The English version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3, Rei – Sailor Mars, is now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3, Rei - Sailor Mars

The latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal has been released in English on Hulu and Neon Alley. This week we get Act 3, Rei – Sailor Mars, which introduces us to the third Sailor Guardian Rei Hino. Fans of the original Sailor Moon anime will notice this is quite similar to episode 10, The Cursed Bus: Enter Mars the Guardian of Fire, though there are still some differences. Usagi has a more obvious crush on Rei in this show. The manga, and Sailor Moon Crystal which is very faithfully based on it, progresses at a much faster pace than the original anime. We will be seeing a one to one ratio for manga chapters to episodes of this show as we progress through the 13 episode Dark Kingdom story arc.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3, Rei - Sailor Mars

As with other episodes this has the improved animation from the Japanese Blu-Ray and DVD release of the show. The changes are minor, but some that viewers of the streaming version may not have seen yet. For my full thoughts on this episode read the review I wrote when the episode first became available to stream in Japanese.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3, Rei - Usagi loves Rei

Next Friday, December 4th, is Sailor Moon Crystal Act 4, Masquerade Dance Party. It looks like dubbed episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal will only be available later in the evening, unlike what happens on Monday mornings for the subtitles episodes of the original Sailor Moon anime.

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5 thoughts on “The English version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3, Rei – Sailor Mars, is now available on Hulu

  1. Even if it’s not actually new episodes, it’s nice and refreshing to have something new that’s Crystal-related to look forward to on a weekly basis again.

  2. I have to say, the dub actors seem to work better here than they do for the original anime. Maybe it’s because I grew up with other actors in those roles and a part of me is still adjusting, but here in SMC, the dub actors just seem to fit with the new animation and story way better. That, and the improved animation, just makes for a better viewing experience overall in my opinion.

    • I prefer the old animation. The new attacks and transformations will never have the same appeal or “spark” as the original. I wouldn’t say that the actors fit better for Crystal, but the dub does make the series more enjoyable. Until the R arc started, the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon Crystal was kind of boring.

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