Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3, Rei – Sailor Mars, this Friday November 27th

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3, Rei - Usagi and Rei

English fans will finally be seeing the first of Sailor Moon Crystal’s Sailor Mars as the latest dubbed episode is released on Hulu and Neon Alley this Friday, November 27th. This week we get Act 3, Rei – Sailor Mars. Rei Hino will be voiced by Cristina Vee who voiced her in Viz’s new dub of the original Sailor Moon anime. All other actors from Sailor Moon Crystal are also reprising their roles. You can follow Cristina Vee on Twitter at @CristinaVee.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3, Rei - Sailor Mars

I don’t exactly at what time of day the episode will air. The subtitled episodes released on Monday always come out early in the morning however we didn’t get the first two English Sailor Moon Crystal episodes until late last Friday evening to coincide with Moonlight Party 5. That was around 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern Time. So much to say if the episode is not up first thing in the morning do not panic. Viz still plans on releasing the episode at some point on Friday November 27th.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3, Rei - Phobos and Deimos

Celebrate Black Friday in style with Rei’s crows Phobos and Deimos.

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Edit: I previously stated that Amanda C. Miller voiced Sailor Mars. This is incorrect. She will be providing the voice of Sailor Jupiter in later episodes.

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18 thoughts on “Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3, Rei – Sailor Mars, this Friday November 27th

  1. There is a mistake on the Voice Actress’ name. Rei’s voice actress is Christina Vee. Amanda CĂ©line Miller is the voice actress for Makoto.

  2. I’m super excited for the next episode! Thanks for keeping us updated. :D Just a heads up, but I’m pretty sure Mars is played by Cristina Vee. Amanda C. Miller plays Jupiter, right?

  3. That moment when you make a mistake and 1 person points it out for you to fix and then like 5 others point out the exact same thing and you have to reply to the same comment like 5 or 6 times.

    • Yeah, I think that there must have been some kind of delay in the display of new comments. I know that when I posted my comment, the only other comment that showed up was from Luke Yannuzzi (he didn’t mention the mistake with the voice actors). I posted my comment; half an hour later someone had commented on my comment; then I checked the next day and three other comments pointing out the same thing had shown up, two of them listed with a time several hours BEFORE mine. I doubt that we all would have commented on the same thing if we had been able to see each others’ comments. :?

    • There will be more to come. The art isn’t available yet and those links just came up. They aren’t sold out. They haven’t really gone for sale yet.

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