Is the art for the Sailor Moon Crystal x Monster Strike collaboration based on upcoming season 4 character designs?

Sailor Moon Crystal x Monster Strike

Characters from Sailor Moon Crystal will soon be appearing in the popular Japanese mobile game Monster Strike. What is Monster Strike? It seems a bit like StreetSmash, the Street Pass mini game in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS where you smash round pieces into others on a board. The characters will be appearing in the game shortly, meaning no specific date has been given. A number of images, available on the Official Sailor Moon site and Monster Strike web site, show that this will include Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Queen Beryl, Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite. Some fans believe this art may be a first look at the designs of the upcoming fourth season of Sailor Moon Crystal. I’m not convinced.

Kazuko Tadano Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus sketch from 2013

We have previously learned that Kazuko Tadano, who was a character designer and animation director for the first two seasons of the original Sailor Moon anime, would be doing the designs for the Dream arc of Sailor Moon Crystal. What her take on the series is remains to be seen however she did a sketch of Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus back in 2013 which gives us an idea of what her art style is like more recently. If you’re looking to see how she drew Sailor Moon back in the 90s note that she did all of the laser disc cover art, which has been used for home video releases over the last 25 years. So much to say the image of Sailor Moon most people think of matches her style.

Sailor Moon Japanese Blu-Ray Vol. 1 - Comparison between Laserdisc and Blu-Ray

Usagi Tsukino in Monster Strike

I frankly don’t see the resemblance here. The art style and almost comically large heads in the Monster Striker images just don’t seem to fit with either anything that Kazuko Tadano has put out or what Sailor Moon Crystal was doing. If I had to venture a guess I would say this art is made by one of the artists who has done other Monster Strike art over the years. Further by the very fact that we only have characters from the Dark Kingdom story arc shown here I don’t think it’s likely that these are new Sailor Moon Crystal designs. We similarly never saw any of the characters unique to the first two story arcs done in the style of Sailor Moon Crystal’s 3rd season. There is plenty of art from the Dark Kingdom arc which could be used for purposes such as these if that was the desire here. Instead this appears to be Sailor Moon Crystal in the style of Monster Strike. The super deformed or chibi versions with very large heads seem to fit with in game graphics of other characters. This is only my own personal assessment of the art of course! You are free to make your own determinations about what you think and these will be confirmed in 2065 when we get the two Sailor Moon Crystal Dream Arc films.

Alice Sailor Moon in Monster Strike

Further to the art shown on the web sites there was a video stream which showed the Sailor Moon content. Start watching the video embedded below at 11 minutes for the relevant content. This included a number of images of mash ups between Monster Strike characters and Sailor Moon characters. The only name I could decipher was Alice who is Sailor Moon. The other Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask have gotten a similar treatment.

In addition to being featured in this game there will be a number of Sailor Moon Crystal x Monster Strike products sold at the XFLAG store in Shibuya. This includes a number of food items.

Sailor Moon Crystal x Monster Strike food

Do you play Monster Striker? Do you plan on playing the game when these characters are out? What do you think of the designs? Do you believe these are Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 designs, Monster Strike style designs or something else?

Sailor Moon Crystal x Monster Strike products

Keep reading for more art which will be used in the game.

Ami Mizuno in Monster Strike

Rei Hino in Monster Strike

Makoto Kino in Monster Strike

Minako Aino in Monster Strike

Mamoru Chiba in Monster Strike

Sailor Mercury in Monster Strike

Sailor Mars in Monster Strike

Sailor Jupiter in Monster Strike

Sailor Venus in Monster Strike

Tuxedo Mask in Monster Strike

Sailor Moon Crystal x Monster Strike

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33 thoughts on “Is the art for the Sailor Moon Crystal x Monster Strike collaboration based on upcoming season 4 character designs?

  1. Thank goodness, I will only be in my 80’s by the time the movies come out! I may not make it to see Stars, but by golly I’ll stay on this mortal coil to see these films, barring accidents, extinction level events and apocalypses (religious, zombie or otherwise!)

  2. “If I had to venture a guess I would say this art is made by one of the artists who has done other Monster Strike art over the years.”

