left their planet they got male bodies.

          • I am not arguing, Stephanie, that they are not in male bodies. That is shown on screen in the anime. Whether this is real male bodies or illusions, I don’t know. I would say it is real.
            In the manga both Usagi and Minako were able to successfully disguise and seemed to have male bodies (or at least convincing masculine disguises).

            What I am saying is that they have been and should be voiced by women in both forms. Using males to voice them in one form would feel so off to me. (The Japanese voice actresses did a really good job of doing both!)

            The show is sadly silent on a lot of things about them which is both kind of good and bad. I would loved to have known more about them.

            I do believe they sort of identified as male while in male form. They were 100% aware of their original existence, but I feel like at least as far as Seiya, she lived comfortably as both male or female.

          • I completely agree that the Japanese voice actresses did a great job voicing both forms; I’m just not convinced that American voice actresses can do the same (and still be able to sing in key).

          • I’m worried about the singing, too. But it’s possible they can get singers to do that part if they sound similar enough.
            The songs in the Japanese version were well done and I don’t want really cringy English versions…I’d almost prefer they leave the Japanese vocal tracks for songs in place before that.
            I’m really hoping they do it right.

          • Saintfighteraqua Ya, this means there’s no same sex interest happening if they see themselves as guys when in that form.

  3. FINALLY some info on the best arc and the final arc which only what 2 or 3 years ago got released via streaming in subs only, cant wait to see if they make the starlights male or female and I really hope they don’t mess the music up since that is a big part on what makes the starlights who they are, cant wait to get my 2nd half of SuperS and hope to hear who play the starlights and animates as well as the most evil of all baddies the queen of the galaxy, galaxia, this made my pre black Friday (brown Thursday already spilling into Wednesday now). gonna go back and watch the entire show from start to finish once we get this highly coveted arc and what at this point we can safely assume the final movie once we get stars part 1?? out

  4. I’m excited, even though I think this and SuperS are the weakest seasons (barring the first six episodes of Stars and the last few episodes.)

  5. I think I figured out the bow error. Most times from what I can tell the character’s moving around a lot. So, sometimes the reason why the ribbon’s always behind the bow is because the character’s moving around and that makes the bow swift around a bit.

  6. at last! viz kept it promise the entire original series plus the movies and specials dubbed now i only we get news of any kind on if crystal will be finished more hotaru and i get to see sailor moon vs the sailor soliders animates animated.

  7. I disagree. Buying all the blu-rays costs aprox. $650. The only way that this has been affordable for me and my yearly salary is how far each blu ray has been stretched out with each release making it be like payments for an investment. If I had kids and wanted to introduce them to sailor moon that would be a lot of money all at once and would have to hope they like it and actually watch it. The library really helps out with this!

  8. I wonder that what new and retuning cast members going to dub some characters like Chibi-Chibi played by the same actress as Chibiusa

    • My thoughts exactly. I really want Sandy Fox to play Chibi-Chibi as well. But you know she’s not going to. Viz never gives us what we want. They’ll just get some new VA to play her that we don’t agree with.

      • Stephanie Sheh could do it, seeing as how Kotono Mitsuishi did it in Japan.
        But given how different her origin is in the anime, I’m surprised they kep the connection to Usagi, even in Japan.

        • For the classic they could just keep her Japanese voice in cause all she ever says is, ‘Chibichibi!” At one point she says, “No!” But that’s as much wording as we get from her.

  9. I am conflicted about this. I really enjoy the first 6 episodes especially the first episode of this season because I had been missing my outer soldiers, but even then Saturn had barely any screen time. After that she did not appear until the end. I had been waiting for their return only for them to be guest stars in the show. SuperS was bad enough not to include them, but after their return and downgrade to guest stars it took some of the joy out of watching it. They also kind of did not do justice to the new soldiers they introduced to some degree. However, I just missed seeing my outer soldiers especially Saturn and Pluto since they barely appeared on the S season. Why I really wish the outers appeared in SuperS and Sailor Stars as main characters was just to see the interactions with the inners and each other. I wish there were more episodes to Sailor Stars as well. It was the shortest season.

    However, I look forward to the English Dub. I wish it did not take as long though. When they say spring it is more like June or July since they always seem to delay.

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