The Cast of the Sailor Moon The Super Live musical will perform at the Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival March 23rd

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Super Live - Poster

Good news for Sailor Moon musical fans in the US Capital area! As reported on the Official Sailor Moon site, songs from the Sailor Moon The Super Live musical will be performed at the National Cherry Blossom Festival held in Washington D.C. on March 23rd! The specifics of the performance aren’t given yet though it is mentioned that the cast will be involved with the opening ceremonies which will take place from 5 to 6:30pm on March 23rd. It seems unlikely the entire musical will be part of these opening ceremonies. Perhaps only some key songs will be featured with a full performance taking place at a later time. We don’t have such details at this time. We can see from this Tweet from Evan MacIsaac indicates that the director has stated that they are hoping to perform the entire musical.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.

Also in attendance at the opening ceremonies is JPop artist T.M.Revolution who has performed a number of anime themes including Heart of Sword, the third ending theme for Rurouni Kenshin, and six songs for the series Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny. (Update: It seems as if T.M.Revolution was at last year’s opening ceremonies. Though his presence is mentioned on the Crunchyroll site this may be a mistake based on photos of him at least year’s event being on the festival’s site. He may not be appearing this year.)

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 167 - Professor Tomoe and Hotaru

Do you live in the area? Do you plan on traveling to Washington D.C. to see this performance?

Japanese DVD screenshot - Sailor Moon R episode 51 - Natsumi and Usagi

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25 thoughts on “The Cast of the Sailor Moon The Super Live musical will perform at the Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival March 23rd

  1. Even if I could save up money in time to go who wants to stand outside in the cold watching a show? I’m not freezing my ass off just to watch this.

  2. For those that pre-ordered Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2, shipment might be a bit late. It’s because of the earthquakes in Japan.

  3. Yup! There’s a delay with the new Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 being released. Otherwise I would of got it by now. I ordered from RightStufAnime and I used the 2 to 5 day shipping. Normally when you order from them you get the releases 5 days before the release date.

    • Anyone else noticed that in Monster Strike, the Four Kings’ powers seem to match their Sailor Senshi counterparts’ ?

      Jadeite/Mars = fire
      Zoisite/Mercury = water
      Nephrite/Jupiter = thunder
      Kunzite/Venus = light

      Nonetheless, it is written in Jadeite’s notice that he “has the ability to freely manipulate cold” (I used Google Translate), which is, indeed, the power of his alter ego from Crystal. Still, the developers here gave him the power of fire, just like Sailor Mars… It’s really contradictory. The Four Kings never had clearly defined powers. I think the best would have been to give an elemental power to each of them, following their clothes main colors.

      Jadeite, blue = water
      Zoisite, green = earth
      Nephrite, red = fire
      Kunzite, grey = air

      Thoughts, anyone:)?

  4. I find a bit different than the older Crystal art and much better than season 3, while accomplishing the same thing – making the character younger, but this new art also has all the detail in hair, eyes and probably the best skirts in the franchise history. If these are based on the new designs, they should have hired Tadano from the get go. It is lively, thank you for sharing it.

  5. I’m so happy i found this (great ) blog
    i was at the Sailor Moon Super Live last week
    and i’m looking for some songs i heard,anyone know if there a soundtracks and where can i buy it?

    • I haven’t seen soundtracks for any of the recent musicals like they used to do back in the 90s. The Super Live will most likely be released on DVD (hopefully Blu-Ray) some time early next year based on what they’ve done with other musicals. I’m not aware of any place to get the individual tracks. In the past Miss Dream would sometimes put tracks online but they got requests to take down some musical content recently and, possibly because of that, have not posted anything for the last two musicals.

    • DARN IT, this was meant to be in the discussion thread about Tadano. My bad!

      As long as the Festival performance happens, I’ll check it out the best way I can!

    • Sailor Mercury? Great choice, Joseph! She’s my favourite after Pluto :) (even if I dislike blue and loves red). Is she yours too?

      • As for disliking blue, I respect your opinion, but I couldn’t possibly be any more opposed to that viewpoint, haha!

        Anyway, yes! I’ve been following this website for years, yet I guess I never revealed my favorite Sailor Guardian. It is in fact Mercury. Oh, how I (platonically) love Sailor Mercury? Let me count the ways!
        1. As I mentioned, that new artwork of her is currently my WhatsApp background, albeit cropped.
        2. As a shy and lonely kid (I first watched Sailor Moon when I was 13), I instantly related to her.
        3. Blue and white, yes! But those weren’t among the primary reasons why I liked her so much. What I mean is, I didn’t go, “Ooh, she’s blue, so that’s why she’s the best.”
        4. Barring Sailor Moon/Usagi because she’s the main protagonist, I have more merchandise of Ami/Mercury than any other single Sailor.
        5. I was quite irritated when I first read the Stars manga arc, haha! :’D

        Pluto is also awesome and I like her immensely. (Pluto will always be a planet to me, darn it.) Though I have to confess, I always thought it would’ve been funny if Pluto was actually your least favorite Sailor, considering your longtime use of that avatar!

        • I’m sorry I’m late to say thank you and answer your comment, Joseph! (Oh my God, I am such talkative, I always feel confused because of it!)

          Just like you, I was a shy and lonely child, and, also because I was a good pupil (and rejected because of this, well, nothing but usual, alas…), I easily and immediately identified with Sailor Mercury. Even, I’ve always found that she was a bit of an outcast in her own friend team. Not only she has the shortest transformation out of all the Senshi (yes! I counted! Even Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have longer ones!), but Sailor Mars always ends up taking her place, i.e. performing her transformation and attacks right after Sailor Moon and just before Sailor Mercury, as if Sailor Mercury had been the third Senshi to appear in “Sailor Moon”. Even “Sailor Moon Crystal” does that! And Mercury doesn’t say anything, she just lets go! Come on, Mercury, kick Toei’s and Mars’ ass! Impose yourself!

          Haha, if I had to pick up the avatar of my least favourite Senshi, then, it would be Mars! Because, yes, Mars, you know… That brat who tyrannically took her toll on Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. Even if Crystal led me to like her. But I won’t do it. Mars doesn’t deserve it.

          (And I agree with you: yes, Pluto is still a planet! I, too, can’t deal with the fact that this is not the case anymore.)

          • No need to apologize! Sometimes I miss out on comments! Oops.

            I empathize with you as I know what it’s like to be shy and lonely in school, as well as to be rejected. I agree about Sailor Mercury being overshadowed and pushed around at times, and I have a question about Mars being your least favorite. Does that count for both the classic anime and the manga/Crystal? Her personality has some differences between those two.

            Mercury, yes, kick some butt and don’t let Mars burn ya! It’s funny, one of my best friends loves Mars, yet her personality is more timid and shy. I’m boisterous and a bit of a hothead, yet I prefer Mercury. Heh.

            As for my least favorite Sailor Guardian, um… There isn’t one I flat-out dislike, but I guess I’ll pick low-hanging fruit: Sailor Chibi Moon. Though my heart has warmed up to her much more since I was 13!

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