Watch Sailor Moon R episodes 85 and 86 on Hulu

Sailor Moon R episode 85 - Black Lady

The latest episodes of Sailor Moon R are now available on Hulu and Neon Alley. This week with episodes 85 and 86 we finally get to see Black Lady, the evil version of Chibiusa. We also get a brief look at Saphir and Petz’s relationship.

Sailor Moon R episode 85 - Chibiusa's Birthday Party

Episode 85, The Dark Queen: Birth of Black Lady, introduces us to the older incarnation of Chibiusa. Wise Man is all about exploiting people to serve his purposes and Chibiusa is a prime candidate. You see at one point everyone forgot her birthday, so that’s a good reason to make her evil. Wise Man perverts her memories not by directly fabricating them but simply by being selective about what he allows her to remember. The twisted version of the past that he shows her paints her parents and the other Sailor Guardians are mean careless people who don’t care about her birthday. In these scenes we get a nice look at the future versions of the Sailor Guardians. Here they appear to go about their daily business in their transformed state, referring to each other by their planet names. Is this their true forms in the future? In a world where they don’t need to pretend to be normal girls, do they simply act as Sailor Guardians 24/7? Do they sleep in these outfits? Anyway, Black Lady. She is an evil and older version of Chibiusa. She even makes Luna P evil! But this doesn’t last all that long as within an episode Sailor Moon uses the Silver Crystal to restore Chibiusa’s original memories. It turns out it was a surprise party after all! This reminds me of that episode of My Pet Monster where Monzie returned to Monster Land thinking his friends forgot his birthday. If TV has taught me anything it’s that if your friends pretend to forget about your birthday it’s actually because they are planning a wicked surprise party for you! Anyway Black Lady is on her way to being healed when Wise Man makes her evil again. What a jerk! At least now she might have a chance to make out with her dad.

Sailor Moon R episode 86 - Saphir and Petz

Episode 86, Saphir Dies: Wiseman’s Trap, continues the Japanese tradition of not caring even a little about spoilers in their titles. Yes, Saphir dies in this episode. Saphir is a bit sneaky and overhears Wise Man sloppily talking to himself about how he’s evil and wants to destroy the world and doesn’t really care about the plight of the oppressed Black Moon Clan like he’s been pretending. Saphir takes a piece of technology that the Evil Black Crystal needs and runs off to the past, getting injured by Wise Man in the process. It turns out he used to have a relationship with Petz, so he goes to see her. Demande is starting to suspect and so Saphir is determined to clear things up which doesn’t work out as Wise Man kills him. This leaves Demande quite suspicious and heartbroken at the death of his brother. Petz is also heartbroken as is Usagi who has just recently learned of Saphir’s existence. Black Lady doesn’t do all that much in this episode but she is hanging around in the background still not making out with her father.

Sailor Moon R episode 86 - Demande and Saphir

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Sailor Moon R episode 86 - Saphir dies

Sailor Moon R episode 85 - Evil Luna P

Sailor Moon R episode 85 - 1000 year old Sailor Mars

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12 thoughts on “Watch Sailor Moon R episodes 85 and 86 on Hulu

  1. I know that the real answer is obvious, but what do you think the in-universe explanation for the senshi of the future having their original transformation outfits instead of their super ones? (eternal doesn’t seem to exist in the original anime continuity for the senshi other than Moon of course.)
    Perhaps the ultimate form beyond super sailor soldier is exactly like their first form? (less is more?)
    Or did they never reach super form in this timeline? Perhaps everything that happened changed history to the point where they were required to power up beyond star level.

    Or maybe these are just uniforms they wear when they are not transformed….or even cosplaying as themselves for the party maybe? ;)

    One thing is for certain, in the original anime you don’t get lips until you grow up!

    • Well, the Super transformations weren’t part of the story yet. Naoko Takeuchi didn’t even have plans for an arc after the Dark Kingdom until her publisher and Toei urged her to keep the series going. She needed time to come up with another story, which is why we have the Maikaju arc. If she’d known she’d be making three more arcs and having costume transformations in them, maybe she’d have included those changes, but oh well. Hindsight’s 20/20, right?

        • I’m sure everything changed when Sailor Moon and Neo Queen Serenity met in a version of the future. The future has many variations, it can change thru time. It was never allowed for Sailor Moon to travel to the future, but Chibiusa changed that.

    • More importantly, why don’t the Soldiers remember that them throwing a surprise party will turn Chibi-usa evil and decide to just throw a normal party? Since Chibi-usa goes back into the past and changes everything, wouldn’t that mean the Soldiers in the future would remember that, thus preventing the need for Chibi-usa to become evil? Time loops confuse me.

      • Let’s start in the 30th century prior to the attack of the Black Moon clan. This is a separate timeline of sorts, where the Black Moon clan never appeared before the Sailor Soldiers in the 20th century, therefore the Soldiers wouldn’t have known that a surprise party was a bad way to go (though I doubt that would have made much of a difference, considering who we’re talking about). This explains why the Silver Millennium was caught unawares by the Black Moon clan’s attack, because it never happened to them in this timeline.

        When the Black Moon clan reared its ugly head, they caused chaos, but at the same time they caused the current timeline to branch off in two directions. This is similar to Dragon Ball Z, where Trunks’ meddling in the past caused a timeline where Cyborgs 17 and 18 have decimated humanity and Trunks defeats them, and a parallel humanity where the cyborgs never try to destroy humanity and the characters live peacefully. However in this case, the branch-off causes two futures, one in which the Black Moon only appears in the 30th century and is defeated, which is the one Chibiusa keeps returning to, and an alternate 30th century where the Black Moon clan attacked in the 20th century, and the Silver Millennium takes steps to prevent the Black Moon clan from rising. This would mean that when Usagi has Chibiusa though, she has a version different from the one she knew as a teenager, because this version will never go back in time, at least not under the same circumstances as when the Black Moon clan attacked.

        Of course if Chibiusa did go back in time under these circumstances, that would create a third timeline altogether, and Ami would probably eplain all this better than I could, so Usagi and Mamoru would probably just decide to keep the kid at home where she’s safe.

        Anyway, I think I’ve explained why Chibiusa keeps having that surprise party. Any questions?

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