    “Instead this appears to be Sailor Moon Crystal in the style of Monster Strike.”

    My thoughts exactly. I think they took the characters from the first season of Crystal, and reshaped them according to Monster Strike’s design standards. I don’t see why they would ask Kazuko Tadano to do something just for this game, knowing how slow they already are to make the Dream Arc movies… The fact remains that I really, really like these new versions of our beloved characters, though they are non-canon.

    • “to Monster Strike’s design standards”
      Oops, I believe there’s a mistake, sorry.
      “to Monster Strike design standard” is better, I guess.

    • Yes, I also assumed they were reshaped designs to better match with the product Sailor Moon is crossing over with. Finally, my avatar is kind of relevant to this Sailor Moon discussion! In the video game “Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney” (or “Gyakuten Saiban”), Layton and his apprentice, Luke, were reshaped to better mesh with Ace Attorney’s characters, though those characters were also reshaped a bit, too.

      I, too, enjoy these designs, even if they’re just for a one-off game crossover.

  3. These art styles are unique imo. Usako’s hair is closer to manga/crystal than 90s anime so this may have led to the speculation. Leg length is closer to arm length (even accounting for pov) which is unusual. Ultimately I think they may have used earlier (obviously not Sailor Moon dropツ) Sailor Moon game sprites for inspiration and made them more crystal friendly to please all audiences. Adding Phobos without Deimos to any picture with Rei is a crime.

  4. They are probably not drawn by Tadano, but they are based on something. I have checked other collaborations with Monster Strike and althiugh the art is altered to fit the medium it is pretty accurate to the existing designs. But this is a different case. It is not directly based on any existing Crystal design. Look at the eyes, the colours, the hairstyles – they are not eith Season 1 nor Season 3 entierly. So it is quite possible that these are based on the upcoming designs. The comparison with art done back in 2013 is not fair as this scetch was Tadano take on the 90s anime designs, while now she will have to do her Crystal take in them. As the designs were most likely done quire some time ago and this new collaboration is sporting very different designs than the so far used in Crystal, these soeculations are not completely random. Toei should release these key visuals already to stop further hype and specultions and show us the official style of these movies.

    • Reading “Super Smash Bros.” is a trigger for me… because I don’t have the newest game! *Glances at the calendar and sees that it’s not December 7, which is the release date* I pick up Smash Bros. Ultimate on December 7 and then have my graduation ceremony a day later. Sleep is for the weak, anyway! I’ll play all night! Mwahaha!

      • I stopped playing video games a few years ago, but I will always stay loyal to Nintendo and that’s why I keep looking at the roster for this new Smash Bros. (I’m disappointed with Zelda’s new design, I really dislike her new look)! I understand your impatience, but I hope as well that you’ll be fit for your graduation ceremony!

        • Again, I respectfully yet strongly disagree! I think Zelda’s redesign is great! She clicks with me, anyway, because I prefer that kind of design on her, as A Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda. Then again, Princess Peach is my main (along with King Dedede), so I guess I just like that lighter, toonier look. ☺️

          Thank you! The ceremony should be fine. I’ll definitely think of you and others here as I decorate my cap with a couple Sailor Moon stickers.

          • I get you, yeah! Ocarina of Time is now 20 years old, and it’s still a classic game. … Good heavens, 20.

            Capital idea, friend. Usagi, share me some of that champagne! In the name of the moon, I’ll toast to all of my SailorMoonNews buds!

    • Its sailor moon crystal x monster strike but they are using the 90’s anime logo? Its sailor moon crystal x monster strike but they choose to play moonlight densetsu in the game? And I even went to check on the official website for sailor moon and its legit “Sailor Moon Crystal” not “Sailor Moon”. Its a bit unprofessional but okay i guess…

  5. Either way the art is nice. I was originally not a fan of season 3 art, but then after watching it I feel that when it was done right it portrayed the characters as their appropriate age. These designs achieve the same thing. However, I am not a fan of them bringing back too much ideas from the 90’s version. At the end of the day all I want is for them to please release the 4th season of crystal. These movies better be long because it has taken them 2 years and not even a poster or something.

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