Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24, Attack – Black Lady, June 20th at 6am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Black Lady

The next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 24, Attack – Black Lady, will be available this coming Saturday on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico. The episode will be available at 7pm Japan Standard Time which is 6am Eastern Time, 3am Pacific Time.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Tuxedo Mask and the Cutie Moon Rod

This week we get more of a look at Black Lady, who is attacking our heroes and trying to destroy the Earth! She will continue to make out with her father, Endymion, who is brainwashed into attacking Sailor Moon with her own weapon! We’ll learn more about the true identity of Wise Man and hopefully get a look at young Sailor Pluto.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 - Attack - Black Lady

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16 thoughts on “Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24, Attack – Black Lady, June 20th at 6am Eastern Time

  1. My sister recently started watching Crystal, and apparently she’s gotten quite hooked on it. I think she’s already caught up, if I remember right. She’ll probably be watching this episode on Saturday and getting super-excited about it.

    By the way, any news about a second season of SMC? I heard rumors, but nothing else.

    • I’m hoping that the announcement for the Deep Aqua Mirror and Spiral Heart Moon Rod are signs we are getting the Infinity Arc.
      As much as I want it, I do wonder if the current team Crystal has can actually adapt and animate the scenes in the Infinity arc.

        • The mini figures have been going for some time, I wouldn’t put as much hope in them as I would the big merchandise like the Moon Rod and Mirror.
          There was also a book released in japan with pictures of the outer senshi that said: “Will we be returning in 2015?”

          I hope it happens.

  2. I imagine we’ll probably find out around the airing of episode25. We didn’t find out about Black Moon arc unti about two episodesyo the end of the firstarc

    • thats not true… there have ALWAYS been an announcement of 26 episodes covering the first two arcs, it is a mistake to name potential new season as “the third season” because in fact it will be the second season

      • But we didn’t know it was going to cover Black Moon. And if we’re being technical, Japan doesn’t use seasons at all. That’s an American thing.

        • no, as I said, it has been known from the beginning that first season of SMC will cover the Dark Kingdom arc as well as the Black Moon Clan arc, from the first episode there was an official schedule with the names and dates of all 26 episodes

          • Not true. They never announced until November or December that they were covering Black Moon.

          • U should really improve your Sailor Moon knowledge… as I said, from the beginning of SMC it was clear that the first season will cover first two Arcs following the new manga edition… please do not argue…

          • That’s incorrect. Neon Genesis is correct when they say Black Moon was not revealed until later.
            The series was announced at 26 episodes, which were speculated, not proven to be, early on, the first 26 acts of the manga.
            There was no official episode list until the Black Moon arc was formally announced.
            That is why there was also much speculation that the series was going to deviate from the manga when Jadeite and the others survived…it seemed as if it could end up telling a new Dark Kingdom storyline.
            That of course didn’t happen, but it is wrong when you say it was clear from the beginning, no one knew and iot was not announced as such.
            I’ve been watching every bit of Sailor Moon news since before the new anime and Neon Genesis has been around that whole time as well.
            You might not realize it, but you are coming off as incredibly rude.

          • it is not important if it was said “yes there will be a black moon clan”, the most important is that there have always been an announcement of 26 episodes respecting the new manga division – for those who knows first two arcs it was clear that there will be a black moon clan, because it is not possible to respect manga without animating first and second arc together… it was not a speculation to say year ago that for sure the SMC will cover also the second arc, speculations were all that doubts whether yes or not

  3. I’ve loved sailor moon as a child , and now as an adult I love the remake of sailor moon. It has its cons , but its definitely better than old school sailor moon. What I don’t get is why as so much hype and they did promotional posters of a year before the premiere of sailor moon crystal , and then we only get two episodes per month, and compared to others anime , like full metal brotherhood, this schedule is completely absurd

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