New Funko Pop! Vinyls include Sailor Chibi Moon, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Queen Beryl and keychains

Queen Beryl Funko Pop! Vinyl

The Funko web site has revealed the 2nd wave of Sailor Moon themed Funko Pop! Vinyls which will be coming in November, just in time for Christmas! This wave includes Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn and Queen Beryl. Queen Beryl will be a Toys R Us exclusive. There will also be Pocket Pop! Keychains. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon are the two keychains featured on the blog post, though there may be more.

Sailor Saturn Funko Pop! Vinyl

Apparently Sailor Chibi Moon is the must have Vinyl since she’s the only new character who has a keychain shown and there’s a Barnes and Noble exclusive glitter version of her. Not really sure what the appeal of that is but if you must have every exclusive ever, you’ll probably want that! Barnes and Noble is an American book store chain. Not sure who, if anyone, will be distributing this exclusive in Canada.

Glitter Sailor Chibi Moon Funko Pop! Vinyl

Do you plan on getting these? I’ve made my thoughts on them clear before! I think they’re kind of ugly but I still have a couple of them. On a recent trip to Gamestop I saw a Bob Ross and Justin Bieber Funko Pop! Vinyl so I’m not sure what figure they could possibly make to surprise me anymore. If I live long enough I’m sure I’ll have a Funko Pop! Vinyl made out of me. There will be one created for every fictional or real living or dead being to ever remotely resemble a humanoid. Funko Pop! Vinyls will outnumber of us all until the universe is so packed with them that there isn’t room for anything else. We need not fear entropy. The end of time will occur when every particle in existence is part of a Funko Pop! Vinyl.

Keep reading to see the rest of the new figures.

Sailor Chibi Moon Funko Pop! Vinyl

Sailor Uranus Funko Pop! Vinyl

Sailor Neptune Funko Pop! Vinyl

Sailor Pluto Funko Pop! Vinyl

Sailor Moon Keychain Funko Pop! Vinyl

Sailor Chibi Moon Keychain Funko Pop! Vinyl

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16 thoughts on “New Funko Pop! Vinyls include Sailor Chibi Moon, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Queen Beryl and keychains

    • Queen Beryl is a Toys R Us exclusive and glitter Chibi Moon is a Barnes and Noble exclusive so you won’t likely be able to get those from wherever you’re preordering them from.

  1. Okay, usually I don’t like the Funko Pop dolls, but I don’t know why, I find these ones are cute (yes, even Beryl!), especially Pluto (of course :D).

      • I know you’re sad and disappointed, Luke, but what do you want me to do? Sailor Pluto taught me how to stop time, but not how to speed it up…

    • Luke…? *looks to Luke’s post here then to the other one* Oh, my God. Luke… I don’t mean to alarm you, but… there was somebody else with the EXACT SAME username as you, and they posted the EXACT SAME thing you posted, the day before. Like, literally, word for word! Deary me, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about body-snatchers here in, yet here we are! Brrrrrr! Be careful, Luke. If I see another post made by your doppelganger–and they post the EXACT SAME THING–I will let you know. We’re in this together…!

      And I’m kidding around. ;) Anyway! Yeah, Aurelia, I’m u sally not at all a fan of these things, but… Beryl is just so charming to me, looking like this. Haha!

      • Hello. We have a present for you. Joseph. Do you like presents? We hope you do. No, we are not a clone. I promise. Now, please follow us. *indistinct murmurs in the distance and rustling sounds*

      • Indeed, there is something cute with Beryl. Her diabolical face and haircut have something comical. I almost want to cuddle her!

        “Haha! I’m Beryl! Look and behold! I will destroy you all! Conquer the world! Burn it to the ground! Hahaha! Beware my Funko Pop orange eyes, they are flamethrowers!”

        Sailor Moon (and the rest of the world) :

        Poor Beryl… Her face is so cute that she can’t be taken seriously…

        • i know but look in reality i have my own sailor form Sparkle Prism Power MAKE UP!!!!!! *transforms into sailor sparkle*

          I am the pretty suited soldier Sailor Sparkle and in the name of the moon i’ll punish you!!!!!!!

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