One thought on “Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7 – Sailor Venus

  1. Sailor Moon Crystal is fantastic! Depending on one’s personal tastes and opinions, however, the new anime may have some minor flaws; especially for the more old style and traditionally oriented fans. In my opinion, though, the superior art work, the brilliant music, and the action-packed, cliff-hanger battle scenes do more then make-up for any drawbacks. This new anime does treat Sailor Moon and her adventures more seriously, omitting some of the humor and likable silliness of the original; and this may bother some fans. But back then, their audience was mostly children. My guess is that the present animators are trying to make the series more interesting to a larger age group (teens and adults; perhaps even to rekindle the interest they once had in Sailor Moon as children. Which I say is great! Hey, why not make Sailor Moon Adventures enjoyable for all ages?). Perhaps the main problem with the traditionalists, is simply getting adapted to the new anime style. Even I will admit, it took me some time to fully accept it, but once I did, there was no turning back! I must highly commend the artists on their terrific and beautiful art work, and their associated musicians for their noteworthy contributions. Excellent Job! I was especially astonished by the introduction of Sailor Venus! This sequence contained an astounding combination of mystery, beauty, suspense, action, awe, wonder, and POWER OF ULTRA-HIGH VOLTAGE!!!! The associating music was flawless! Highly Commendable! Animation doesn’t get any better than this! And the rest of Episode 8 wasn’t a let down either. The concluding battle scene, at the end, was definitely a worthy successor! The Animators and their Coworkers deserve an award! In addition to creating great artistic beauty and colorful scenery, on the other side of the spectrum, I must also commend the artists for portraying the villains as less silly and childlike as in the original, but rather more serious, more sinister, more frightening, ….. and most commendable, MORE GOTHIC-LIKE (And I love it! That’s the way they should be!).
    I’d like to close with a notice of commendation to the producers of Sailor Moon. Keep up the excellent work! And give us more! Much more! Maybe even a full length theater film! I will be waiting for one!
    And it looks as if Sailor Moon (in the crystal version) has also overcame her most deadly REAL opponent (the harsh criticism of the disappointed viewers). Hopefully, the new season will be more satisfying to S M fans! But I, personally, was never let down by S M C. Loved it!

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