Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7, Mamoru Chiba – Tuxedo Mask, Christmas Day at 9pm Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7 - Young Mamoru

Santa Claus finally brought you the gift you wanted. The next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will be available to watch in English on December 25th, Christmas Day, at 9pm Eastern Time on Hulu and Neon Alley. This week we will be getting Act 7, Mamoru Chiba – Tuxedo Mask. Usagi slept over at Mamoru’s and now everyone seems to know who’s who! We will get a flashback to Mamoru as a child where he has Terry Bogart’s hat.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7 - Usagi discovers Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask

The episode will also feature our first look at Artemis and Sailor Venus. We had previously seen her only as her other identity, Sailor V. It looks like the old gang is just about back together!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7 - Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7 - Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask

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9 thoughts on “Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7, Mamoru Chiba – Tuxedo Mask, Christmas Day at 9pm Eastern Time

  1. I’m glad we’ll be able to watch the dub of the episode but I hope the poor employee who has to work for Viz’s Hulu channel on Christmas Day to upload this gets some time off from work too.

    • I cannot hear “Last Christmas” without hearing Sailor Mars singing it in my head. I can barely sing it myself without the Japanese accent pronunciation.

      So cheesy, yet oh so good.

        • Well, Christmas actually has pagan origins (originally Saturnalia and Yule), with the Christian bits being added on later. But anyway, Christmas has become a holiday that all sorts of people, regardless of religion, celebrate in different ways. I’d imagine that it’s rather loosely celebrated in Japan, which is not known for its Christianity but still has lots of Christmas imagery.

          Plus, Last Christmas doesn’t even carry any religious overtones. It’s basically a love song with a Christmas theme, so I don’t see how any of it would be affected by Rei’s Shinto beliefs.

          • Well they did sing more overtly religious songs on the Sailor Moon Christmas album as well like Silent Night and Ave Maria. I am aware of the history of Christmas and that it’s mostly a romantic holiday for couples in Japan. I just find it ironic that even though only 1% of Japan is actually Christian, nobody over there seems to make a huge deal about saying Merry Christmas or singing songs with lots of religious symbolism in them on cheesy anime pop albums. Yet in a heavily religious country like America, people freak out and act like it’s the end of the world if you say Happy Holidays in spite of all the religious freedom rights people have over here but that’s just my end of the year soap box.

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