The Official Sailor Moon Fan Club will soon be open to the US, Canada and other countries around the world

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The Official Sailor Moon Fan Club began taking memberships in Japan in March. I was hoping to sign up but was quickly thwarted when asked for a Japanese address. What Prefecture do I live in? Not sure I understand the question. Now the Fan Club is opening up to a number of countries around the world! Registration will begin September 23rd and will be open for only a limited time, closing on October 22nd. Interested fans should sign up to be notified of more details at the Tokyo Otaku Mode web site by providing their e-mail in the very straightforward English language form. This is not the form to sign up for the Fan Club itself. This is a form to be notified how and when to sign up for the Fan Club.

The cost to become a fan club member for 2016-2017 is $58 US. This will include a membership card, access to the Fan Club app for mobile devices and the ability to order club exclusive merchandise. The intention of this move is to give the same fan club benefits that exist in Japan to people all over the world. Some exclusive merchandise is shown in the English poster seen below.

Official Sailor Moon Fan Club Flyer

This registration will be open to fans from the following countries:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Republic of Korea
Russian Federation
United Kingdom
United States

Those who are not from one of these countries are encouraged to leave a comment when they leave their e-mail address to request that the fan club include their country as well.

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25 thoughts on “The Official Sailor Moon Fan Club will soon be open to the US, Canada and other countries around the world

  1. 58$?! For what??? Lol a card? Really? Is anybody interested in plastic membership cards in 2016 – the smartphone era? Chance to play one mobile game? Chance to purchase totally over priced merchandise? This is absolutely inappropriate. They should do major improvements in the English language information about Sailor Moon Crystal in general, because it is poorly promoted from official ways.

    • I believe it’s mostly the access to the exclusive merchandise which is the appeal of the club. Yes it’s a bit of a scam to pay for the chance to pay for something else.

    • I believe that will cover roughly a year, judging from the fact that it is a 2016-2017 membership, but the exact term of the membership has not been confirmed. We should have more details next Friday (Sept. 23rd) when we get details.

  2. can’t be the only one who thinks this borders on ridiculous xD
    my country is not on the list, and honestly, good riddance, i doubt there would be more than a handful of people who would be happy to pay that fee.
    And seriously, 58$ for what, the chance to get an overpriced towel and hair bow? Wow, get me in on that deal! xD

  3. This is ridiculously overpriced. Sorry Naoko or whoever is behind this, you get enough of my money as it is and I can do without a card and some lip gloss. XD

    • LOL :D !

      We don’t have news about a “probable” fourth season, but now we have the chance to get a very expensive worldwide fan club… What a rip-off -_- ! Not to talk about those two overpriced mugs…

      • Yes, Toei dumps all it’s funds into Precure, and just uses Sailor Moon as a cash cow. It’s a shame that one of anime’s biggest icons (no exaggeration!) is owned by such a stingy and sloppy company.

        • Oh yes, if the Sailor Moon franchise could be in the hands of a more professionnal company, that would be so great. This cash cow business is just shameful… Or maybe Toei tries to make money to be able to produce a new season XD ? Who knows… We might be suprised…

          • I’m really hoping we get a good adaptation of the Dream Arc…I want to see them go all out for it and Stars.
            Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Infinity Arc, but we all know it could have been better and deserved better than what it was. Being better than season 1 and 2 is not saying much, after all. ;)

  4. Hi,

    Does anyone here have any idea when this is going to start? It’s already the 23rd but I don’t see any information on the website saying they’re open for registration…

  5. I HAVE The sailor moon fan club app but The problem is its in Japanse language written to how can I switch it to english or dutch

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