Sailor Moon Crystal Season III is now available to view in English on Hulu and Yahoo! View

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 38 - Sailor Saturn smiles

The latest season of Sailor Moon Crystal, covering the Infinity arc of the manga, will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray December 5th. The series had previously been released in Japanese with English subtitles as soon as it had aired on Japanese TV but until now the dub was not available. With the home video release only a month away these episodes are now also available to view with Viz’s English dub on Hulu and Yahoo! View. The series is restricted to paid members on Hulu but it can be viewed for free on Yahoo! View.

Sailor Moon Crystal volume 3 Limited Edition Blu-Ray and DVD set

Viz also put together a trailer for the English version of Season III. There shouldn’t be many surprises with these voices however as the same voice actors who provided the voices for Viz’s new dub of Sailor Moon S reprised those same roles for Sailor Moon Crystal. The Infinity Arc, like Sailor Moon S, introduces us to Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Saturn as the Sailor Guardians face off against the Death Busters. You can watch the trailer embedded below.

Will you be watching the series on a streaming service or will you wait for the video release next month?

Thanks to Kevin for the heads up on this!

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13 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Season III is now available to view in English on Hulu and Yahoo! View

    • It’s been about 5 months since the Viz dub of Sailor Moon S part 2 was released. Please give us some info in regards to Super S Part 1

      • Yeah last news I’ve seen out of Viz was in August. We have a cast. I would expect an announcement with a date for the video release at some point!

  1. I watched the entire season in about four days after I found out it was on Hulu. I tell you, the feels hit you harder for some reason when you watch it in English. I cried a bit when Sailor Moon dive-bombed into Master Pharaoh 90’s body.

  2. I think I enjoy Crystal more in English. I am not a fan of the Viz cast in classic Sailor Moon, but they really shine in Crystal and though I like the Japanese cast, for once I think the English cast matches and in some way exceeds the talent.
    Of course I’ll have to watch more to say for sure.
    Is the voice director for Viz different for the two series?

  3. Am I right to assume now that the dub of Crystal has caught up with the Japanese version that they’ll now focus on classic for awhile? This means SuperS will release soon.

  4. I can’t believe they finally have new English dub content. I was assuming that you can only watch it through the Blu-ray release. Either way it’s sad to know the next season will be 2 movies which unless are 4 hours each probably will not be able to cover all the content. I also preferred the tv episodes better. Either way hopefully they work on Supers because as much as I was meh about Stars I do want to watch it in English finally. I actually think the voices are good in Crystal sometimes it is kinda off, depending on the episode. The only one that I really do not like is Mars voice it sounds too serious. Diana could be younger sounding as well.

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