Check out the cast and poster for the Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage musical

Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage musical poster

Here’s a look at the new poster, and the full cast, of the upcoming musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage, which is French for A New Journey. We now have official confirmation that the musical will cover to Infinity Story Arc of the manga, and with this it will include the new characters Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn in addition to other characters who appeared in the previous story arc.

With this new poster we also have the announcement of the casting for the three new Sailor Guardians showing up in this musical. Shuu Shiotsuki, who plays Sailor Uranus, is a veteran of Takarazuka Revue since 2004. Sayaka Fujioka, who plays Sailor Neptune, is an actress who has done a few TV roles. Karin Takahashi, who plays Sailor Saturn, is an established singer who has performed theme songs for a number of anime series. You can find out more about Karin Takahashi at her official blog.

Source: Sailor Moon Official Site Post 1, Post 2

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  1. According to what I read in the post about the Spiral Heart Moon Rod Proplica on the Sailor Moon Tamashii Nations page, The Wand in the picture is the Proplica and they will be using the Proplica as a prop for the Musical.

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