Check out Miss Universe Japan’s Sailor Moon costume from the Miss Universe National Costume competition

Miss Universe Japan, Yuumi Kato, dressed as Sailor Moon

Here are some photos of this year’s Miss Universe Japan, Yuumi Kato, dressed as Sailor Moon! This is Miss Universe Japan’s National Costume. Yuumi Kato’s Instagram page shows us two photos of this costume which she will be wearing at the Miss Universe National Costume competition which takes place on December 11th, about a week before the actual Miss Universe competition which will take place on December 17th. I’m not an expert on this pageant so I’m not sure if the National Costume is something we will also be seeing at the actual competition.

Miss Universe Japan, Yuumi Kato, dressed as Sailor Moon

Yuumi Kato unveiled this outfit at a press event where she dramatically threw off a kimono to expose it! You can watch a clip of this below.

Though the Miss Universe competition is taking place on the morning of December 17th due to the magic of time zones it will be televised on Fox December 16 at 7pm eastern time. Do you plan on watching it? What to you think of the costume?

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27 thoughts on “Check out Miss Universe Japan’s Sailor Moon costume from the Miss Universe National Costume competition

  1. I really love her skinny suit, especially her boots. The suits they have on the Sailor Moon musicals are always too puffing, and I don’t like them. She is a cute woman, for sure!

  2. it’s about time that the rest of the world is finally catching up with us. I just hope that fox doesn’t screw up and make some rude comment about sailor moon or anime. I can’t stand the American cartoon shows on fox. they are not cool like sailor moon or even pretty cure.

  3. I am gonna wear this suit underneath my graduation gown. Just watch me. *Anxiously looks at the calendar.* December 8th. Soon…

    • Eh, Joseph! So your graduation day approaches! But I’m afraid those stiletto heels won’t be good to wear due to your gown. I guess you should pick lower heels ;) . I’m crossing fingers for you and wish you good luck!

      Alas here, in France, the social and political situation is plunging into chaos and uncertainty. The gilets jaunes (yellow jackets) movement is having its biggest march so far on Saturday 8th, not only in Paris, but also everywhere in the country. Macron and his team have to resignate: they’ve done too much harm to us… Violence and revolution never lead to anything good, though I’m aware that this is the only (bad) solution we are left with. I’m also worried for my husband, who is a policeman. He might risk his life on Saturday, and, while I sustain the gilets jaunes (regular French people from all over the country), I’m also scared of what might be done to policemen, who are a majority to sustain the movement, but have to do their duty anyway. And this is badly perceived by some people among the gilets jaunes, who believe policemen are traitors serving the government, thus only deserving to be beaten up and killed for these reasons. With violence, reification is never far away… So, yes, I rather think of you Saturday, Joseph! This will be a sweet thought, that will ease the bitter reality occurring on this side of the ocean.

      Hope you do fine, and don’t forget your sailor suit and your Sailor Moon stickers ;) !

      • With all due respect, I didn’t expect a topic this serious following my original, silly post! I haven’t been following the global news this past week, and I’ve been self-absorbed and devil-may-care about my graduation, so when I read your post, it threw me off–in a good way! It was a big reality check and it helped bring me back closer to Earth when I was drifting toward my Moon. (Had to tie it into Sailor Moon somehow.)

        I’m really, really sorry, Aurélia. I tried to imagine how it must feel, and it gave me a flare of anxiety. Even though we’re, in a way, really just hidden, anonymous people using text and avatars to convey emotion, I really am sincere when I wish you and your husband the best. I hope for safety for him and you, and for all the good people threatened. This is heavy, I’m very sorry. :(

        I will think of you and this site when I’m in my ceremony. I may not know your husband at all, but I’ll also think of the predicament and give mental, good vibes. <3

        As for the stickers on the graduation cap, all taken care of! There are only three Sailor Moon stickers, though; the whole thing is like a scrapbook collage. If it's okay, I'll link a pic sometime later. Thanks,, for all the Tuxedo Mirages.


        • Well, to be honest, I admit that I had a strong reaction following your post (and that I retrospectively feel confused for my lack of restraint), because, when you initially announced, a few days ago, that your graduation day would be on Saturday 8th December, I was expecting that Saturday 8 to be a normal, regular day, just like the other Saturdays. I would do the usual things, housework, errands, reading and so on, as well as coming on Sailor Moon News to wish you good luck :) . But things have escalated so quickly in my country those last seven days, that I was perturbed yesterday when I answered your comment. This shows how unstable the world is, and how fast it can turn upside down…

          That being said, you have been absolutely right not to follow the global news this past week, and instead, to completely get absorbed by the thought of your upcoming graduation day :) . When we are facing an important personal event in our life (whether it is a positive or a negative one), it is essential and healthy to concentrate on what is happening inside of us (joy, plain happiness, serenity, fear, anxiety, impatience…), and around us, in our immediate environment. It is important to totally focus on this event, and not to scatter our brain by casting an eye upon what happens outside of our “bubble”. Global news, for instance, are always made of negative things, that our brains automatically absorb like a sponge. And in general, this isn’t good for our sanity.

          Thank you very much, Joseph, for your sincere thoughts; I am very touched, and reading you warms my heart :) . Only time will tell what those new events will convey, and how they shall end up. There will be people injured, for sure; but let’s pray so that no ones dies at all.

          Well, it is currently 00:40 here. Saturday 8 has finally arrived on this side of the ocean. All I have to do now is to wish you a memorable and lovely day—a day that you will remember even long after it has gone. I also hope that you don’t feel too much anxious. May Mercury, goddess of Intelligence and Knowledge, be with you on that very day, and may her wisdom inspire you ;) !


          • I have MUCH more to say; alas, I should be sleeping. But thank you so much, yo. :) I really hope for the best, for you two. *Cyber habdshake* Take care! I’ll respond properly when I’ve time.

          • Congratulations Joseph! Well done and I hope you had fun!

            To Aurelia, I will pray for you and your husband.

          • Thank you for coming to news, Joe! Also, thank you Saintfighteraqua! Yes, my husband is okay. His team was commanded by a coward hierarchy who did everything to avoid them getting into trouble… Well, I suppose I should be happy, haha.

            Congratulations to you, Joe, and let us know about your Saturday :) !

    • Congratulations on your accomplishments Joe, i hope this day is a day that you will remember for good and i hope everything goes as youve planned
      May the power of the Moon , love and friendship give you confidence and wisdom :) (had to tie it up with sailor moon somehow)

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